'Fear' : Why Trayvon Martin is dead

Be afraid

That’s the unmistakable message which Americans are incessantly fed, be it from the Media, from Religious figures, from Politicians..

Be afraid

Your freedom, your family, your children, your home, your job, your religion, all that defines you, all that you hold near and dear, is in a constant state of peril, at risk to be taken from you at any moment.

Lock your doors, look over your shoulder, be on the lookout for “strange characters” or “questionable activity”, and remember-you have the second amendment as a “God Endorsed” means of defense.

Because you will of course, be  inevitably forced to defend yourself.  Minorities, immigrants, gays, the mentally unstable, drug addicts, sexual deviants, shameless sinners…the Government, they’re all continually lurking, eying all that you have, all that you love.

They’re coming for you…and for America.

The America you love, the America our Founding Fathers Envisioned.

Yes, be afraid.…of the insidious epidemic of fear.

Fear breeds misguided and unwarranted mistrust… it breeds inhibiting and dangerous hate…it breeds irrational and unpredictable behavior.

It’s why we avoid those who are “different, why we love our guns rather than our neighbors, why we constantly are nostalgic for a fairy-tale past which never existed.

It’s why gay’s must fight for the right to love, why women must fight for the right to choose, and why minorities must fight for the right to live.

It’s why we sadly focus on not being our brother’s victim, rather than on being our brother’s keeper.

It’s why Trayvon Martin was shot dead, ‘armed’ with nothing else than his black skin.

Irrational fear closes our minds and our hearts, it imprisons us.

“Who sees all beings in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear”.
Isa Upanishad, Hindu Scripture

“Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out”.
Karl Augustus Menninger

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy”.
Dale Carnegie

Open your mind…open your heart.

Don’t be afraid.

Be Good Friends,


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  • He's dead because of fear and ignorance.

  • yes fear created by who.....yesterday was the Black Hoodie March...and this is what they did in Philly....they put on hoodies alright.....can you blame society....


  • In reply to PhillyTruth:

    Terrible my friend-no doubt...but nevertheless anecdotal. Despite what watching the News would seem to indicate, crime is down-in all major categories, throughout the Country.


  • don't get me wrong...Zimmerman should go to jail...tried and put in for life for murdering this young man....some how we need to get rid of the gangs in our cities....all gangs...they are dividing our nation...

  • Yeah, FEAR... said the guy peddling fear on his Offhanded Dribble blog. Fear of religion, fear of God, fear of Republicans fear of people that just want to live without jack-booted thugs of government constantly lording over them, fear of conservatives, fear of American history, fear of those rotten mean 'ol white folks.

    Selling fear.

    And hate.


  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Ya know...it's beyond my comprehension why you struggle so with civility....you're an adult, it's the year 2012....present a mature, lucid, counter-argument/thought, devoid of personal criticism or childish innuendo...and move on. But no-it appears that such a baseline level of decorum..such a "C" grade level of Conduct, will forever allude you--which I may add, does nothing but unnecessarily stain your message, regardless of its inherent virtue.. intent..or legitimacy.

    You my friend, are the one invariably beating the drum of fear, constantly calling our President the "most un-American and DANGEROUS" in our history. Really?

    I fear that which warrants fear-a God we can't see or hear dictating our laws, religions promoting bigotry and discrimination...political parties deciding what constitutes legitimate "love" or valuable "life". I fear ignorance, a lack of education...I fear people voting against their interests...

    I fear people who-for dramatic effect-say "booted thugs of government constantly lording over them"...because you know what? People do fear that...even though that's complete utter hyperbolic bullshit.

    To be honest with you-I wouldn't in the least bit be suriprised if for all your apocalyptic Obama talk, you actually hope he is relected....why?

    Because he's "good for business"...for your line of work....for what it is that you do.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    And you have no clue what the word "introspection" means if you don't see that YOUR piece is just as much filled with hate and fear you claim your enemies (you know, other Americans) use.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Publius, based on the blog, it's useless to debate with a man who has such obvious contempt for whites, the Constitution, and Christianity. Every sentence is filled with seething rage. He's bought into the lefty mindset; hook, line & sinker. All you can do is call him out on his BS.

