5 Benefits of Using Interstate Car Transport

Moving a car from one state to another may be necessary for various reasons. You may have bought a specialty car online and need to get it from another state to your home. Perhaps you are moving to another state or want to bring a car on vacation. 

Choosing to use car transportation services is beneficial but it is important to use a reputable company. Such a company will be licensed and insured for interstate moves and have good online reviews. 

If you are not careful about choosing the right company, you may be forced to pay hidden charges, or find your car is damaged or delivery is delayed. If you choose a reputable company, you will experience the following five benefits. 

  1. Easily get a quote

Most companies will provide you with a car shipping quote free of charge, which makes it easy to compare the costs of different services. It is important to remember that cheaper is not always better. If you want to make sure your car is delivered on time and safely, you may have to pay more. 

A-1 Auto Transport offers instant free quotes for interstate car transport. It has a network of 30 modern carriers and 40 terminals and will make sure your car is transported safely. Be wary of companies that offer unusually low quotes as they may end up tacking on hidden charges that raise the price dramatically. 

  1. Protect your car

As the car is on a carrier the whole way, it is not subjected to the dings, scratches, and accidents that may occur when you are driving it. Reputable companies will do their best to make sure that damage does not occur during transportation as they are accountable for the vehicles they ship. If a car is damaged in transit, insurance is available to cover any costs. 

For complete protection, you will want to go for an enclosed carrier, although this costs more. They offer protection from outside elements and more security overall. It may be worth the cost if you want to transport a luxury or classic car. 

  1. Save time and money

Driving a vehicle to a destination in another state takes time. This may be the time you cannot really afford to take off from work. You will also have to pay for food, accommodation and other miscellaneous items on the journey. 

Fuel costs can mount up as you will have to refuel several times. The more miles you travel, the more wear and tear to the engine, wheels and body of the car, and this reduces its value. 

  1. Avoid accidents and injuries

Driving long distances means spending hours behind the wheel. This increases the risks of falling asleep and having an accident. Hiring a professional shipper will prevent this from happening. It will minimize risks and decrease your stress levels. 

  1. Enjoy the convenience of car pickup and delivery

Finding a reputable auto transport service close to where you live will simplify the car transportation process. You do not want to pay to ship your car and then have to drive miles to get to a shipping dock. 

You can have your car picked up by a driver and have it waiting for you at your new destination when you arrive. Enquire about delivery specifics when getting quotes. 

Convenient car pickup and delivery can free up extra time in your schedule and prevent you from feeling inconvenienced or overwhelmed. You can pay attention to more pressing tasks and trust the professional car shipping company to pick up and deliver your car in a timely manner.

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