An open letter to Ted Nugent, the true "Anti-American Monster"

An open letter to Ted Nugent, the true "Anti-American Monster"

At the National Rifle Association Convention this past weekend, you-“Rocker Ted Nugent“, and by Rocker I mean the guy who sang “Cat Scratch Fever” 35 years ago, said you will end up “dead or in jail..”  if President Obama is reelected in November.

Let me just say-or warn rather, with all due lack of respect-that “Response A”-your possible, consequential death, could serve as a galvanizing incentive for many to vote for the President.

Like to the Parents of young girls for example (Go to 7 minute mark). Bet you’re happy MSNBC’s “To Catch a Predator wasn’t around back in the day huh!?

Anyway, random question-did your fondness for guns develop while serving in Vietnam, and by “serving in” I of course mean “avoiding by all means”? Hey-now that I mention your elaborate feces filled ploy to avoid serving your Country-I guess Vietnam Veterans might also be motivated to vote for Obama if it means you may-as a result-drop dead.

Look, while your resume has a couple of regrettable red flags, such as the aforementioned “habitually sleeping with underage girls” thing, as well as the “shitting on myself so as to avoid serving the Country I incessantly pronounce my love for” thing, I do suppose you deserve some credit for your life-long abstention from alcohol and drugs.

Which I must say, must have been extremely difficult to do-or not do rather- during the, as you put it- “if it feels good, do it lifestyle of the 60’s”. In fact, you’ve repeatedly spoken out against those who embraced such a lifestyle, claiming they “opted for a cowardly, irresponsible lifestyle of random sex, life-destroying drugs and mostly soulless rock music”.

Well said Ted! Anyway, speaking of sex, and people who are cowardly and irresponsible, do you really have 8 kids by 4 different women? And moreover, why, despite being worth millions of dollars, did you fail for years to pay adequate child support for your- (latest) love child? Well, at least you were physically present for your child. Oh that’s right…no you weren’t.

So to be clear, you dodge both responsibility to Country and Family, you hypocritically engage in a life-long love affair with self-indulgence, often of the criminal variety, submitting to temptation, to impulse, to the hedonistic lifestyle you routinely denounce, you are, to summarize and borrow an insult you patriotically hurled at the President, an Anti-American Monster.

And well, I think generally speaking, people want Monsters to die….(especially those which prey on young girls)…

Yep- you just helped Obama secure the large and vital “those who detest, and think the world would be better off without,  draft/child support dodging  pedophilic Anti-American Monsters”  vote.

And remember Ted, we’ll take Response A come November.

Be Good Friends,



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  • Excellent!

    I thought I was the only one who recognized what a world class hypocrite Nugent is. Thank you for reminding us about - and enumerating - his substantial, anti-American character flaws.

    This reminds me of the Chappelle sketch about Caucasians going crazy over the sound of a guitar. Apparently Nugent is the Pied Piper of White Trash...

    Thanks for calling him out. For the record, he's not that great of an artist and certainly no American Icon like Bruce Springsteen.

  • In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    Hey Brent-thanks as always friend! Here's the thing, I'm all for saying what you feel...for one exercising their first amendment right...even if their goal is to simply be provocative, or for that matter even be disingenuous-that's their prerogative. However-don't throw stones, particularly of the illegitimate variety, if you live in an unmistakable glass house, if your skeletons are not only abundant, but in conflict with the views you espouse. I guess what I'm saying is that I can tolerate an idiot....but not a hypocrite. Unfortunately Ted is both-which makes him uber intolerable.

    Hope all is well Brent.

  • Well done, as always. "Celebrities" or public figures occasionally speak out publicly in support of one candidate or another. Sometimes real celebrities do too. But nobody could possibly gain more support for Obama than Nugent with what he said. I think they have a new campaign slogan.

    -Frank Mastej

  • In reply to TonyGray:

    Thanks T-Money-and well said. Speaking of this...Nick would get so happy when we'd agree to go to the Rec.
    -Madonna the cleaning lady

  • For Romney, this is worse than getting the Donald's endorsement. Is it possible to "unfriend" Nugent, like you do on Facebook I wonder. Tee hee.

  • In reply to Expat in Chicago:

    Hey friend-thanks-as always for reading/commenting! I think Romney's biggest problem won't be an inability to detach himself from the likes of Nugent, or Trump, but rather an inability to detach himself from himself. The more people get to know Mitt-and we've had the pleasure for quite some time now, the less they like him...I don't see that changing. Hope all is well friend!

