Turning Your Tech Idea into a Product

As a developer, you may have come up with an exciting idea for a new program or a unique app but you have no idea what to do next. 

It takes initial investigation as well as plenty of patience and resilience if you want your tech idea to become a fully functional product. It can be hard to go it alone and having a company like InventHelp to assist you in the process can make the difference between failure and success. 

Conduct research

Before you start writing code, you need to do some research to establish whether there’s a market for your product. You need to research your competition, what your target audience likes and doesn’t like about products already on the market, and if you have a product that will stand out. 

Once you’re sure of this, you also need to find out whether your product can be made and distributed at a reasonable cost to customers. 

Find a way to build it

Once you know you have a unique idea, it’s enticing to want to build it yourself. However, cost and speed to market are factors you must take into account. Rather than working alone, you may decide to work with some technically skilled colleagues or consider bringing in an experienced outside firm to tackle the project. 

Getting to the market as quickly as possible could be crucial to success when it comes to tech ideas. You need to get your timing right and if you wait too long, someone else is likely to come up with a similar idea and capitalize on it.  

Use an API when you can

If you’re building a framework for an app, it will save you time and money to find relevant application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate into your system. APIs are basically simple ways for businesses and applications to communicate. 

If your app needs a shopping system, for example, you could save work and costs by leveraging a shopping system that has already been developed instead of starting from scratch.   

Test and test again

If you’re an experienced developer, you know that developing a product is full of bumps in the road. To minimize the delays any snags can cause, you need to constantly test your product during and after development. 

For example, if you’re building an app, constantly running automated tests helps improve your finished product and you will gain a better understanding of how, why and when things break and how to fix them. 

It is only through testing that you find out if your initial idea works and testing may also help you to develop a different winning idea if it doesn’t. Of course, testing it on real consumers is most important and you can get honest feedback from test groups that help you to validate your idea. 

Find the right channel for distribution

Marketing is often an afterthought but if you want to get the highest return, you need to set targets well before you launch your product. If you’ve invented an app, you will probably want to sell it in one of the major app stores. If you have created a specialized product to serve a certain industry, such as the fitness industry, you may want to use a particular channel that serves that industry. 

After identifying the right channel, you need to look at the cost structure and any restrictions. There may be a number of hurdles to clear before you can market your product. Put in the effort to overcome them and you’re in business – you can start profiting from your idea.   

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