Sadly, we're probably lucky Obama's skin isn't darker

Remember on November 4, 2008, when racism in America died?

That of course was the historic day on which Barack Obama was elected our Nation’s first African American President.

143 years after Slavery was officially outlawed by the Thirteenth Amendment, 44 years after Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act banning segregation, Obama’s election ostensibly marked a societal arrival to the mountaintop of acceptance, of tolerance.

Essentially, on that day, the United States had a ribbon cutting ceremony-the post-racial US was open for business.

And we all lived happily ever after.

The End.


The story of racism in America is not one for children’s books, or made for TV movies with happy endings; centuries of misguided hate, of fear driven discrimination, of stereotypes and slurs-all of it did not come to a sudden, romantic halt with the election of Barack Obama.

I could sit here and cite statistical and anecdotal evidence of racism on Main Street, in the workplace, in our schools, the type of racism which rears its ugly head every day in America, but I want to discuss a new form of racism, a type of racism never seen in this Country… until 2008:

Racism directed at the President of the United States of America.

Now of course this form of racism has never been seen, we’ve never had a President whose skin color was-at the very least-as important, or as controversial, as his agenda.

Understand, this is largely racism of the covert variety- (you won’t hear the “N word” coming out of Newt Gingrich’s mouth)-manifesting itself in an unmistakable and unprecedented disrespect for the Presidency, and a beyond party, beyond ideology, disdain for the man.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • The Birther Movement
  • In an unprecedented breach of decorum, Rep. Joe Wilson shouts “you lie” as the President addresses a Joint Session of Congress.


  • Heightened scrutiny regarding White House guests (aka-Keeping an eye on which Black people were there)
  • “Political Satire” like this 'Racist': The offending email, which was sent to a small group of Republican committee members, depicted Barack Obama and his parents as chimps (sometimes it’s not so subtle)
  • Speaking of subtle: Tar Baby. Yea…sadly you read that right.
  • The irreverent treatment of his wife, the First Lady of the United States.
  • The “Food Stamp President
  • President Obama doesn’t “think work is good”.
  • The ‘Finger Wag’ Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer points during an intense conversation with President Barack Obama after he arrived at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012, in Mesa, Ariz. (Associated Press)
  • Oh, and Governor Brewer says  she felt “threatened” as she wagged her finger in the face of the President of the United States (maybe as she asked the big scary dark skinned man for his ‘papers’)
  • The sad invariable inability to give the President credit for anything…ever…

Are the majority of President Obama’s critics simply those who hold a more ‘conservative’ view of Government…of our Country?


Is being Anti-Obama synonymous with being Anti-Black?

Absolutely not.

However, when it comes to the ‘Right’, a ‘darker ‘President has undoubtedly made for darker dissent, for more dogmatic partisanship, to a precipitous and palpable drop in civility, in respect for and towards the highest office in the land.

All a coincidence?

Let’s just say I’d hate to see how they treat him when he’s got a tan.

Be Good Friends,



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  • Yeah some of the criticism of Obama has been awful. Racism actually gotten worst since then .

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Very good read, and Evan they touched on that on "The Young Turks" not long ago.

    It's like some people have the attitude of "well, you got a black president, now you can't complain about racism ever, it must be dead since we elected a black president".

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Don thanks for reading and for your comment. I love the work you've been doing btw-and look forward to reading it throughout the season.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Evan, as always- thanks for reading and for your comment. I simply think it has in a way "come out of the woodwork" if you will. This oft-recited idea that "WE need to get America Back" really says it all. Really -where did it go? Who got it?

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    I am flabbergasted that any adult could pretend that racism is directed at Obama any more than it is directed at any other president JUST because he is mulatto. i think that this race baiting by the left shows two things. 1) Liberals are desperate to remain relevant. Sorry, you are not. 2) Mental illness on the left is definitely increasing at a rapid rate.

  • In reply to TiredOfLiberals:

    Dude - even the alcoholic, cocaine abusing deserter president we had before Obama did not receive the disrespect that our current president gets... and that's despite a ginned up war in Iraq, and watching the economy tank - leaving the next guy to clean up.
    As to relevancy, how can a party who's only position is 'anti' the other party remain relevant?
    If this government is truly of the people, by the people for the people, those that toe the party line and not their constituents will find their days numbered in office.
    Americans are not stupid. We see the disfunction. We hear the 'Nobama'. If you can't compromise, have no open minds or hearts... Get ready to pack your bags.

  • In reply to Merlyn:

    Didn't Obuma say that he abused cocaine??

  • In reply to TiredOfLiberals:

    When I saw your name I knew I was in for something enlightening-for a factual based argument which spurred thought. Thanks. -Irrelevant crazy Liberal

  • The problem with Obama's skin is not its color; it is with how thin it is.

    He is not good at taking criticism, and for those who are looking for the hidden "KKK" tat on every person critical of Obama, have very short memories, indeed. I refer to the absolute hatred directed at George W. Bush, and the personal attacks on him. Fingers wagging at GWB were the least of the threats. Remember the idiot who wrote a book about killing GWB? No, bet you don't. I could go on, but it is pointless, because those who see criticism of Obama as race-based have skin just as thin.

    If racism has increased in the US, then it is because progressives and liberals see skin color first and content of character somewhere near dead last.

    And...may I remind those who are on the racist rocket that Obama was elected president by more than the black people in the United States. Just kind of blows a hole in the racist thing to most intellectually honest people.

    Obama, like Bush before him, has done a bad job at leading. There is no way to "color" that otherwise. Sorry.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard-thanks for reading and your comment-I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

    Now I know this is going to surprise you-but I disagree with your general premise-that Obama is thin skinned and has failed to lead, I think there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary.

