Choosing Flowers for International Women’s Day

The history of International Women’s Day on March 8th goes back over 100 years. In 1946 the mimosa flower was chosen to symbolize the day. As well as shopping at businesses owned by women and giving money to organizations that support women, many people choose to give the women in their life flowers, whether it’s a mother, wife, sister and grandmother. 

The Mimosa

The mimosa flower has strong significance on this day. It has sunny golden yellow blooms and comes from the Acacia tree family. The custom of giving mimosas is believed to have started in Italy. Mimosas are among the first flowers to bloom in the spring and they have a light, enchanting fragrance. The yellow mimosa symbolizes tenderness and sensitivity. It is also often tied to good sense and sensibility. 

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Purple flowers

Flowers given on International Women’s Day often feature the color purple. Purple flowers have long been associated with dignity and justice. The early suffragettes regarded purple as the color of the royal blood flowing through the veins of the women who fought for voting rights. 

Purple pansies may be a great choice for a woman you admire. Pansy violet has a beautiful purple flower that makes a great gift for free-thinking women. The Crocus is another purple flower that is a symbol of innocence and youth so it is a great gift for a younger woman. 

The Iris – a blend of white, purple and green

White and green are other colors associated with Women’s Day. White symbolizes purity and innocence, while green symbolizes hope. If you want a flower that combines purple, white and green, the Iris is a good choice. 

A white Iris with its purple edges and green leaves perfectly captures the traditional color scheme of the day. It also symbolizes wisdom, which is a quality women have embodied through the ages.

A yellow and purple bouquet

If you can’t get hold of yellow mimosas, you can still choose a bouquet in yellow and purple to express your admiration. Combining yellow and purple creates a dramatic arrangement with two colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel. 

You can combine spring’s freshest yellow daffodils with purple tulips in a breathtaking display of color. A bouquet like this is a real study in contrasts. 

A white and green bouquet

A white and green bouquet is a perfect gift for women with its minimalist and yet striking effect. White lilies and white hydrangeas combine beautifully with greenery into a sophisticated bouquet. 

You will make a woman’s day with a bouquet of white roses and greenery. Another idea is a bouquet with orchids and tulips tucked in with vibrant green. The deep green tone of the tulip leaves contrast beautifully with the white blooms. 

The Zinnia – a symbol of strength and endurance

Like the women who have the inner strength to withstand tough circumstances, the purple prince Zinnia can survive harsh conditions. The flower has showy, brightly colored round blooms with many petals. 

Giving a bouquet of zinnias can express your admiration for a courageous, strong woman in your life who has endured despite hardships. Zinnias also symbolize affection and offer a perfect way to tell women that you love them and care about them.

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