An Open Letter to Republicans: Your Country isn't Coming Back

I’ll be brief…

November 6, 2012

That was to be the day you guys  “took the Country back”, the day you “restored America”, the day the aberration that was the Election of Barack Hussein Obama was officially rectified.

Well that day came and went, and let me be proudly unequivocal in saying what the events of that day-of that day you eagerly awaited for 1463 days-plainly illuminated:


Make no mistake, while the problem lies with an outdated, baseless message which is unappealing to the collective mind, heart and soul of this Country, your messenger…your candidate, was nothing short of awful–the embodiment of everything that is wrong with YOUR Country, insatiably greedy, invariably self-interested, a walking contradiction whose actions are unmistakably in conflict with his purported religious beliefs. He stood for nothing other than himself, and just as no liberal Media Member or any unfair “smear campaign” caused it. debate performance in Denver could change it.

That’s who Mitt Romney is….

And that’s what YOUR Country is

But it’s not what the United States is.

On Fox News on Tuesday Night, as the polls closed, as the results came in, as the unimaginable…agonizing reality that was the electoral map trouncing of Mitt Romney became undeniably clear, what did Karl Rove do? What did Bill O’Reilly do?

Deny Reality.

Attempt to invalidate that which is UNMISTKABLY VALID.

In their Country…in your America…a born to privilege wealthy beyond comprehension White Businessman, does not lose a Presidential Election to a Black Guy who was raised by a single mother. No..nor do Black Voters, or Hispanic Voters, or Young Voters, refuse to be disenfranchised…refuse to get out of line…refuse to accept a faulty voting machine…refuse to accept the insulting assumptions of a “LIKELY VOTER MODEL” designed by Karl Rove or Rasmussen or Gallup.

No, in your Country, those voters stay home.

In your Country, Gay Marriage is shot down at the ballot box, and women voters don’t mind having their health and bodies controlled by men in Washington, so long as you promise them “jobs”-regardless of the fairness of their pay.

And in your Country, voters don’t approve of shared sacrifice, of the idea of collectivism….No, in your Country Voters don’t cast their ballots with the welfare of the guy or woman next to them in mind—they don’t vote for universal prosperity and equality, they don’t vote with a heart full of compassion and a mind with a vision for a more fair and a more inclusive Country.

That’s your Country….

That’s what you sought to “restore” on Tuesday Night.

And I couldn’t be happier, and more proud to say…on behalf of my Country, on behalf of the United States of America

You Failed.

Be Good Friends,



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  • Hear here!

  • In reply to Ameriviking:

    I should note my ONE difference with your article: I would argue it is "conservatism" not Republicans per se that took it on the chin. MANY a Republican moderate got and gets it and are, as we read and write, trying to purge the fringe . . . just like they did with the John Birch Society and others after Barry Goldwater's SHELLACKING in 1964.

  • In reply to Ameriviking:

    I certainly considered that friend--but from my perspective the Republican Party allowed itself to be contaminated and controlled by that wing of the party---it became their brand-uncompromising unreasonable---so in other words, there's little need to differentiate between the two IMO.

    BTW absolutely love the work you do on your blog...great stuff.

    Thanks for commenting friend

  • In reply to koolking83:

    GREAT points. I thought that as I was writing. Bet decided to post anyway!

    Shout outs to YOU as well! Keep the flame burning!

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    In reply to Ameriviking:

    As a boomer, retired (age 45) capitalist, multi millionaire, and economist, I've watched for 30 years as Great Society liberalism has been shoved down our throats. From 70% unmarried baby mammas, welfare as a way of life, 3500 children killed a year, the fall of communism, the failure of Marxism, and the decline of socialist theories in Europe, I find your naive, and frankly very uncreative, government schooled generation quite boorish. Since you went to government schools, I know that you've never studied Nobel Prize winners, Milton Friedman (Free to Choose), Hyack (Road to Serfdom), or other Conservative thinkers. Keynes is a 16 trillion dollar shipwreck, and you, as Lennin used to say are the 'useful idiots.' I used to be a hippie, protesting Vietman, but your generation sit's on it's arse and plays video games all day, voting for whomever will give the the most liberal line of crap. You're policies are directly responsible for making America a non competitive country, where our goods are too expensive to compete. Your 140k teachers work 8 months a year and say 'it's for the kids' even though Government education puts us 25th in the world in terms of math skills. America won't rise to the top again until individual initiative is highly rewarded, and slovenly, immoral, collectivist behavior of your generation loves, turns the US into a Soviet/Russian/Venezulan/Cuban style cesspool.

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    In reply to Bill Frankelman:

    I have one word for you, you Capitalist dog, Moron.........

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    In reply to Linda Dewald:

    That's 3 words Linda. But I know it's not important to learn to count if you're going to be a government stooge all of your life.

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    In reply to Bill Frankelman:

    You sir are exactly correct! Want to read a good book, read resolved by Orrin Woodward.

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    In reply to Bill Frankelman:

    Bravo Mr. Frankelman, could've have said it better myself.

  • In reply to Bill Frankelman:

    You're exactly right, Bill.

  • In reply to Bill Frankelman:

    By all means lets having greed be our driving principal. Lets all get wealthy by stealing someone else's idea, over inflating appraisals, charging hidden fees on transactions, cooking the books, issuing misleading PR statements to pump up stock values, and on and on and on. Let's create a society where everyone strives to own so much crap that your generals and civic leaders down to policemen feel they have to create ways to gouge the taxpayer to keep up with all the greedy, lying bastards.

    I know neighborhoods in S. Barrington where 1 out of 5 households has someone either indicted or in jail for some sort of fraud, and that's just the ones that got caught. Is that the vision of capitalism you find so inspiring?

  • In reply to Bill Frankelman:

    well put Bill: I couldn't agree more. I hope I'm still alive when these "on the dole" voters who voted for this Marxist, Fascist, Communist Hybrid (no, not talking race YOU BIGOTS!) reap what they sow for their votes. They have no idea what they just did to one of the freest, most compassionate countries this world has ever known. Thank God I have no children! I will leave this earth without having to worry about MY kids and grand-kids. With all due respect though, I disagree with your last sentence. America will NEVER rise again. More than half of our electorate saw to that. We will never survive four more years. The regulations and lay offs have already started. I hope those of you who voted for Obama keep your pie hole's shut when the "doctor is not in", because if you actually think you are going to get healthcare for free, you truly are the "useful idiots" Bill says you are. So sad that they had to bring the rest of us down with them. I have been saying for years that the people in this country who love this "equality" and Socialism so much should just shut their eyes, spin the globe, put their finger on it and GO THERE! I'm sure they would have found their utopia in one of those other socialist communist countries. But alas, that would require WORK. Much easier to take it from those here who have worked for it. Well, as Margaret Thatcher once said (or was it Reagan?) "The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money". And you will now! Watch the mass exodus from America of the people with money. I, for one, will not stick around and pay for your worthless arse! Already sold my house, closed my accounts and am expatriating. I would suggest all people with money do the same. Then let these idiots eat their cake and lie in the bed of their own making!

  • Such a gracious winner.

    Good luck in your new country.

    Now get out and construct your utopia one stone at a time.

    You do know how...right?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard-you know I like ya man, despite our clear political and ideological differences…..but I hardly think you’re in a position (speaking for your party) to lecture me or any Dem/Liberal for that matter,on the importance of grace and humility.

    And let me be clear-I am more than willing to have a civil discussion regarding our differing economic philosophies, particularly what policies are most fair and most beneficial w/respect to the financial health of all Americans. Point being-I recognize that while historical evidence may lend more credence to one side or the other, these are complicated issues which inherently demand an open mind and moreover a willingness to compromise. In other words-both sides have something to offer w/respect to economic issues.

    What I refuse to accept, what I outright reject, is that our (not necessarily you and i-but our parties) differing opinions regarding social issues, simply represent two equally legitimate sides of the same coin; that it’s ok in the year 2012, to suggest pregnancies via rape are God’s will, that it’s ok for Washington to dictate the health choices of women, that it’s ok for Gays to be treated as though their love is somehow illegitimate and not worthy of marriage, that quality health care, or education are somehow luxuries reserved for the well to do.

    I also reject that “the jury is still out” on Climate Change-that science has a liberal bias.

