What to Do in Your 20s to Become a Self-made Millionaire before Turning 30

There are many ways to start increasing your wealth from an early age. It is difficult to achieve millionaire status simply by saving and most millionaires focus on increasing their income in increments. 

A great deal of becoming a self-made millionaire will depend on your mindset about money. It will also depend on having more than one income stream. Most self-made millionaires seem to have about three income streams but the more successful income streams you create, the more secure your financial future will be. 

Develop multiple revenue streams

Most self-made millionaires have various sources of revenue. This often includes stock market investments, real estate rentals, and part-ownerships in side businesses. 

Investments in the stock market must be done with skill and understanding to create wealth rather than just following random tips and advice. To develop a comprehensive understanding about the stock market basics and how to make good investments, go to thestockdork.com. Apart from a wealth of other information, you will receive many tips about the best stocks to buy, including those under $1 and under $10. 

Don’t save for the sake of saving but save to invest 

If you consistently set money aside automatically, you won’t even see what you’re contributing and you will learn to live without it.

The best way to start is to invest in a 401K if your employer offers one. Next, you should consider contributing towards a traditional or Roth IRA. These retirement accounts have different tax structures and contribution limits depending on your income. You can also research low-cost index funds to invest in. Go to www.thestockdork.com to find out more about what stocks to invest in that offer the potential to build wealth. 

Change your money mindset

Many self-made millionaires and billionaires agree that getting rich depends on how you think about money. They are prepared to ditch the safety of a paycheck to become self-employed because they know that is the fastest route to accumulating wealth. Financial mediocrity comes from sticking in a job with a steady paycheck year after year. 

First, you need to believe that getting rich is not impossible for you. You have to commit to making money and have a clear goal on how you will achieve this. Money doesn’t just fall out of the sky. Be totally clear that you want wealth and will do what it takes to achieve this. 

Be disciplined

Self-made millionaires are usually disciplined individuals who set high standards for themselves and others around them. They don’t allow themselves the luxury of enjoying wealth before their income sources are fully established. They don’t buy themselves luxury vehicles or other trinkets the minute they start making money. 

Most of them are known for their work ethic and are voracious readers who dedicate time to reading everything that has been written about making money and other topics of interest by insightful authors. They also usually have strict exercise regimes, focus on their health and are known for making quick, inspired decisions.

Cultivate the right relationships

If you surround yourself with talented people, the alignment of a number of creative minds can be very powerful. Andrew Carnegie was one of the men who believed in this principle. Exposure to others who are more successful than you can expand your thinking. 

People who are already millionaires tend to think differently and absorbing this type of thinking can give you ideas that enable your own income to skyrocket. You will be able to escape your own limited thinking and see new ways to go beyond your financial limitations.

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