Besides gas prices, here are other things Republicans can illogically blame President Obama for

Never mind the fact that-under President Obama-America is producing more oil than at any time in the last eight years…or that the number of oil rigs has quadrupled to a record high. Disregard the fact that crude oil is traded on the world market, and as such, prices are determined by global demand and other geopolitical concerns.  Nope, forget all that, because according to Republicans-President Obama hates Oil..hates drilling…hates you, and therefore-loves personally making Gas Prices high!

Well, while they’re at spitting in the face of facts and common-sense,  here’s some other shit they might as well illogically blame President Obama for:


The maddeningly inconsistent sizing of Old Navy’s clothes

This guy forgetting to include the Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce you asked for

Despite you clearly not giving a shit, coworkers, friends, strangers, the guy at McDonalds who forgot your Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce, -telling you about their NCAA brackets.


C9’s bullshit

You invariably not having windshield wiper fluid when you seem to need it most

Your DVR being full


Tyler Perry as Madea

This comedy

This relationship

These sequels.

And this sequel as well

These screens

This Album

This missing DVD you’ve been wanting to watch

This Wrestling Gimmick

Nic Cage having/making this face, and moreover making the Movie “Ghost Rider-Spirit of Vengeance”


The Death of Freedom, Religion, Andrew Breitbart, Whitney Houston, and whomever has died recently in your family


Be Good Friends,



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