    I reject that religion should take precedence over facts, science, math, etc.

    The fact of the matter is, many of the social beliefs of the Republican Party (Right wing), have no place in the year 2012…or frankly 1912 for that matter.

    Thanks as always Richard.

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    In reply to koolking83:

    Mr. Kool
    You're just spewing utopian liberal dribble. Your thoughts on dictating the health choices of women, quality health care & education are backwards. For instance the only one benefitting from Obamacare will be the insurance companies. Because less and less doctors will be able to see patients due to the regulations and some already have stopped seeing Medicare/Medicaid patients. I worked oversees and people who have health care by government like it until they get sick and need an operation. Wait time - six months. Quality of doctors is not there. I got this from the horse's mouth when I worked overseas - Canadians, British, Irish and other countries whose health care system is managed by the government. Many of my European co-workers went to the US to be diagnosed and have their operations. The top dog who runs Canada's Health Care System came to the US to get his operation.

    Religion is a means to keep the family unit together. As more and more people leave it we have single parents with an increase in poverty.

    Climate change has been occuring for millions of years -- Ice Age, Warm Age, Hot Age. To think 100 years of mankind can make a difference is absurd.

    You miss the big picture - the economy. Take a gander at what continued liberal policies will do to the US - economies like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and now France and Britain. My British co-worker wanted to move to the US. His sons no longe can afford a home and about 25% of the population have 'free healthcare' and are on the dole. He says that is their way of like - Pitiful! Everything is high priced because of taxes. A gallon of gasoline is $9.70!

    I'm Hispanic and you can keep your 'New Country'.

  • In reply to Jesus Serna:

    LOL . . . and look at what GENUINE socialist policies do in Norway, Australia, Sweden, Swizerland, and Denmark . . . they KICK OUR ASS!

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    In reply to Ameriviking:

    Ameriviking – Norway has a population of 5 million. They can afford a socialistic type of government because they have an abundance of petroleum, natural gas, lumber, seafood, fresh water and hydropower. The petroleum industry accounts for a quarter of the country’s gross domestic product. Bu they all live in tiny houses as one fellow co-worker from Norway told me.

    Sweden has a population of 7. 5 million. Sweden is one of the most equal countries in terms of income. However the wealth is distributed unevenly – the top 10% has about 72% of the nation’s wealth.

    Switzerland has a population of 8 million. Switzerland is a federal republic inspired by the American example with universal health care. It has no navy & small army. It has one of the largest budget surpluses in Europe. It has a great private sector economy and low tax rates by Western World standards; overall taxation is one of the smallest of developed countries. Switzerland is one of the easiest place to do business. They delegate the authority for the school system to the states. However, universal health care is expensive and becoming more so due to aging populations and new healthcare technologies being implemented.

    Why don’t you do a little research on the other countries yourself.

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    In reply to Jesus Serna:

    Re: Switzerland is a federal republic inspired by the American example with universal health care. It has no navy & small army. It has one of the largest budget surpluses in Europe.
    Switzerland has no Navy and a small Army because they rely on the other free countries to fight the wars for freedom. Why buy a cow if the milk is free. They declare neutrality and offer conference space (charge of course) to the warring countries for negotiating purposes. They will hold the coats so the warring nations can really focus on the fight. Absolute freeloading, don't you think!

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    In reply to Jay Rizzo:

    Jay, thanks for the comment. Mr. Koolking can you please take a moment to take your head out of the sand. As Jay Rizzo says, Switzerland has been freeloading. I didn't put that into my comment to see if you would have picked up on that. Ok now you can go and put your head back in the sand. When Obama said we should be more like Europe either he was putting a hood over your head, doesn't know what the hell he is doing (or god forbid) really wants to take the US down quite a few notches.

    I have friends in the business world. A friend's wife got into a fight with her doctor. She's been to 3 doctors and they won't take her because she's on Medicare. Another friend's wife doctor told her he's dropping her because he's no longer taking Medicare or health insurance. He's charging a flat fee and will make house calls! Another friend who's a manager at United Health Care let go of an employee but yet has alot of work. You know what Obamacare stipulates for insurance companies KoolKing?

    That's your Utopia, the rich will stay rich while the middle class and poor will sink lower. However it will be almost impossible for the middle class or poor to be wealthy. Overtime the rich will die off and you've got what Kooling? Hey, your new country.

    My son started a business 12 years ago. He's been working 60 hour weeks this whole time and paying himself about $50,000, and that's in California. He finally has 2 permanent employees and 2 part-timers. He wants to grow his company but just can't with all the taxes in California. I've told him to move out. He's now thinking of moving because of the last round of tax increases. By the way I heard there's a net loss of 2,000 people moving out of California every week. Disney is moving a technology division from California to Texas. Texas businesses created almost half of the jobs in the US after 2009.

    When people talk of the poor schools in Texas look again. They rank low because of all the immigrants, legal and illegal, attending those schools from Mexico. They don't know a single word of English. In border towns quite a few attend attend public school but live in Mexico. However I'm not bashing Mexicans trying to make a better life in the US. In Mexico the government is all powerful and you're either wealthy or poor. There's no middle class to speak of. Heck the military and poice even kill their own people with no repercussions. By the way the government allows owning guns to a few. Sounding more like your new country Mr. Koolking?

  • In reply to Jesus Serna:

    you may as well be talking to a wall Jesus....a true Socialist does not let facts get in their way. This is why we are in the deep state of decay we are in. Bless you for trying though.

  • In reply to Jesus Serna:

    I appreciate you commenting and offering your opinions….but must say-respectfully, they are nothing more than the factually baseless talking points which impede productive dialogue in this Country-particularly w/respect to Health Care-.

    Look at the World Health Organization rankings of health systems across the globe….

    Where’s America on that list? Where are many of the socialist, freedom hating, death panel having, universal Coverage providing Countries?

    With respect to religion-my beef lies with cafeteria Christianity-with how many a Christian ignore the brother's keeper part, the teachings about the meek, the poor, the sick, etc-and yet cite those "teachings" which in their mind-validate their intolerance and discriminatory behavior.

    That said, I do appreciate all the good... all the benefits (latent/manifest) that various religions/religious institutions offer.

    Thanks again

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    In reply to koolking83:

    Keep you head in the sand.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    It's easy to see why people laugh at Chicagoans. Show some class- and some intelligence before you write your blog.
    You really want to reference the WHO as a reason to support socialized medicine?
    Cede all authority to the Messiah and don't bitch when you live in the western hemisphere's version of France.

  • In reply to htsdf556:

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to koolking83:

    Keep up the good work KK. You nailed the article and replies. Don't let wannabe high school debate runner-ups change your style or approach. A progressive can clearly see that they'll just never get it. While they'll never disappear, they become more irrelevant each day.

  • In reply to Bill Colbeck:

    Appreciate the feedback my friend, thank you much.

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    In reply to koolking83:

    Excuse me, Christianity says 'Love thy neighbor as thyself----- Not love thy neighbor more than thyself!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to koolking83:

    Really? World Vision, Salvation Army, Child Fund, Red Cross, & countless others....all established originally by, and/or as, Christian organisations. Those Christians haven't done their part for the poor, sick, etc......blind much @koolking83.

    Studies have cited Christian conservatives as the most generous people in giving to these kinds of "brothers keeper's" causes....liberals come a distant & very dismal way behind.

  • In reply to Jesus Serna:

    That's hilarious. Is this from the Onion? Fox news?

    I also know several people overseas. One specifically from Chicago that moved there to get married. She loves the universal health care. The doctors are great - on par with some of the best here.

    Face it - President Obama won. We have universal healthcare. The country won't be run by religion but rather the Constitution. The economy is improving - slowly but it's getting there. Climate change is real, it's hurting us NOW and hopefully our President can help bring about positive changes that can hopefully slow it down a bit.

  • In reply to goofyjj:

    We have a Constitution, yes, but you don't seem to be interested in it. Neither does anyone in Washington, though.
    And don't let's be ignorant about the economy. Improving?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to goofyjj:

    So you want to nix fossil fuels and I suppose sustitute windmill/electric generators and solar converters. Have you ever wondered what impact these substitutes will have on the climate temperature. Windmills/generators take a large portion of the dynamic energy and convert it to electric power. In so doing the velocity of the wind is greatly reduced as it leaves the blades. So, the lesser wind velocity does alter the climate conditions. Will this allow the ambiant temperature to rise? I haven't heard any of Gore's or Obama's experts address this issue.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jay Rizzo:

    HAHAHA you've got to be kidding me....Is this really the level of science knowledge that republicans have? You know, no one knows how stupid you are until you show them.........Better start leveling all the buildings to stop them from slowing thw winds!.