  • In popping off about a person who garnered more democratically elicited votes than ANY president in history Nugent (nugget?) has exposed himself as that which he most fears . . . Nugent is a traitor to America.

  • In reply to Ameriviking:

    Bingo-Well said friend. Thanks for reading!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Ameriviking:

    That's not a very useful statistic since the population is constantly growing, meaning that the voting pool is constantly growing. It is more significant to look at the margin of votes that he won by, and there have been presidents who have won by a much greater percentage. But even that does not act as proof of worth, Nixon for example won by a landslide in 1972, and we know how that ended

  • Ted Nugent is like a mullet on America's head. Something that could do with a trim.

  • I don't think this guy will be at any Romney campaign stops. Toooooooo radioactive.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney will be at those campaign stops.

  • fb_avatar

    I think it is pretty stupid to then say that people should vote for Obama if they don't like Ted Nugent, that's just not logical.

  • fb_avatar

    I think the point is, that Ted is so off-the-wall obnoxious and threatening, that he is more likely to drive voters to Obama than Romney, who accepted his endorsement and 'had a nice time together' with Ted. What adds to the insanity is the media comparing-equating this to Rosen's inept comment about Ann Romney, whereas Ted takes things into a whole other insane violence-prone universe.

  • Your facts aren't exactly correct. Ted Nugent has never used drugs or alcohol and as for not paying child support, the fact is that he was under paying and paid an additional $3,500 to the child's mother to make his account current. Go to and look up Ted Nugent and it will give you the honest truth. It's best to have the facts straight before you publish something like this, you could get sued!

  • In reply to Denmama:

    Friend - before you have me in court...look up the words "adequate" and "abstention"....

  • This dirty-necked Neanderthal is shilling for the godless mormon cultist ?

    That somehow figures.


  • So,'re ok with the underage girls part and Nugent finding a way out of serving his country? And you're also ok with him under-paying his child support until he was legally forced to make the payments current? I guess this is not shocking, considering you think Wikipedia is the place to go for FACTS! Guess nobody told you nor did you read that Wikipedia articles are written by anybody that cares to. Even you could go and edit a Wikipedia article...scary thought.

  • In reply to MichaelW:

    If I remember correctly, after Sarah Palin made her infamous Paul Revere blunder, her fans flooded Wikipedia to "change" or "update" historical facts.

    Wikipedia is a nice resource, but the scary thing is that people believe all the stuff that is on there.

  • Absolutely Brilliant KoolKing!

    Nothing More Needs To Be Said For The Hypocrites Who Profess Love of God and Country. As I have said repeatedly - this is exactly the sort within the Extreme Right that has destroyed the GOP.

    Again - Brilliant!

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Michael! Always happy to hear from ya friend! Thanks for your kind words, although I must say, considering the subject matter, it pretty much just wrote itself. I did however make a conscious effort to omit political talking points...or to make this about him endorsing Romney....etc. To me it's more about conspicuous and shameless hypocrisy....sure anyone saying what he did (or has been for years) would be indefensible...but with Ted, it's like really man-look at what you've done in your life....the phrase ."checkered past" wouldn't do it justice. Anyway, thanks again brother-as always. Hope all is well my friend! Best to you and the fam.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Nugent is full of BS, no doubt. However, he has one correct thought--Obama needs to leave office this fall. Not by assassination, of course, but by vote. The Obamas are mediocre, affirmative-action, white guilt and black reverse racism beneficiaries who have "milked" the Presidency while he pursues some fantasy "leveling" philosophy. His gross, glaring oversight is his failure to castigate urban black American culture, which is a cancer upon America. When you have a group of people who choose an immodest, single-mothering, sloppy, "down low"-oriented, misogynistic, anti-education, thug-life gangsta glorifying lifestyle, then turn around and expect others to pick up the pieces of their disastrous lives, it is not fair to ask others to give up anything to fund or enable that ignorant set of life choices. As a (half) black, Obama had a unique chance to confront the cancer head on, but he instead chose to duck the issue and blame the rich, while he enabled other mediocre, naive people who just happened to be black (e.g., Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder) to assume positions of power and push us further in the wrong direction. This fall, it is time for the truly, demonstrably brilliant adults to take charge of this country again and start to pick up the pieces. They can be white, black, brown, or red, but they must be really good, not just mediocre minorities who are being given "their turn". This is the harsh reality. I encourage you to embrace it.

  • It would be funny if the NDAA was enacted just to lock him up..and ironic.

  • When are people going to get it through their thick skulls that freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom from criticism, repercussions, or consequences??

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