5 Benefits to Setting Up Your Instagram Shop

In the digital world of today, visual connection drives social interaction. The latest social platform creating waves of impact with visual content is Instagram. It is no surprise that marketing and brand experts are racing to exploit the potential to successfully attract and engage consumers on this social platform.

However, the real key is to hone the skill in which to convert Instagram photo’s into bottom-line growth, and if you have not yet mastered the skill, the below benefits might inspire you to get started.

Increase consumer engagement and grow sales

‘A picture speaks a thousand words,’ and a well-placed Instagram image can convince even the stingiest buyer to invest in your products. Pictures allow access to imagination, which in turn allows customers to devour your brand without lifting a finger on a sales pitch. Once the word is out, your follower base will increase, and the higher the follower base, the more you will convert.

But how do you create the proverbial “feet into your digital store” if you are only setting up your Instagram shop today? Zeru.com, helps by providing a viable solution to this by allowing Instagram store owners to buy Instagram followers. The process is affordable and fast and will have you trending in no time.

Instant visual commercial sales platform

With the latest statistics, listing Instagram with over a billion monthly active users, it has become impossible to not pay attention to the potential benefits an Instagram platform has for your company. Relevant and in-the-moment regular feeds is paramount to ensure consumer engagement.

With relevance being key, focus on posting images of real, genuine products. Share a large variety of images when you post to your profile. This will not only keep consumers engaged but will automatically create the foundation for your brand’s diversity.

Also keep in mind that the biggest conversion tool on Instagram is your visual posts, so make sure they are of professional quality that displays and sells your product best.

Unchallenged product discoverability

With a natural curiosity about the latest trends, consumers swarm to Instagram to discover new products or upgrades to their already existing ones. Utilizing the Instagram platform to launch new products will most likely not only create a bigger following on your site but will also have users create Instagram content about you and your products.

If you are a new Insta-store, you can get the word out there by running a competition where users can win the latest product by creating an Instagram post with your brand hashtag. This will add to your follower base and ensure that the market sees and buys your products.

Immediate customer engagement

With Instagram shop allowing customers with simple one-click solutions, they have cut back on all the consumer irritation around online product buying and checkout processes. The less time spent checking out, the more time will be spent browsing and buying your products.

The story and comment feature allows customers to provide immediate feedback on products purchased, giving you as a supplier the time to improve on your sales pitch, imagery, storyline and ultimately, your product.

With consumer engagement being in-real-time, you have a better chance of retaining a customer by sorting out an issue readily and fast. The higher your retainer, the better your bottom line.

User trust in authenticity

Trust is key to any sales relationship. This still holds water in the world of digital marketing. More and more consumers rely on other user feedback and comments to establish trust in a brand or product and to convince them to make the online commitment to purchasing your product.

To create a bigger brand authenticity and build better relations with potential customers, integrate the most relevant UGC posts to your brand. By doing this, you provide genuine, authentic feedback with visuals on how consumers are enjoying your products with detailed reviews. This will increase sales and advocate your brand.

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