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    In reply to goofyjj:

    Wait till she needs to go into the hospital or needs an operation. Yes Obama won so what? The Constitution states freedom of religion. If you don't like their beliefs don't take your children to any Catholic hospital or University. And you don't even have to work there. The Constitution says government cannot do things to you. The Catholic Church is not saying that women should not get "free" (LOL) birth control. Their organizations shouldn't have to. That's what their fedral lawsuti is all about.

    I get a kick out of liberals spouting Marxist beliefs and referring to the Constitution!

  • In reply to Jesus Serna:

    Come now, Jesus.

    You really can't be Hispanic. You've got old white man thoughts going on.

    According to the collectivist mind, all "you people" think alike.

    Better adjust your thinking, or you will be necessarily re-educated.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Great comment Richard. An increasing number of educated Hispanics know what's going on. It's those other Hispanics that are power hungry and corrupt that belong to the Dems. I know many, many, many of them.

    You know the saying I'm not greedy, are you greedy?

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Theres an Allen West in every group........

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Bill Chung:

    Your point Bill? I dare you expand on this!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jesus Serna:

    why can';t figure it out? fine dare accepted!, - every minority group has members that will side with their oppressors and do things against their own self interests.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Irony about "groupthink" happening there Richard...pft.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Apologies old student habit of not reading to the end!

    You are correct.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    you just gave yourself away if we don't adjust our thinking? white, black, green or yellow, at least half of us will not bow down to your messiah's tyranny. got that dude? why don't you put your money where your mouth is and come get us to put us in your "re-education camps". I would LOVE to take you out with me when I go. One less sheeple the surviving patriots will have to eradicate! Do you have any idea what "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" really, truly means? Of course you don't. WELL, WE DO. YES, GO AHEAD AND COME AFTER US. ONE WAY TO GET RID OF THE VERMIN THAT YOU ARE!

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    In reply to Jesus Serna:

    you mean Greece which is in its situation in large part due to its inability to collect taxes? And the other European countries in their mess in large part to the financial games of the big banks? So if your gonna compare Economies, should we go Communist cause China, Vietnam are doing great! Or total Capitalism with no regulations or government over site like Somolia?

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    In reply to Bill Chung:

    Wow, someone is largely ignorant...

    Greece is in trouble because it's indebted to the eyeballs, not due to an "inability to collect taxes"...hahaha.

    China doing great on the back of oppressed, grossly underpaid workforces...closer to slavery than anything else, but nearly communism, yep. Vietnam is basically small-town free market enterprise locally...see it really does work!

    Somalia could only be construed to be capitalist by the longest stretch of the's a tribal gangland, it's that simple...or for you Bill, possibly not.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Kool I got to tell you.

    I could more respect what you say if you put your real name up and put your pic up front. I'm not hiding. What you see is me.

    You are obviously a serious, sincere guy, trying to make points, but your hiding behind some fake-ass name.

    What's with that?

    There are any number of pussies on here that just hide behind some avatar and don't put their identities out there. Most of them showed up on here to give you props. To your credit, at least, you will take all comments. I do respect that.

    C'mon, prove to me that you are proud of your ideas and put your real name on what you're doing. How do you expect me to take you seriously?

    Do it!

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Ha fair enough-although under the aptly titled "about/contact" section, you'd find a picture/my email address etc...

    But I use my twitter handle, @koolking83-not as a veil of some sort, but simply to promote further interaction w/readers, chicagonow bloggers, etc.

    But how about this....
    My name is last name is hidden in my e-mail address which is

    In terms of demographics-which I suppose are relevant given our usual topics of discussion , I'm 29, Half Hispanic
    Half White (Irish and Italian), have BA in Psych, (EIU) MS in Sports Management (U of I).

    Have a good weekend man

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    'Utopia', while impossible to litterally achieve, is exactly what the human race has been moving toward throughout history. "We the people, in order to form a MORE perfect union...". Obama fully understands this, which makes him a great leader.

  • In reply to Duffy Johnson:

    The human race has embraced leaders who want to make their own man-made idea of utopia a reality, and it always, always ends in failure. Usually the utopia is brought into creation with the idea of equality of treasure and goods and not of opportunity.

    Your "we the people" quote fails to convince, because it was the tryanny of a far away government that caused those immortal words to be authored. So King George has been replaced by King Barrack, who views, in his words now, the Constitution as something "to get around". I must believe, then, that you think the same way, and if so, than a government of "men" and not the rule of law, will create great suffering.

    Again, I wish you luck under this new construct, and time will tell how perfect a union can be formed when everybody wants an ever increasing piece of it.

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    So true....While they are at it quench their thirst with the Obozo Kool-aid

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Well said Richard.

    The 'Collectivists' of 2012, same as the Collectivists of 1850 and 1918, have and ugly long term lesson coming their way.

    I can't wait to watch.

    Free birth control for everyone! Too funny really, that these pawns buy this nonsense.

  • Kool, first, let me tell you that I self-identify as a conservative, dedicated to individual freedom and opportunity, not as Republican. There is a difference, and it would pay to understand it, at least so you will recognize the "enemy", when these outdated ideas present themselves to you.

    Unlike perhaps you and many others, I do not look to the "party" for my philosophical or moral guidance. I do not pin my hope on what some politician promises to do or not do or give or not give. Just me, but I have found over a lifetime that, as a whole, they lie.

    Why shouldn't I be in a position to call attention to your post? It is obviously filled with hostility towards those who have a different point of view than you and your "party". You and your "party" certainly do the same to those who may share my opinions, all day long, as a matter of fact, and through all channels. Your post was nothing but a nasty lecture, so I wanted to just graciously wish you well and take a little higher road.

    Remember tolerance? I suggest you will need it, as factions within your "party" will be fighting each other for their perceived share of the spoils. You better be prepared to be nice to the hispanic wing and the white women victim wing and the gay wing, etc. The pot is only so large, and it will be survival of the ruthless. All the faux civility will go out the door when it comes to getting what you want. That is human nature untempered.

    What I am saying to you is this: your "party" has won the day and perhaps the century. Now you have to turn this victory into a workable operation. One way to do that is not to tell the opposition to go to hell. Your "party" promises a kind of utopia, and I am very interested in seeing how you and the party go about making it happen.

    I don't know what you do in the real world, but you still have to function in it, and that means with everybody, not just those whom you select. Isn't that what you will tell me over and over again? Sure. Admit it.

    Now go out and correct the standard of living on the south and west side. Deliver that hope and change that was promised four years ago. Though you believe Obama inherited the worst mess in the history of the world, given four years you would think he could move the needle, no? But he won't even talk to the local media and the people who put him into the office. Wonder why? Cause they might ask him a hard question, even if off the record?

    I'll be among the first to witness it, because you may think otherwise, but this is where I live and work.

    Report back on specifics once-in-awhile. I'm curious.

    Good luck!


  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I appreciate many of the points you make Richard-I truly do, but let me specifically address a few things I take issue with….

    Why should I or anyone who recognizes injustice, tolerate it? Your main point-that we should tolerate each other’s opinions, was antithetical to the point of my previous comment to you---I-and no one who is sensitive and adverse to injustice, should tolerate the anti-inclusion, anti-equality, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, etc-views of SOME of the Conservatives-which, although maybe not representative of the majority opinion-have nevertheless shaped the Party’s image, and moreover inflexible, fundamentalist legislative agenda for the past two years.

    Also-this line:“You better be prepared to be nice to the hispanic wing and the white women victim wing and the gay wing, etc”
    What exactly does that mean? What is it that these groups are asking for that is so unfair-that asks of so much of our Country? They want to be treated fairly-they want to be treated like Americans...

