OFA, Springfield Residents, push Rep.Schock on Immigration Reform (Video/Pictures)

(PICTURES Following Story)

On Tuesday, Organizing for Action Springfield, along with many local residents, held an event outside the offices of Rep. Aaron Schock, urging him to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Last week of course, the Senate overwhelmingly passed a historic Immigration Reform bill, with both Illinois Senators-including Republican Mark Kirk-voting in favor of the legislation.

Following the 2012 election, Schock-who had two years earlier voted against the Dream Act- discussed the need for Republicans to do a better job of reaching out to Latinos:

“But the group that we really have to zero in on, I believe, is the Latino community, a group that really should be voting for Republicans to the degree we take a leadership role on the issue of immigration,” Schock said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“I think it makes sense for Republicans to get out front on immigration because it’s a broke government program. And who better to fix a broken government program than the Republican Party? It shouldn’t take eight years on the average to figure out whether or not you qualify to become an American citizen,” he said.

“I think George W. Bush was trying to do that pre-September 11th. I think it’s unfortunate that our party, when we controlled the entire process, didn’t do more on the issue. I’m disappointed, the president, in his first four years…”

Despite voicing such rational, encouraging opinions in the past, Schock has been relatively mum on Immigration as of late, particularly on Twitter. In fact since May 1st-in over 200 tweets, (Ok 237 to be exact) Schock has mentioned Immigration Reform exactly: 0 times.

Such silence is, to put it lightly, perplexing, given that in Illinois alone, the economic boost from reform will be tremendous, with the Center for American Progress estimating an additional $30.4 Billion in GSP, and 4,400 jobs annually.

Oh-and not to mention the moral imperative to bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows, to give Dreamers a chance, to keep families together.

Maybe Rep. Schock will have something to say following today’s event—

The residents of the 18th District, the State of Illinois, and all those in favor of reform throughout the Country, are waiting.



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