We're gonna need more proof Mitt Romney was born in America

Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee and former unsolicited Hair Stylist for Gay Prep Students Mitt Romney, has been uncharacteristically resolute on at least one issue this campaign-that of releasing his tax returns. Despite criticism from both Republicans and Democrats alike, not to mention nearly half a century of precedent (going back to that guy with the same last name –George Romney), Mitt has remained steadfast in his defiance of the basic transparency expected of those running for President.

But I mean really-do we even need to see them at this point? As with a child hiding a report card from his parents, the concealment of information inadvertently illuminates the nature of the information in question. Of course, Mitt says “there’s nothing to see here”, only everyone knows that as when said by a Cop at a crash site directing traffic, “there’s nothing to see here” is generally synonymous with “there’s something to see here…but I don’t want you to see it“.

Is the “something” that Mitt paid no taxes in some years? That he is a felon by way of lying on his FEC financial disclosure form? Well not many people know besides Mitt, but I do know this- the kid with a report card under his mattress isn’t hiding an overabundance of A’s, and usually, behind the Cop saying “there’s nothing to see here”, an ominous smoke can be seen emitting from some form of  hastily veiled wreckage. (Insert smoke/fire cliché here)

So while I don’t need to see Mitt’s taxes to know Mitt’s taxes show Mitt paid little to no taxes, (read it as fast as you can…good) …I would like Mitt to release something…anything, to prove to me that he is in fact…American.

See back in May Mitt released his official Birth Certificate, and while that’s nice and all, not to mention generally sufficient, in today’s political world such documents, particularly those of the “official” variety, simply don’t meet the burden of proof when it comes to one’s citizenship. After all, since 2008 the far right has-in an effort to verify the President’s “Americanness”-demanded he release not only his birth certificate, (both short and long of course), but also school grades, DNA/urine/hair samples, phone contact list-(particularly a list of African-American associates) and I-Pod Playlsits.

And I mean when it comes to Mitt’s “Red, White and Blueness” if you will, there is reasonable cause for suspicion.

At least he’s got the Flag Pin

Take for example the whole “I avoided the Vietnam War/Draft- which I publically and hypocritically supported– by becoming a Minister of Religion-whatever the hell that is-in France, and then later in life, despite my being publically hawkish, not only had 5 able-bodied sons which didn’t join the military, but also, in a style reminiscent of my aforementioned avoiding of Vietnam/the Draft- avoided paying taxes, taxes which would have gone towards funding the Wars and the Military I publically supported, and therefore, I guess you could say I hindered the War Efforts, and well, compromised the security of our Armed Forces and hence our Country” …thing.

Mitt Supporting the War….right before leaving for Paris

It’s also important to note that in his oft touted business career, Mitt has been unmistakably interested…in fact literally invested, in decreasing unemployment levels in foreign (maybe not to him?) Countries, such as China and India…..much to the detriment I may add, of the employment level in his purported Country of origin.

Speaking of China and India- is it normal to tie Dogs to the top of cars in those Countries?

No? Damn-thought we were getting somewhere.

So anyway, there’s the dodging of the War and Draft, as well as his later dodging of taxes. There are the bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Switzerland. There’s the unambiguous desire for Detroit to go Bankrupt as well as for the Housing Market to hit bottom. There’s the history of eliminating/outsourcing/off-shoring American Jobs-and the millions of dollars he made off of such un-American business practices.

I know it’s not dark skin or a funny name, but this guy sounds pretty damn un-American to me.

Be Good Friends,




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  • The presumption is that the returns would show that he legally sheltered his money from taxation offshore, and hence is in no position to advocate tax reform now.

    However, I did comment that seeing his birth certificate would be a fair demand, as many Mormons fled to Mexico to escape the "persecution" of polygamists.

  • Gotta do better, I'm afraid.

    In case you missed the main issue of the election: it is the economy, and Obama don't have bragging rights.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Unless Mitt repatriates his money and creates jobs here with it, I don't think he does either. Cf. the story a couple of days ago about the plant in Freeport owned by Bain shutting down.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Neither of the prime candidates has anything to brag about in regards to the economy. Obama hasn't done enough and Romney's specialty is shipping jobs over seas to make businesses profitable. Both candidates suck and I wish we lived in a society that wasn't so afraid of "wasting your vote" as to be able to actually elect a third party.

