Things LeBron James does that Derrick Rose would never do

 Well, he clearly wouldn’t dance at All-Star Games…

Or on the bench during a game…

Or during pre-game warm-ups

Or do whatever the hell this is…

He wouldn’t wear sunglasses indoors..

Or these glasses anywhere…

Or this shirt…

Or this one (“ROSE MVP”?-I don’t think so)….while wearing sunglasses indoors

Or this scarf…

He wouldn’t do this with his hands…


Or this..

Or this….while wearing this scarf


 He wouldn’t make this pass….

And lastly, he wouldn’t shamelessly display his aversion to loyalty/decency, via the self-indulgent, self-important, ego-trip spectacle known as “The Decision”…….nor would he wear this shirt/grow this beard.

 Be Good Friends,





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  • Love this post and agree James isn't half the person Rose is, but don't forget Rose did have a flap over a photo showing him flashing gang signs while at Memphis.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    1. This is the first time you've commented on a post of mine-and I gotta say, it's exciting... 2. I thought of Rose's little uncharacteristic moment of hand-expressed stupidity-but self-servingly chalked it up to age/immaturity (at the time). 3. Have a good weekend 3. I don't know how many lists I have to unnecessarily make before the List's that Actually Matter guys will let me do a guest post.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    My presence is usually not so exciting so I'm honored to hear that. You are probably right about what Rose did, just thought it was worth mentioning.

    Did the LTAM guys turn you down? I bet they'd consider a guest post from you.

  • fb_avatar

    You forgot to mention one thing lebron does that derrick rose will never do

    And that is play in the Nba finals because this overrated bulls team will never beat miami

  • In reply to Vince Bahamas:

    Zing! I suppose we shall see huh? Thanks as always Vince..

  • In reply to Vince Bahamas:

    I disagree. I may have a Chicago bias, but considering the experience and the players on the Heat compared to the young Bulls, and considering their records are similar, I don't think the Bulls are overrated, and considering the records of both teams and their first meeting this year, the Heat might be overrated. The Bulls are only better this year than last.

  • Here are some other things Rose will never do that LeBron James has done, currently does or will do: (1) shoot over 50%; (2) give an interview without sounding like his dog just died; (3) play in the NBA Finals (at least while LeBron is in the same conference); (4) be on the all-defensive team; (5) wear COOL SCARVES; and (6) win a title (this Spring).

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