  • In reply to Chenjesu:

    What gave it away!?! Was it all my posts on Derrick Rose??

    My Christian Parents/White mother will not be happy when they learn of my contempt towards them!

    You my friend, are exactly what is wrong with the political discourse in this Country...it's not enough to say you and I-left/right simply disagree on certain issues-no, I have to hate our Country...hate Whites...hate Ben Franklin,,,hate Apple Pie...hate the National Anthem/the Lord's Prayer....it's beyond childish, and you should be embarrassed that you-as an adult, resort to such baseless "name calling".

  • I asked Nikki in her blog this, interested in getting your view, what do you think the reaction will be if found not-guilty? Riots? Constructive discussions? Nothing? Peace?

  • In reply to gwill:

    Speculating..or envisioning such a possibility is disconcerting to say the least. I-like you, have only history to use as a predictor, and that of course would not suggest a productive reaction to such an egregious act of injustice. However, there are forces IMO...voices, which can calm such a reactive storm, including Trayvon's parents...and of course our President, who, by virtue of his race/past, (and of course position!) could potentially reach the outraged, those vengeful, etc. (much the way RFK attempted to do in the wake of MLK's assassination). IMO-justice is best served, (or maybe better put-Trayvon's legacy best preserved) by not only having Zimmerman receiving adequate punishment , but by our Country engaging in a constructive...reasonable discussion about Gun Control. What will it take??

    Just gotta say friend-I always enjoy trading thoughts/ideas/perspectives with you. Hope all is well!

  • ..my spidey senses are tingling..there is way too much hatred still lingering in the air..hatred begets hatred..so in the end things must change..i am a democrat, republican, gay, christian, atheist, employed, not employed, sick, healthy, young, old, newbie, techie, all of these and more..but i have always believed that "different" is good..I don't need to force my neighbors to be like me, I got enought to worry about...both God(who has many different names) and the U.S. constitution clearly put forth a simple message.."the right to pursue happiness..not what you want for me but rather what i want for me" within reason of course..but at all times there must remain and never denied.. justice for everybody..

  • In reply to teabags203:

    Well said.....well said my friend. Thank you.

  • @koolking83. Let me say this I am a black man, my son is named after a civil rights leader and I have taught at a 99.99% black school now for well over a decade and I will tell you that when you get suspended 3 times in this liberal school system that repeatedly tries to give these kids chance after chance, you are a screw up. He is a self admitted thug and should have had his a.. in school. His past is definitely fair game because it goes to whether what Zimmerman is saying is believable. If Trayvon was an honor student on a field trip studying wildlife and had a 5.7 GPA then I would be more inclined to disbelieve Zimmerman. I tell these black boys who are constantly in trouble at school that their action will follow them. That when they die people will say what kind of person were you. It does matter, Trayvon life should be a cautionary tale to stop f****g up in school and do your work and stop acting like a stereotype and no limit nigga and a weed head at 17. Furthermore, I am not from Chicago, I am in Florida and I understand there were 24 black on black murders in March just in Chicago alone including a 6yr old girl. That to me is more of a pressing problem. Not only that but black on white crime is 10x more prevalent than vice versa.

    In addition, I'm a black man and the cops have been extremely nice to me my whole life. I would live next to one in a heartbeat a white or black one. You get what you look for when you have a chip on your shoulder that white people are the evil enemy. These kids are always bringing up race at this school, calling teachers cracker and being rude and fighting and cursing each other. I talk to other teachers and they corroborate that the black kids are much worse at their school. These black urban kids are not angels and are not bad because they are poor many are poor because their families have a dysfunctional ideology of the world, one in which they blame slavery for their problems and thinks the world owes them. The world don't owe you shit , you owe the world for bringing your sorry a** into it.

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