    Enough people are fed up with both the Democrats and the Republicans. Both parties are awful frawds, but America right now is made up of too many people who are too scared to vote for what they actually believe in and not just the supposed lesser of two evils (which keeps swinging like a pendulum every 4 to 8 years). This two party system is bull.

    TL:DL Don't pretend that Romney is a saint on the economy.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    LOL, like the loon Republicans in Congress are focusing on JOBS, Jobs, Jobs!

    How many attempts at denying women healthcare? How many anti-choice votes? Now Rep. King with his racist, "English-only" hearings. Yeah, the Repubes are ALL about the economy!

    I guess that, in part, accounts for their 10% approval rating!

  • In reply to Ameriviking:

    It is hard to take anything seriously from someone who hides behind and icon and rants all over somebody else's blog; your response to me is just plain foolish and does not address the bloggers issues.

    I do find your comment just below on polygamy a bit on the non-tolerant side. After all, many of our muslim brother can and do practice polygamy. I think your seeing racist in everything is just a projection of your inner self. (And not on the bloggers subject, either).

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Lol, aye aye captin.

  • In reply to Ameriviking:

    Thanks, I will take the captain designation. When I stare at the mask that hides your face, I see, not a Viking, but the Cowardly Lion.

    Get real, masked man...woman?

  • In reply to Ameriviking:

    +1 .....Ya know- 163k Jobs in July isn't bad....but I had hoped the GOP's 30th and 31st attempt at repealing Obamacare would have done more.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Hear here brother!

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard old friend-I must say that while I seem to invariably disagree with your opinions, I do nevertheless enjoy hearing them, and moreover our generally civil discussions. That said, I can't disagree that intuitively, the economy should be the MAIN issue of this election. History-paritcularly with respect to the unemployment rate, -would seem to confirm this. However I would argue that there is a number of other issues-many unique to this time-to this election, which IMO-play into the President's favor-not the least of which is his opponent. Mitt Romney, IMO, is nothing short of the worst candidate imaginable. His convictions are malleable at best, his years and accomplishments as Governor-his only elected office-are never spoken of, his time at Bain-seemingly and purportedly his biggest asset, has become a major liability; he is awful off the cuff, his conspicious wealth, and moreover his pompous, high-end lifestyle of car elevators and Olympic Horses, leave him not only unrelatable to the common man, but frankly unlikable. He comes off as unmistakably disingenuous and invariably self-serving, his run for the Presidency appears more of a "bucket list" entry than a heartfelt attempt to better his Country. The current economic climate, which you correctly cite as the "Main Issue", simply underscores Romney's liabilities, it makes the whole emotionally detached business guy thing, that much less appealing. I'd also contend that the make-up of the electoral map, play's into the President's favor. Romney has done himself no favors w/Hispanics or Womnen, (the latter moreso by his Party affilation), and that may ultimately be his undoing.

    I could go on about Macro Economics, GOP obstruction, 4 million plus jobs created since 09, and a laundry list of other considerations which make the "Obama has done nothing for the economy" argument invalid. But this post was more so about Romney, and I think you (fairly) recognized that.

    Thanks as always


  • In reply to koolking83:

    Dear kooklings83, some day you will convert, I know it. I just know it.

    Voodoo counting has given us 4 million jobs-non-jobs. The only jobs "created" by Obama were those created in the public sector by TARP.

    That aside, while you find Romney not likable, and out of touch, where to you place our arrogant president, he of the 104 golf games while the country suffers and soldiers die, not to mention his many, many vacations and post parties at the White House. This man thinks that the private sector is doing just fine? As I drive the streets of the Midwest States, especially Michigan and Illinois, I find it depressing, with storefronts disappearing faster than Obama can gobble hot dogs and fries.

  • WELL played!

    Given that his daddy, George, WAS born on a polygamous mormon compound in MEXICO after his grandparents FLED Utah in order to continue the practice of polygamy . . . you might be on to something!!

  • Good post, enjoyed your point of view immensely.

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    Hey Teppi-Thank you so much! Hope all is well with you and yours :)

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    Funny that you would use hiding report cards as an example during your tired rant...How many college transscripts have we seen of the annointed one? How is it that an admitted dope smoking slacker, who would rather get high than go to class, get into all these prestigious universities?

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