    And the truth is-we do all “function” together in this society, (as you say we must do) Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Gay, Straight, Black, White, Hispanic, Theist, Atheist, etc…we drive on the same roads, go to the same schools, work in the same businesses, shop at the same stores..etc. This wasn’t always the case…but is the case today because we’ve became a more liberal, more tolerant Country throughout the years. We’ve progressed, we’ve moved forward.

    The suggestion of many a Conservative is that “traditional America”, “the real America”, is no longer, that it has slipped away-that the functional, inclusive, liberal, tolerant Country I just described, is antithetical to the Country we were, and are supposed to be.

    I simply disagree.

    I’ll respond more later on Rich--I'm currently at work!

    Thanks again.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    . . . and us Envirosocialists as well!

  • In reply to Ameriviking:

    Another coward hiding behind an avatar, who is afraid to let opposing comments on his/her? blog.

  • fb_avatar

    Well said!

  • In reply to Robbie Shoop:

    Thanks Robbie :) Much appreciated.

  • I think this article embodies ignorance and intolerance at it's fullest. It's not about one side or the other "getting their country back". The last time I checked, we are all one country. It's thinking like that outlined in this article that breeds hate and segragation between citizens.

    Personally, I feel we should clean all of Washington out and start from scratch - without a two party system. Until then, the finger pointing and hate won't get anyone anywhere. Whomever is the President, we need to keep them in our prayers that they are guided to do the best job they can do and keep our country the great country it is.

    Sick of all the political, whiny, behaving like two year old babies crap

  • In reply to Runner77:


  • On some things we agree, others we don't.

    I similarly socked it to the "Get Employed" fraud after she brought up the birther garbage and pretty much assured that Romney would win, because everyone is worse off, except she claims to get her clients jobs.

    Then I went to the fitness center, where some Dennis Byrne wannabe wanted to get into it with a black guy about how the Democrats hate the Catholics and their view on homosexuality, when the other guy said, essentially, how about your homosexual priests? While I silently agreed with that statement, I told them to take it away from the crosstrainer--the election was over Tuesday.

    The idiots running for the U.S. Senate in Indiana and Missouri proved that taking the Lord's name in vain to offend women voters doesn't work.

    On the issue of gay marriage, I don't think there is a constitutional right to it, but if a legislature accountable to the people wants to pass it (or it passes in referendum), so be it.

    That however, brings us to the state level. In that the feudal dictators Madigan and Cullerton destroyed democracy in this state. People voting for two admitted insane people as well as people under criminal investigation is beyond me.

  • fb_avatar

    Talk about a sore winner. In your country everyone sits around all day without a job waiting for their free birth control to fail so they can get an abortion.

  • In reply to Bob Gibson:

    Keep it classy Bob

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Kool, you don't get to attack anyone for not being classy when you have your mouth in the gutter full of anger and hatred.
    Oh-your hypocrisy is impressive.
    Since Obama and the other Leftists have improved the lives of the inner city people of Chicago so completely I look forward to a country not of equal opportunity but of equal outcome.
    You make a great serf.

  • In reply to htsdf556:

    What angers me...what I'm intolerant of... is baseless intolerance. What I hate based on race, sexuality, religion, etc. And speaking of hypocrisy and religion, the "Liberal" values I espouse , were first taught by the Right's supposed number 1 idol (no not Reagan)----Jesus Christ.

    Community: Love your neighbor as yourself. .[Matthew 22:39] So in everything, do to others as you would have them do to you.
    [Matthew 7:12.] If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.
    [Matthew 19:21]

    Equality & Social Programs: But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed,
    because they cannot repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just. [Luke 14:13 &14.]

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to koolking83:

    All those scriptures were aimed at individuals @koolking83. They're not liberal ideas, unless you were to use the true meaning of the word, which is to be giving & not stingy, as us religious conservatives that is.

    The religious are better givers than liberals, of both time & money. It would be more accurate to say that the religious are less hypocritical than liberals....who talk a good game. We also have staked out our non-negotiables...or as you incorrectly but descriptively call, intolerance & hate.....the left just keep moving further away from the godly standards you espouse. You can't take those standards in isolation from the rest of what is a very conservative book of rules....keep trying though.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    What's wrong with what Bob said koolaid..oops...sorry, killking. Facts get in your way and make you anwy??? Poor poor little kool....nasty things, facts! Enjoy your new utopia. Eventually, those of us who you think are going to keep paying for your schooling, healthcare, rubbers, etc are going to get the flock out of here. Then what ya gonna do? You probably don't have the slightest idea how to even apply for a job. But not to worry. THERE WON'T BE ANY. hahahaha...yep, enjoy what you created!

  • In reply to Bob Gibson:

    How does this explain red states and their LOW educational achievement, LOW wages, HIGH problems with health, HIGHER Federal dollars per capita spent . . . I could go on.

    FACT is they are being EXPLOITED. Exploited by the right-wing entertainment machine (as David Frum HONESTLY noted today on Morning Joe). Exploited by the elites like Trump, Adelson, the Kochs who all use them as "useful idiots," playing on their fears and faith all while laughing to the bank.

    . . . that is what life is like in THAT part of the country!

  • nice article, even nicer responses to dick davis...

  • fb_avatar

    This is my first time reading your timeline. I am very impressed by your responses. What you stated need to be said. Keep up the good work.

  • I really appreciate that friend-thank you!

  • Aside from the vitriol passing between both 'sides", little change of any substance is likely to occur. A split legislature insures more stalemate. This will delay the slide into Euro-socialism. For the socialists, a rare glismpse of the future can be seen today if you look with an open mind.

  • In reply to TJF59:

    As was stated above, there IS a glimpse into the future you seem to fear: she's called NORWAY. By most measurable standards; the nation with the HIGHEST standard of living, the HIGHEST quality of life, one of the LONGEST life expectancy rates, one of the HIGHEST accesses to healthcare, one of the LOWEST infant mortality rates . . . need I REALLY continue?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Ameriviking:

    Ameriviking – Norway has a population of 5 million. They can afford a socialistic type of government because they have petroleum, natural gas, lumber, seafood, fresh water and hydropower. The petroleum industry accounts for a quarter of the counry’s gross domestic product.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jesus Serna:

    Alright- Japan, hardly any natural resources, a population of 70 million.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Bill Chung:

    Hey Bill Japan is up to their eyebalss in debt. Their national debt to GDP is 200%. Worse than Greece. Their population growth is zero for at least 10 years. Do you why? I won't tell you go figure it out yourself. Maybe I can influence you to do some analyzing before you make comments out of the blue. I had a better remark but I controlled myself since I see you're a little kid.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jesus Serna:

    my point being that its pointless to compare apples to oranges. China is an authoritarian country that spouses Communism- and their economy is doing great- so what?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jesus Serna:

    They are also Norwegians, a very homogeneous group, and not Chicago Ghetto/Great Society Victims or uneducated Illegal Mexicans.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Ameriviking:

    Yes.....Try comparing the populations of the US and NORWAY - how can you compare a country of 400 million to 4.5 million...... Let's compare apples to apples..... We cannot afford the supposed utopia of Norway...Also, check out their birth rate, steadily decreasing; why would that be if everything is SO great there?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Hawaiigirlnomore:

    Nice republican math- US is 300 million. Off by close to 80 million......The birthrate of practically any westernized nation is decreasing. We only increase in large apart to immigration. By your logic some of the African countries must be doing great because of their high birth rate. yeah, logic and facts suck huh?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Bill Chung:

    Hey kid! Again you've got your logic wrong. 2 + 2 doesn't add up to 4 in this case. It's called dynamic analysis, which I've never accused the Dems of doing.

    High birth rates occur in countries with a substantial amount of poverty. After WWII births in the US exploded. Now this economic crisis has slowed the US birthrate. This economic crisis has also slowed the birth rate in most developed countries.

    Do I have to tell you everything?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jesus Serna:

    uh, wrong again. The birth rate in the US and other developed countries were slowing down and in fact decreasing in some even in good economic times, while there are aberrations, such as the baby boom as you point out, but that was due to WWII.
    apparently what you have to tell me is like fox news- misinformed.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to TJF59:

    Yes,....the euro socialist states are teetering, only being held up by the economically capitalist Germans.

