A Gun or a 92-Year-Old African American Woman: Which is more dangerous?

You’re not going to believe this, but a recent CNN hidden camera investigation, seemed to confirm what this recent Toronto Star investigation, this Rossen  investigation, this ABC investigation, this mass shooting, this mass shooting, this mass shooting…and this mass shooting –and thousands upon thousands of other shootings– appeared to unmistakably  indicate:

It’s easy to purchase a gun in America.

Like-no background check, no name, no ID needed—simply money and an optional handshake.

Last week, 45 cowards in the United States Senate, 41 Republicans and 4 Democrats, gave the “thumbs up” to that all too prevalent form of anonymous, undocumented, untraceable gun commerce.

Doesn’t seem right—does it?

I mean, like Bill O’Reilly once said-shouldn’t an ID be the bare minimum? As a guest once said on Sean Hannity’s show—“I mean you need an ID to rent from Blockbuster!”-a point which Hannity gleefully seconded . Like RNC chair Rance Priebus pointed out—polls overwhelmingly reflect public support for an ID requirement!

Wait—sorry,  I think I’m getting mixed up.

Those quotes were about voting ID laws not Gun laws! ID Laws which Republicans overwhelmingly approve of as opposed to nearly uniformly oppose, (including most of those who voted against background checks), laws which require that voters show ID prior to engaging in their ..wait for it–CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of voting– laws which were introduced in 34 states since 2011–laws which are intended to prevent voter fraud….of which there’s been 10 cases since the year 2000.

And of course, laws which  disproportionately affect low income, elderly, and minority voters.

So in other words, more States, more Republicans, find a hypothetical 92-year old African American Woman, without an ID, looking to vote, more dangerous, more “legislation worthy”, than a hypothetical  violent sociopath, without an ID, looking for a gun.

Essentially, they believe, or at least behave as though, that woman–let’s call her Virginia, can cause more damage to society, to our Country, than a gun.

Well, let’s look at the “tale of the tape” and find out:



92 Year-Old
African American Woman

   Happy elderly african american woman waving Stock Photo - 14007796


Varies, but the .454 Casull for example, a legal, armor piercing bullet, produces more than 2,000 ft-lb (2.7 kJ) of energy.

While undoubtedly still mentally strong, Virginia is-at 92 years old,5 ft 1, and 102 lbs-somewhat frail physically, and  generally struggles to open various jars and medicine bottles.


Depends on the firearm, semi-automatic firearms reload themselves, and as such can be fired as fast as someone can pull the trigger. (At Sandy Hook, 154 rounds were fired in under 5 minutes.Ammunition wise, depending on the caliber, Most Bullets travel anywhere from 1k to 5k feet per second.

While an athlete back in her day (1940s), Virginia   doesn’t quite move like she used to–“so you’re gonna have to be patient”. Regularly requests that her “little speedster” great grand-kids hit the brakes and slow it down a little…I’m serious now”.


Extended Magazines-(e.g.100 Round Drum)  Adjustable Stock, scope, silencer, Pistol Grip.

Walking cane, glasses, bingo dabber, change purse, Crochet Hook


On average, 32 people a day, or 30,000 a year, are killed because of a Gun. From 2000-2008, over 86,000 homicides were committed with a Gun. Since Newtown, there have been over 3,000 gun related deaths across America.

Virginia recently expressed her displeasure with a soft spoken number caller at bingo, by dropping her dabber and requesting he “Speak up..please”. Also says she would like to “shake Derrick Rose and say-what’s wrong with you sonny-boy, quit bein yella and get out there and play”.

So who wins–who is more dangerous?

When it comes to The Price is Right, Bingo, Scrabble and 6×6 Sudokus, it’s best if you avoid messing with Virginia. You may also receive a swift rebuke if you use “ungodly language”. That said, let’s consider what liberal commentator Mark Shields pointed out:

“…the reality is — and it’s a terrible reality — since Robert Kennedy died in the Ambassador Hotel on June 4, 1968, more Americans have died from gunfire than died in … all the wars of this country’s history, from the Revolutionary through the Civil War, World War I, World War II, in those 43 years…”

So, (to paraphrase British Comedian Eddie Izzard) while some may say “guns don’t kill people–people do”, I think it’s pretty damn clear that guns sure help.


Be Good Friends,

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