Buyer Beware: Vincent Jackson

Buyer Beware: Vincent Jackson

With NFL free agency looming, it looks like the Bears are going to make a big push to sign San Diego wide receiver Vincent Jackson. Jackson has all the tools to be an elite receiver in the league-he runs a 4.46 forty yard dash, has got great strength, and is very tall-a package of attractive qualities which no current Bears WR can claim.

However for me, something is still missing. While he is about to be paid as one of the top 3 or 4 receivers in the league,  I would argue there are roughly seven receivers I would rather have then Jackson right now. More importantly, the Bears will be over-spending, and as such, allocating valuable financial resources which could instead be used to fill a number of this roster’s glaring holes.

Obviously, the Bears offensive line needs a massive upgrade, Carl Nicks, the all-pro guard from the Saints, would be a much needed upgrade for the interior line. The Bears secondary needs improvement. Peanut Tillman isn’t getting any younger, as evidenced by the number of nagging injuries he has suffered through the last four years. Signing cornerback Cortland Finnegan would be a great upgrade and provide the Bears with insurance in case Peanut’s shoulders and back don’t hold up the whole year.

Now of course the Wide Receiver position is one such unmistkable hole which needs “filling”. However instead of throwing a king’s ransom at Jackson, the Bears could instead make a much more economical play for Saints wideout Marques Colston.

Colston is 6’4 and runs 4.5 forty yard dash. He is younger than Vincent Jackson, yet has two more 1,000 yard receiving years than V-Jax. Most importantly, he is sure-handed-and the Bears need that badly.

If the Bears we able to pull off signing these players with their cap space, and then draft a solid left tackle such as Buckeye Mike Adams,  and then take South Carolina’s Ashlon Jeffery, they would be in fantastic shape to make a very deep run in the playoffs this year.


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  • I'm hearing that Cortland Finnegan wants to be a package deal with Vincent Jackson. Maybe he could take a few less million annually to team up. That would be ideal.

    Carl Nicks would be a fantastic signing but I still cant see him leaving the Saints.

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