  • Ameriviking:

    To compare the economy, culture and population demographics of Norway to the U.S. in any discussion of superiority is quite misleading. Norway's economy as 2nd LARGEST exporter of natural gas and oil per capita in the world, along with it's constitutional monarchy government and very homogenous population,is not a reasonable comparison. By your tag, I presume that you're of Norwegian background and have much to be proud of. But, as an American, i realize that we have a far more complex society and more serious issues facing us. Is the idea of free contraceptives and more Government programs more important than addressing the 10 trillion and growing deficit as we keep electing bureacrats that appeal to your base instincts??

  • In reply to TJF59:

    You are correct, I am 1/2 of Norse descent, 2nd generation, but this has NOTHING to do with the fact that:

    1) Norway has oil, we have food, high tech, mineral resources -- US wins,
    2) to note their "homogeneous population" attempts to suggest that there is a racial component to their "success" and their stability as opposed to a general giving a damn about fellow citizens (btw I am 1/4 French and 1/4 Black), something that ANY society that is not "clan oriented" can do.

    Your analysis also fails to admit that, unlike continental and Scandinavian Europe who COMPLETELY shed themselves of the stink of imperial feudalism with genuine ATTEMPTS (some more successful than others) at prolitarian rule, Britain and the US just "rearranged the chairs." Founded as a class-based enterprise with some wanting to anoint Washington king, the "founders" in the US fought a war that was by and for the landed gentry. Afterwards, the indentured whites, slaves, natives, and women would spend the next 200 years seeking redress of this class-based structure.

    We could EASILY approach this "idealized realization of America" if the loss of "white privilege" wasn't stoked by the monied elite and feared by the middle and lower-class masses. All we have to do is say I AM my neighbor's keeper, he is my AMERICAN brother . . . that is ALL they do in Norway (Sweden, Denmark, Australia, etc.). To suggest ANYthing less infers, "I care about my neighbor as long as he looks and thinks like me".

    The last sentence is a strawman that is you opnion so I won't embellish upon that.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Ameriviking:

    Ameriviking don't twist TFJ59 comments and to suit your opinions. Hell the Aztecs were doing great until the Spaniards invaded them. So were the Indians until Europe invaded what was to become the US. It's an ugly world out there. But America has involved into the greatest nation that the world has ever seen. Sure Dems and Republicans have contributed. But to allow the US to become like those other ughly governments is well, let's say, I'm not looking forward to it. Hey what happened to those Democrat's, what were they called? Hmmm, oh yes, Blue Dogs - Fiscal Conservatives. Oh what a nasty word for Dems these days. Lots of them quit their public office in around 2009? Am I correct?

  • Despite the tone of your post, I think you have some valid points. The GOP is blatantly out of touch with people, and you can hear it in the right wing media's absolute denial of what happened. They lost because they got out-messaged. They let the left mischaracterize their views and simplify complex arguments into simple tripe.

    You can't go around telling 16% of the population (Latinos) that you want all the illegals to self-deport. They're not going to listen to anything you have to say if you want to break up their family or their friends' families.

    You can't have idiots talking about "legitimate rape" and the scientifically-absent idea that women's bodies naturally repel sperm from rapists. People hear that and think all of us conservatives believe that when only the crazies do.

    You can't ignore people wanting specifics when you say 20% across-the-board tax cuts is going to fix the economy. While I may understand and agree, most of the country looks at that and says "Ok, you just blasted the other guy for spending too much and you're talking about more spending. How does this work?" If you can't answer that, you shouldn't be in politics.

    We needed to hear that immigration reform would happen, we'd open up the doors for faster legal immigration, but that we still are a nation of laws and those here illegally need to get in line like everyone else, but in the mean time we aren't deporting the law-abiding and tax-paying illegals. Given Obama's record on deportations, this would have been a powerful message.

    We needed to hear that rape is a horrible thing and that 95% of the country, including conservatives, believes that a victim of rape should have the option to abort so she's not victimized further by stupid laws forcing her to carry a product of rape to term.

    We needed to hear from the economy-team what specifically they were going to do. Which regulations were getting the axe? Which loopholes were getting cut? I have no doubt Romney kept quiet in order to give himself leverage to negotiate with Democrats in Congress, but he never explained that. Had he said he didn't want to negotiate in front of the media, but offered a handful of safe, widely-popular suggestions, we would have given him the benefit of the doubt.

  • In reply to Catalyst:


    I am with you that the GOP value proposition was articulted poorly or not at all. Going forward, their message must be void of lighning rod social issues, like abortion and gay marriage, and focus on the issues as they relate to the US economy, including reducing regulations that restrict manufacturing growth, creation of decent paying jobs in the US, and the myriad social benefits that this nurtures, i.e. stronger schools, social institutions and families.

    I suppose "envirosocialists" will always be around to try and be our consience as it relates to saving snail darters at the expense of jobs and communities.

    There will another round of elections in 2 years and what will be different then? Not a lot, I'm afraid, more debt, more divisiveness, and god forbid maybe another "conflict" in the middle east.

    Maybe Chris Roberts below is right and we're all "tools" of the Government. As we spend like drunken sailors, we have to hit rock bottom before making amends.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to TJF59:

    Catalyst, the GOP didn't lose because they got outmessaged. They lost because they called Romney first a felon then a killer. In all radio Spanish stations the Dems told them they would lose their Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. Many hispanics were truly frightened by Obama's messaging -- or should I say lies? And the War on Women what the hell is that? Hey, don't you know that's how he played politics in Chicago?

    Obama was deporting illegals at a faster rate than ever before until ------ the election was near. Why did he not do a thing about illegal immigration when he had full control of the House and Senate. Right before the election he did this amnesty for young adults and children. A lot of them were afraid to sign up because of the danger of being flushed out and deported. What person would do this? And don't tell me he was too busy doing other things.

    On immigration. Look I'm second generation Mexican. In Mexico only those that can bribe officials can apply for US citizenship. I know some of those people who've tried and couldn't pay the bribe. So legal immigration is tough to do in partnership with Mexico.

    Most of these people would love to have a job in the US and be able to live in Mexico. The money earned in the US would let them have a very nice living standard and be able to help all their other relatives. Can you imagine a father/son/uncle crossing back into Mexico and then crossing back into the US illegally having to pay the coyotes around $5,000?

    I weep every time I hear that 20 or 50 of them died in the desert or were left in a truck and died of starvation. Those are mothers & children too. Politicians will talk till their blue in the face but never do a thing about it, including Obama. The only one I have faith in doing it right is Senator Marco Rubio from Florida. But to you guys -- hey he's the enemy because he is a Republican.

    I've told my children - don't ever rely on anyone, especially the government. Live below your means and save your money now so that you don't have to rely on Medicare/Social Security. I am their role model. Up to now they're doing excellent.

  • In reply to Jesus Serna:

    If only more "Americans" had your standards and your smarts Jesus.

  • fb_avatar

    I love tools, whom do not realize they are being used like a bunch of sheep.

    Nothing lamer than listening to a bunch of yupsters (hipster/yuppie) debating, "my corporate sponsored candidate is better than your corporate sponsored candidate".

    Get a clue and realize your vote is absolutely meaningless. The people who run this country could careless about you and what you stand for. They'll listen to people who make lethal germ weapons and cancerous fast food, before they will listen to you. So sit on that.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Chris Roberts:

    so whats the answer? that there is no answer? to do nothing ? its all meaningless? you must be the life of the the way your use of whom is incorrect. Who is the tool? I would say the one saying everyone is lame , yet took the time to post.......

  • fb_avatar

    I've heard so many Dems accuse the Reps of being sore losers all this week, and yet you're all letting this sore WINNER speak for you? What is with you? Why are you letting this jerk fan the flames even more, like you claim the conservatives are doing? I must point out that Obama didn't exactly win in a landslide victory. It was one of the closest elections of the last few decades. Obama won the popular vote against McCain by roughly 10 million votes; in this election it was less than 3 million. Obama also won more electoral votes in more states in 2008 than 2012. So there are 57 million voters who did not think Obama was the best idea for running the country. It's going to take some major negotiations and compromises to make this nation work over the next four years, and this is how you choose to start things off? Great. All of you who supported Obama need to shoot this author down in a hurry. This kind of nastiness is NOT going to help anything or anyone. If you want "us" to get rid of our sore losers, you need to silence your sore winners as well. Let's let the rational people in the middle move things forward.

