Make the Most of Your Small Chicago Apartment

Moving from a spacious, comfortable suburban home into a small apartment in the city center is a two-edged sword. 

On the one hand, you’re closer to all the amenities, nightlife, and convenience. On the other hand, you’re paying sky-high rent for a comparatively tiny place.

However, space trade-off doesn’t have to be depressing. Getting used to your new studio might take some time, but with simple tweaks, you can make it look and feel more spacious. Let’s take a look at ways to make the most out of it. 

Going About Micro Living

As more people move to bustling city hubs, living in exceedingly small areas starts becoming the norm. The number of people satisfied with their choices showcases that it’s possible to get the best of both worlds.

You’ll have to change some habits to achieve that goal, though. 

Notably, neatness and tidiness are now a must. There’s no room for clutter anymore. When it comes to interior decor, the focus has to be on functionality over aesthetics, but you still want to keep the vibe cozy and warm.

Saving Space

It’s time to figure out strategies for maximizing available space. A mixture of digitization and smart storage solutions are your best friends in this regard. 


The essential step to take is getting rid of every item you don’t actively use. You no longer have infinite attic or basement storage for everything you feel an emotional attachment to. 

Donate items others could use and throw away the rest. You could even sell some items and use the funds to purchase smarter, slicker appliances.

Digitize Your Documents

Nowadays, all your books, records, personal files, and even movies can exist safely on the Cloud. 

While there’s a certain charm to having a book or movie shelf, converting all your paper into files and storing them safely online is your best bet. 

Disguise the Appliances

With digitization comes the necessity for multiple appliances that could end up cluttering your rooms. However, disguising them creates a slick, minimalist look while keeping all the same functionalities. Plus, it’s the ideal solution for tiny kitchens. 

Employ Smart Tech

Smart technology is becoming ever higher in quality and more cost-efficient every day. There are endless options for you to try, but the best ones for tiny living include:

  • Voice-controlled hubs
  • Smart kitchen solutions
  • Climate-control systems
  • Automated lights

Plus, most such appliances are controllable through smartphone apps, meaning you won’t even have an extra remote control to store.

Decoration Tips

Furnishing the apartment when it’s half the size you’re used to can be quite a feat. Focus on the following for best results. 


Lighter apartments seem more spacious. However, before you plan your lighting scheme, check how much natural sunlight you get from each window. 

If your new place is too small for floor lamps, choose wall or ceiling bulbs. Either way, make sure that the otherwise dark areas get enough illumination.

The Rug

A well-placed, thick, luxurious rug can add elegance to any hardwood floor. It’s also double-duty, warming up the area and reducing noise. A carpet might be what you need if your room feels empty without all the small clutter.


You already got rid of most unnecessary items, but you’ll keep some memorabilia to add a personal touch to the new apartment. Bookshelves are a fantastic way to display all your favorite paper editions, pictures, and small items, combining easy access with decor. 

Window Treatments

Even if you get a lot of natural light in your small apartment, you shouldn’t leave your windows bare. 

Adding blinds to the bedroom improves your sleep quality while choosing something with character, like country curtains, can make the place seem much more personal.

The Bottom Line

Finally, remember that moving to a small apartment can be a struggle at first. Still, taking steps to adjust will help you yield the benefits of living in the Chicago center without longing for your suburban villa. 

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