Special Ways to Honor the Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

Loss of a loved one has a way of reaching into the depths of a person’s soul, making them want to honor their memory in a special way. Finding ways to memorialize their passing helps to alleviate some of the grief. 

Creating a special day or celebration of a birthday after their passing keeps their memory alive. There are many ways to honor their passing, tangible and intangible. Speaking to loved ones keeps their spirits close, and using physical symbols in the home is a constant reminder of their love.

Light a candle

Lighting a candle is such a powerful symbolic way to remember those who have passed. Light a candle every evening in the home. Sit in silence for a while to recall the good times together. Practice love and forgiveness in moments of reflection, focusing on their accomplishments, failures and contributions. 

Lighting a candle demonstrates love and is a simple way to honor those who have moved on, which can be done at home and in a place of worship. Honor them further by spending time in places they loved or with people who knew them well. Share the fun, laughter and tears as the grief slowly transforms into peace.

Physical reminders

Physical reminders include placing your loved one’s ashes in an urn and using their ashes in cremation art. Have beautiful pieces of jewelry made at Memorials.com to wear every day, or honor them with a customized headstone. Remember them with ceramic art or beautiful statues to place in your home. 

Order memory boxes for the entire family to keep their ashes safe. Having a little piece of them close to you is a wonderful way to remind you of what they meant in your life. It is also an amazing way to have a little piece of them close to you every day. 

Using symbols like these also help to ease the grieving process because they can be touched and seen, which makes them feel a little closer.

Speak with them

Set aside a time to chat with them when you feel in need. It may sound strange but speak to them as if they were right there in the room with you. There is something incredibly comforting in speaking to someone close who has passed away. It heals the soul of its wounds; you can say things to them that you never could while they were alive and it brings you closer. 

Share funny memories and good times, or tell them what you think if your relationship was strained. It doesn’t matter what the status of your relationship was, you can still use this time for healing.

Plant a tree

Many environmentally friendly options are available now to plant trees in honor of loved ones. If you have your own garden, simply plant a favorite tree or flower in a quiet area in their memory. If you don’t have your garden, purchase a favorite tree and plant it in a local park, nature reserve, cemetery or municipal area. 

Be sure to obtain the necessary authority to do this. Also make sure the tree is indigenous to your region. You stand a better chance of achieving your goal if you follow the rules.

Mount a memorial plaque

Ask permission from your church to have a copper plaque made in memory of the loved one which you can mount on the church wall. They may have a specific memorial garden or allow a plaque to be mounted on an inner wall in return for a donation. If the loved one was a regular churchgoer, this will be a lovely way to memorialize their existence on earth.

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