    And for the record, I don't "love" Romney and I don't "hate" Obama. I just thought Romney had slightly better ideas for getting the country back on track than Obama did.

  • In reply to CombatTVgirl:

    Let me clear up some of your apparent misconceptions...

    Let's start with your assertions regarding the election :

    1. Barack Obama will have won an overwhelming majority in the Electoral College, a daunting majority of the popular vote and a majority of the nation’s states—including most of the country’s largest states and states in every major region of the republic: New England, the mid-Atlantic, the Great Lakes, the South, the Southwest, the Mountain West and the West.

    2. Barack Obama will have won more popular votes than any Democratic candidate for president in history—except Barack Obama in 2008.

    3. Barack Obama is the first Democratic president to win more than 50 percent of the popular vote in a re-election run since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1944.

    4. Barack Obama is the only Democratic candidate for president since FDR to twice win more than 50 percent of the national vote.

    5. Barack Obama has, in both of his presidential runs, won a higher percentage of the national vote than any Democratic nominee since Lyndon Johnson in his 1964 landslide victory.

    Ok, now that we've cleared that up..

    What exactly is your "middle"?...Who are the rational people you are alluding to? Does the middle mean those who think science and religion carry equal weight in a 21st century discussion? Those who think we should be sensitive and tolerant of beliefs which are in conflict with reality? Those who lazily say "Well we're all entitled to our own beliefs".

    I'm simply suggesting my friend, that in the year 2012, some issues-women's rights, gay rights, voting rights, climate change, health care, communal purpose and sacrifice, should NO LONGER BE UP FOR DEBATE.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to koolking83:

    Sounds like successful Repub Presidential candidates did what Obama has done...when all is said & done, it was a close race...spin it as you will.

    There's nothing lazy about being "entitled to our own beliefs"'d you come to that? For many science & religion do carry equal weight. That is reality, because you say otherwise doesn't make it any less so....that's why there is friction between the two positions. Religious beliefs are not in conflict with reality, but I see you believe so. Time to stop quoting scripture if you have such a low opinion of it.

    Why should the positions you listed not be up for debate? Why? Obviously many don't agree....even now after 4 years of Obama's agenda.

    You won't get what you want....and you shouldn't.

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    In reply to Rodo Fernandez:

    Cool in the sense that Obama inherited a mess and we are all to blame for it... we all need to put up and shut up! And get to work on fixing things... And that includes the Romney bunch...

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Rodo Fernandez:

    All that Obama inherited was the Democrat SubPrime home fiasco. Bush and Greenspan are on record (search YouTube if you don't believe me) of trying to rein in Fanny, Freddie, Dodd and Barney Fag.

  • In reply to Rodo Fernandez:

    The Romney bunch has been "putting up" for our entire lives to support you lazy, on the dole tit-suckers. We will no longer "put up" and we will NEVER "shut up", so put that in your piehole while YOU are "fixing" things Rodo. You are one of the "useful idiots" very sad and pathetic are you and your ilk. Enjoy your utopia. It won't last long. History has shown, they never do!

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    Well said KoolKing!

  • In reply to Les Massingale:

    I really appreciate that my friend....thank you much :)

  • fb_avatar

    Well said KoolKing,should be required reading for every Republican!

  • Thanks for your opinion KoolKing. Just in case your sub par chicago teachers union education doesn't allow you mentally to process or research the truth, 40% of whites voted for Obama. Less than 5% of AA voted for Romney. Who are the racists in this country? The only thing the election proved is that there are now more takers than makers. We will be Greece within 10 years with all of you government teet suckers in the streets throwing malatov cocktails because your "check" has been cut or is not there. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  • In reply to Whitey:

    What a demonstrably ignorant statement!

    Using your logic, if General Colin Powell was the Republican nominee he would win in a landslide?

    Not! It is about hostile attitudes and policies contrary to one's interests. THAT is why "minorities" (soon to be majority) are alienated from the GOP.

    Now if only "other" groups would also stop voting contrary to their interests (people being led by carnival barking pied pipers like Trump, the Kochs, etc.) we ALL might get somewhere!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Ameriviking:

    Ameriking just read my posts to you to on Saturday morning. Why don't you reply to my posts?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Whitey:

    1st-Yeah about Greece- they are in their situation in a large part due to their inability to collect taxes in the last 20 yrs....sound familiar?
    2nd- More takers than makers? if you do some research you will find that the red states put in less to the federal government and take more , while the blue states put in more and take less. Most of the uninsured are in the red states and Obamacare will help them more.
    3rd- alot of black voted for Obama just because he's black. ok, I can agree with that. Doesn't. make the racists on your side ok

  • In reply to Bill Chung:

    Bill thanks for reading, and moreover for your insightful, reality based commentary--very much appreciated my friend.

    I would just add-w/respect to AA's voting for Obama simply because he's black...

    Black people may be voting for the President not simply because HE'S BLACK...but because THEY'RE BLACK. In other words--they are voting in their interests, they are voting for the candidate and the party that reaches out to them, that acknowledges them, that has their economic and social interests in mind and as such in policy.

    Have a good weekend my friend.

  • Ameriviking:

    I'm not sure where the "somewhere" is we all might get to
    but, I do know where the last 4 years have brought us and it ain"t pretty. But, no doubt you're satisfied in the direction where the Country is headed! Give this experiment a little more time, there is still more wealth to re-distribute! After all, it wasn't the Unions who destroyed the auto industry, or textiles, or electronics, it was the GOP and companies like Bain Capital. Do you think all the Obama cash the banks are holding will now be released? Don't hold your breath

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to TJF59:

    If redistributing wealth is the problem, great. Why is it the blue states put in proportionally more into the federal government and receive less? Why are the red states taking more? Why is it most of the uninsured that Obamacare will help are in red states? I agree the unions aren't perfect and have some looking in the mirror to do, and no one stated that the gop destroyed those industries- But the the democrats sure did help those industries!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Bill Chung:

    Hey kid, I bet you got that info from the DailyKos. Actually it's not true.

    On Obamacare alot of states are afraid of the increasing cost of health care even though the feds will pay the larger portion of the bill for a few years. Yeah, like they're going to believe Obama's word.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jesus Serna:

    At 42 yrs old, i'm hardly a kid, but I'll take that as a compliment ( even though I know it wasn't offered as one). It actually is true . google it please. Several sources can confirm it. Why are the states afraid? they are paying the emergency room care anyways.

  • I really enjoyed this post and all the ensuing comments. If only there was a country where the sides came together.....

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    Thanks so much Teppi :) Hope all is well with you and yours!

  • Your post perfectly reflects the current state of our politics. You think your side won and my side lost. We think the country lost, all of us. We believe our policies would help the lives of everyone, not just whites, or rich people, or Republicans or conservatives. We believe that we cannot continue to spend $4 for every $3 we take in. We believe that the centralization of decision making into the hands of Washington bureaucrats will create far more harm than good and cost us our freedom. We believe that this is so self evident that for America to have re-elected a man who has no experience in management or economics, who has submitted annual budgets with trillion dollar deficits, who does not change course when unemployment remains high and economic growth anemic after more than a trillion dollars of 'stimulus, is suicidal.
    Barack Obama spent a billion dollars tearing this country apart to get re-elected. And it was a horrible campaign. A good and decent man who has spent the last 30 years in true public service without taking a dime of money was accused of being a felon, a tax cheat, even of being responsible for a woman dying of cancer because a man who worked at a company that Bain Capital invested in closed down years after Romney had left. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that the President won for any other reason than he was able to smear his opponent. And without the medias compliance about Benghazi and Fast & Furious, Obama would not have won.
    I am a conservative. I'm not mean or selfish. I'm white and live in suburbia, but I doubt the three African American families who are my immediate neighbors and whose kids come to my house all the time believe me to be a racist. I thought Romney was going to win and that the country would begin moving toward prosperity. I did not sleep a wink Tuesday night when it became clear that Obama would win re-election. I fear for our country. I look at our unfunded liabilities (more than $100 trillion) and I dispair, and that does not include the states with massive unfunded liabilities such as CA, IL, NY, MI, NJ which could lead to bankruptcy . I look at the fact that 50% of black males do not graduate from high school, and that more than 70% of black children are born into household without fathers and I grieve over the future of our country. I want these kids to have great lives and great futures, but most of them face an uphill battle because they do not have intact families. I fear a future where Islamic fundamentalists gain control of more countries in the Middle East advocating for Sharia and its fascist mentality while we dither about who to support.
    But your guy won, so you're happy. You have bought into the big lie sold by democrats for the last four decades: you need to vote for democrats to save you from Republicans. We voted for Mitt Romney in the belief that he would be far better for all of us.

  • In reply to IanDeal:

    You clearly put a lot of thought and time into your response-and I appreciate that.

    I also appreciate your purported motives, and concerns.

    However-this seems to be a classic example of someone living inside of the conservative bubble.

    For starters, Obama has increased the amount of government spending by a lower percentage than any previous president since Hoover (when adjusted for inflation...

    Where was your fiscal concern when Federal Spending rose by an annual average of 8.1% under W? (It's been 1.4% under Obama).

    "You’re going to have to acknowledge that under the Obama watch, even President Reagan would have to give our current president a thumbs up when it comes to his record for stretching a dollar"

    That comes via the liberal communist left wing Obama loving Forbes magazine

    And further-where was your concern when two wars-one completely unjustified, superfluous tax cuts, and a Medicare prescription drug benefit were put on the Country's credit card?? Or to be more dramatic-as many on the Right like to be regarding this issue: "On our kid's kid's grand-kid's credit card ".

    But maybe -as Dick Cheney once said "Ronald Reagan proved deficits don't matter..." (until the Socialist Kenyan gets in office right??)

    "We believe that the centralization of decision making into the hands of Washington bureaucrats will create far more harm than good and cost us our freedom"

    Freedom huh? Like freedom to marry the person you love? Freedom to make decisions regarding your own body? Who in Washington wants to limit those freedoms?

    "A good and decent man [Romney] who has spent the last 30 years in true public service without taking a dime of money..."

    I do appreciate your sense of humor friend.

    Let me be clear-again, I speak out against the far right, and moreover, those who "know better" within the Republican Party, and yet have their actions/agenda be dictated by such extremists.

    I am not suggesting you, or your run of the mill John and Jane Doe fiscally conservative Republican, are racist, or dumb, or bigots or love this Country any less than me or my like minded liberal friends. I simply think many of you have been inoculated by the Right Wing Media-(Fox) to be scared, to be misinformed, to be distrustful of this President and his "agenda".

    Our Country will be ok my friend-and there is enough common ground among us, so as to ensure compromise. I simply would hope you would liberate yourself from some of the misconceptions you have-chiefly those regarding this President's motives, his spending history, and his goals for the future of this Country.

    Thank you much.

  • In reply to koolking83:


    One could arue that you also have been "inoculated" by the left. What "misinformation" specifically is being put forth by Fox News? I don't agree with everything put forth by media from any outlet You sure seem convinced that everything said by Fox is "misinformation." I wonder if you feel everything stated on MSNBC, or by MoveOn is factually correct? Just wondering...

  • In reply to TJF59:

    My point is that Fox acts as bubble of inoculation from reality...realities which are uncomfortable to their talking heads (as evidenced by how they dealt with polls/the writing on the wall regarding the election).

    If I'm wrong-then why have seven or so separate studies shown that Fox Viewers, are the most misinformed, or uninformed, of all "news" viewers---even more so than those who don't watch the news at all!?

    I understand that both Fox and MSNBC have agendas-I just happen to believe MSNBC has the unique advantage of facts/reality being in congruence w/ their agenda.

    But no, I don't use MSNBC or as my exclusive sources of information/news. And moreover I always try and keep myself open to and informed of, the thoughts/perspectives of the "other side"...

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Sir, thank you for your respectful reply. As a further reference point on my background, I started my professional career as a journalist, was a hospital administrator, before going back to school and getting a Ph.D. in business from GT where I minored in statistics and experimental methodologies. I do not watch Fox news for the same reason I find it unbearable to watch any network news, they are all horrible. They have all cut their budgets so much that they can no longer do more than spout opinion as if it were fact. Your points about Obama and spending are unserious. The government has averaged slightly less than 20% of GDP, and under Obama is has averaged above 23%. Because of the bad economy, revenues have hovered around 17% (this is off the top of my head, but I believe I'm in the ballpark). We have borrowed the rest, and printed money as if it were free. Mr. Obama's budgets are so unserious that they have not garnered a single democrat vote and the democrats haven't put forward a budget in years. There are laws that say that these guys have to put forward a budget so we can have transparency. But Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, when she was speaker, don't want to be held accountable. Paul Ryan puts forward a budget, and is pilloried by these same people. Similarly with Obamacare, which collects taxes for 10 years to provide benefits for 6 years, these gimmicks are designed to deceive us. I am as angry and outraged when Republicans do this as well.
    "Freedom huh? Like freedom to marry the person you love? Freedom to make decisions regarding your own body? Who in Washington wants to limit those freedoms?"
    I don't want to get into the weeds on this, because these divisive issues that actually have nothing to do with our predicament. Gay marriage and abortion do not matter when it comes to the issues that are destroying the country, but by bringing them up, we make sure that we can no longer discuss those issues that do.
    Regarding Bush: like his father, he is not a conservative. Most of us on the right were appalled by his spending, and many were against the Iraq war. I was not joking when I said I believe Mr. Romney is a decent man, and I think the same of GW. I have profound disagreements with how we engaged the Islamic world after 9/11, and believe Obama has made the situation worse. The core of this is a profound misunderstanding of what we are actually battling. We are not in a fight against terror, a tactic, but with a philosophy that posits that Sharia trumps human rights. Sharia is in the constitutions of both Iran and Afganistan. This would have been the equivalent of allowing the Germans to continue with Nazism after WWII.
    You believe conservatives, and by extension me, are brainwashed. I don't speak for all conservatives but most of my friends are far better read in philosophy, history and political science than my liberal friends. I actually find I can articulate the liberal position far better than my liberal friends, where they are completely unable to argue from the conservative perspective.
    I agree that there is a lot of common ground, but I would challenge you on your simplistic characterization of conservatives. Our politicians (or at least their advisors) know they can hold onto power by keeping us divided. If you hold onto your cartoonish view of conservatives, we won't be able to communicate.

  • In reply to IanDeal:

    Your substantive and thoughtful response is truly appreciated-and warrants a response of equal attention---one which I unfortunately can't provide at this moment (due to good old Saturday errands).

    I do want to say---respectfully---your budget contentions are simply disingenuous. You know how-per the Constitution- budgets are presented..proposed...passed, the theater involved etc...the "not a single dem vote"/"the pres hasn't submitted a budget" lines are BS-and you know it.

    More importantly however-let me say I certainly don't think all conservatives are brainwashed..and If I've given off that impression than I alone am to blame. Your credentials, your post (in terms of tone and substance), clearly speak to what you, as a conservative, bring to the table---and I in no way am suggesting you are the exception. To this point-this is what I said to a previous comment---

    "And let me be clear-I am more than willing to have a civil discussion regarding our differing economic philosophies, particularly what policies are most fair and most beneficial w/respect to the financial health of all Americans. Point being-I recognize that while historical evidence may lend more credence to one side or the other, these are complicated issues which inherently demand an open mind and moreover a willingness to compromise. In other words-both sides have something to offer w/respect to economic issues.

    What I refuse to accept, what I outright reject, is that our (not necessarily you and i-but our parties) differing opinions regarding social issues, simply represent two equally legitimate sides of the same coin; that it’s ok in the year 2012, to suggest pregnancies via rape are God’s will, that it’s ok for Washington to dictate the health choices of women, that it’s ok for Gays to be treated as though their love is somehow illegitimate and not worthy of marriage, that quality health care, or education are somehow luxuries reserved for the well to do."

    But with that my friend I gotta run...I hope to talk again soon.

    Take care

  • In reply to koolking83:

    With you on Saturday errands; currently cooking an early Thanksgiving dinner for 13. Last two points; you have an inherent contradiction in your position. On the one hand you don't want people in Washington making decisions about a woman's right to choose, but you support Obamacare. I was a hospital administrator, and I will tell you the idea that a panel of 15 people will decide what's covered and what's not is as dystopian a tyrannical future as I can imagine.
    The other point is on the budget. I'm a civics kind of guy and I've got to disagree with on the budget. These continuing resolutions instead of a budget (and all of the other gimmicks) are used by politicians to avoid dealing with the impending crises that face us and still go back to their constituents with plausible deniability. We need to hold their feet to the fire.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to koolking83:

    Yeah Obama inherited some of the government spending from Bush & they took out spending in 2009.

    However he did enact Obamacare. In 2009 the CBO initial estimate was $800 billion. At this point Obama said it would not add to the deficit. A few months back they said it would now cost $1.8 trillion. When does a government entity every estimate the true cost correctly?

    The debt is a problem but entitlements is the Big Gorilla no one wants to talk about. Not to mention all those toxic derivatives from the housing market that we now hold. The buzz word that started this rolling was 'affordable housing' - sounds like the Affordable Care Act?

  • fb_avatar

    I hope Boehner just steps aside and lets the Dems have their way. Four more years of them, the democratic party will have no one to blame for their idiocy. I want them to have no excuses like, 'they blocked this' or 'they wanted that'. We are headed for financial armageddon. The Dems have the foot on the acclerator now. If will be a wonderful crash.

  • fb_avatar

    If you could reach a ballot box, you could vote
    for president in NY, in 2012. If you had an
    email account, you could vote for the president
    of the New Jersey, in 2012. If you had
    three email accounts, you could vote three times
    in New Jersey. If you've ever bought toilet paper
    with a credit card, then you showed more
    identification than I did to vote for POTUS in
    2012, and that is what your vote for POTUS was
    worth in 2012, toilet paper.

    Thirty Five Million Democrats, Independents and
    disaffected Republicans just cast Fifty Six Million
    votes to make Barack Obama the very first winner
    of the Presidential Edition of American Idol.

    When asked about his uh, stirring victory, POTUS
    Obama said: "In America, we only count the votes,
    Not the voters."

    Vice POTUS Biden chimed in and said: "Hey,
    democracy is overrated, anyway."

    The American Idol generation thinks they have a
    right to vote anywhere they want, anytime they want,
    as many times as they want to, and Democrats,
    and Chris Christie, agree.

  • In reply to Jaddy Baddy:

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jaddy Baddy:

    what a cry baby!
    any more excuses??...did the dog eat your ballot as well?

  • fb_avatar

    kk, great article. A few points- I always wonder when I watch a movie and the jerk, jock loudmouth in the movie comes and bullies the hero, do the jerk loud mouth bullies watching the movie recognize themselves?
    Yes we won and yes I wanna gloat. Its true, I'll admit it. But make no mistake the tone and level would off been off the charts the other way around. Its like when the US has to explain its actions in the world stage and we always have to be civilized and justify our actions, When some terriorist organization sends a suicide bomber its almost taken for granted and accepted cause they're nuts.
    Heres the thing- the Gop has been taken over by the nut job baggers and they let it happen without a fight. Regan today would be a Democrat if you only mentioned his positions and not his name. Its not the left versus the right, its the left versus the far far far right. The center line has been moved and its about time we fight back. I don't think all republicans are hateful or evil or stupid......but there does seem to be quite the proportional ratio.......

  • In reply to Bill Chung:

    That would of been a far better post than mine my friend-well said. Thank you much, and I hope to stay in touch. Have a great weekend.

  • fb_avatar

    nothing ruins a party faster then religious zealots. the t-party started out with a noble cause....less spending and fiscal responsibly. it didn't take long for the christian taliban to seize control and turn it into a religious....jesus for everyone party.

    i've voted GOP several times in the past but these zealots made it impossible for me to even consider it this time around. until the GOP steps away from the cross, they've got big problems going forward.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Levi Jonhson:

    Unfortunately Levi, your atheist point of view won't get you very far in life. If you believe in making values up as you go along, you should be a Democrat, because they really have no core set of values. The vast majority (51 out of 55) of the men who attended the Constitutional Congress in 1774 were Christians. This country has a very longstanding Christian perspective on values... the value of life, the value of hard work, of saving, of honesty, marital fidelity, and on and on. If you look at all of these points, the Democrat party works against these values, in it's vein attempt to garner State Worship, State Dependence, and State Values in place of self reliance and traditional values. You might win the battle Liberal, but you can never win the war.

  • Our national debt is at a serious tipping point. Where is a party that stays out of my wallet and out of my bedroom?

  • fb_avatar

    very well spoken!!!!! Kudo's to you!!

  • Koolking83,

    The country you so thoroughly explained as the republican model is not what any of us wanted. Romney was not the ideal candidate for the Republican Party, but he was chosen to spearhead it right into the dirt. The country has been polarized and brainwashed to follow either of only two candidates. The established government knows Romney is garbage, but they also know Obama is their boy, so they only give Romney and Obama proper campaign coverage. Of course no real candidate is selectable; you’re only allowed to be aware of two, or maybe even three, candidates that have already been bought.

    I don’t believe in placing people into boxes like democrat or republican. A candidate that told the lies I wanted to hear wasn’t available to be elected, so I didn’t participate in this election. People represent themselves as republican or democrat to feel that they are being represented, but they are also told to display partisanship. This serves to fully polarize voters and forces original ideas out of the party, so very little real change can happen. The democrat and republican parties are the same. They speak from different perspectives but when either team has control they can only follow one playbook, this is why every time a representative is elected, they are discovered to be either a liar or lame.

    Obama isn’t lame, he’s a liar. He deceived his party, his peers and the country; nothing will change. This is politics, not playschool. There are participants in our government that do not wish to be on the stage. The people behind the curtain playing the music and operating the levers are the people that run this nation. Elections are designed to keep their subjects temperate. Please don’t assume that voting makes a difference, especially when the votes are moderated through an electoral college and the electable candidates are followers, not leaders.

    What is designed to happen will nearly always happen; few events of any significance happen by chance.

    -Gama Xul

  • fb_avatar


    The Republican party still controls 3/5 of the Governorships, has a vast majority in the House or Representatives, is only a few votes away from controlling the Senate, and pays most of the taxes. You'd better be nice to us.

  • Wow, I need to stop clicking on drivel like this, I never learn. Where do I begin? You talk about tolerance yet your posts are some of the most intolerant tripe I've ever read. You seem to be a hater: you hate anyone who doesn't think like you and you certainly hate religion and those with religious faith. I don't think science and religion are necessarily mutually exclusive, although you apparently do.

    I vehemently disagree that the economy and jobs--a word you trivially put in quotation marks because you probably don’t need one and it's not an issue for you--are less important than a fictitious, nonexistent "war on women" and other Democratic smokescreens. In 2012 there should be no debate on social issues? Seriously? Isn't this the same position that the far right-wingers you vilify take? This thinking is dangerously un-American; we are a nation founded on debate. I think it's safe to say at this point there should be no debate on slavery; everything else is fair game. You seem to want to impose some kind of social tyranny or dictatorship. Check out opinion polls that show the nation evenly divided on the issue of abortion, something the Democratic party should look into since they are continually addressing women like we all want to run out and get abortions. I voted for Obama in '08 because I bought into the "change" thing (which didn't happen) but as long as the Democrats continue to insult my intelligence and treat me like all I care about is birth control and abortion, I will not vote for them. I am not just a uterus and a pair of ovaries. I care less about ignorant comments (provoked and stoked by the media) on rape by two Republicans than about the fact that Social Security and Medicare will be gone by the time I'm eligible for them, an issue that was curiously absent from the campaign.

    Obama did not win because of some seismic shift, he won because he had a weak, uncharismatic opponent and a bigger campaign war chest. Fearmongering played no small role, something the GOP can no longer claim to have a monopoly on. But I wouldn't be so smug if I were you: things could easily swing the other way in 2014 or 2016 if he continues to show mediocre leadership and the country continues to be mired in the doldrums. The Democrats had better start thinking now about who they're going to put up against Chris Christie in four years (a candidate infinitely more appealing and populist than Romney), because it won't be a cakewalk.

  • Very nicely stated. Thank you for this.

    We're seeing the initial battle lines being drawn, and will get a preview right here in Illinois when the Governor's race heats up. Moderates like Bill Daly and Kirk Dillard who would both come with lots of credibility and ideas vs. people like Joe Walsh or Bill Brady. I've deliberately left party affiliations off these folks as in this state it doesn't mean much.

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