    That said, many of your other points are well taken-particularly with respect to W. While I feel much of the criticism towards him was warranted-some IMO undoubtedly crossed the line. I almost uniformly disagreed with W-(almost?..yea almost), but I felt he was a good person with good intentions....unfortunately neither necessarily equate to good results.

    "And…may I remind those who are on the racist rocket that Obama was elected president by more than the black people in the United States. Just kind of blows a hole in the racist thing to most intellectually honest people."

    This is an illogical argument-and you know it. First off-where do I claim that every white person in the Country is racist? (I'm white last I checked) Secondly-has it occurred to you that people may of voted for Obama-(or even those who didn't) and yet have -albeit largely subconsciously-given him a shorter leash-have allowed for less leeway...have allocated less capital, because of his skin color? My point Richard is not that we are witnessing conspicuous, shamelessly prideful racism; it's that the President has endured a level of unprecedented scrutiny which is due in the color of skin.

    That said, I think I make pretty clear that IMO, the majority of criticism is strictly rooted in matters of ideology/philosophy.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Are you sure you are on the same page as the majority of the people that let their emotions rule and elect this fool that sits in the oval office.? You tell me how a non-descript rubber chicken waiver{ He did this in a parade in chicago} not known for any type of prowess, but enough to be handled by some of the worst threat individuals to our nation, and then find himself with a 500 million dollar campaign fund in 1 year, Well short brains , do you still believe in the 'TOOTH FAIRY' ????????????

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Well said Richard, you are spot on, most people argue from an idealogical viewpoint and their rant is myopic in nature.

  • Sorry, kool,I must respectfully disagree.

    Obama has been given more a much longer leash, with far less criticism, than any other president in modern memory, and it may be due to the color of his skin. Even our first "black" president, Bill Clinton, didn't get this big of a pass on criticism and such a wide birth with actions. Obama has repeatedly thumbed his nose at the Constitution and at Congress by acting on his own (for instance, judicial appointments during the Senate recess-no recess).

    Further, it is impossible to know why people of any color or sex voted for Obama, either consciously -- and especially subconsciously-- as mind reading is not one of my strong suites. So my statement that Obama was elected by all the people is not illogical. It is a statement of fact: he is the president.

    As far as scrutiny, where is the scrutiny on "Fast and Furious", on the clandestine war in Pakistan, on the action in Libya, on his increasing police state ushered in by DHS, on the crony deals with green energy that have failed, on his flouting of the Constitution (as mentioned), his profligate spending (trillions), etc.? Do you suppose that any other president would have been able to not submit a budget for two years and get away with it?

    If there is a scrutiny equation, it is that the president has received LESS scrutiny due to the color of his skin. And this in itself is racist. The black person in this country does not need "massa" in the form of a pandering media, pathetic, paternal whties or exceptional laws to realize potential. In fact, to say that is racist, in my opinion.

    If you do believe that most criticism of Obama is rooted in matters of ideology/philosophy, why the assertion that his skin color is too dark? Makes no sense to me, other than it may be a gratuitous statement to establish some qualifying bona fides.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Your statement regarding Obama being elected “by all the people” implies-unmistakably, that his election disproves the existence of racism-specifically racism targeted towards him. That is illogical.
    That statement, like many of your arguments, is predicated on the assumption of a mutually exclusive relationship which doesn’t exist. E.g.:
    -Obama gets elected means no racism.
    - Most criticism is ideologically rooted which means NONE of it has racial undertones or is motivated by the color of his skin.

    I don’t have time (right now friend-lest I get fired) to get into all your critiques of the President-(I take it-(and I’m sorry if I’m wrong) you’re Libertarian leaning, and as such I can genuinely appreciate your disagreements with him), but let me just say that like many charges against this President, the one regarding “budgets” is just a fundamental falsehood.

    As per law, Obama has submitted a budget for each fiscal year he’s been president -- 2010, 2011 and 2012.

    It’s as simple as that.

    On the other hand, Congress has neglected to adopt a Budget since 2010.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    "On the other hand, Congress has neglected to adopt a Budget since 2010." And in 2009 and most of 10, there was a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in Congress.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    so typed out a long answer to your insanity Richard and the interwebs ate it. Here's the rehash

    Read this - Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which states: The President shall have power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.

    Now tell me how he snubbed his nose at the consitution. Im waiting.....

    Your statements clearly show a complete lack of understanding not only of our current political climate but reasoning skills as well.

    Since you brought up Bush, you know we're only in the Middle East with boots on the ground due to him right? Due to a war that was off the books and bankrupted the country.

    Now lets see what Obama's spending did.. singlehandely saved the auto industry (2 US auto makers are profitable for the first time in what close to a decade?), stabilized the economy, bailed out the crooks who caused the housing bubble (investment banks) and helped honest americans who got shafted by corporate greed feed thier familes while things work out.

    In the area of the budget, you know its been submitted every year and the GOP stop it dead in its tracks right?

    You also do knwo that while Bush was president, both wars DIDNT EVEN SHOW UP ON THE BUDGET.

    Now tell me who's the cause of issues in this country...

  • In reply to Todd:

    Not to mention that Bush has warrants for his arrest for War Crimes in several nations....

  • In reply to Todd:

    To Todd:

    "Read this - Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which states: The President shall have power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.

    "Now tell me how he snubbed his nose at the consitution. Im waiting....."

    Your wait is over. The Senate was NOT in recess.

    "Since you brought up Bush, you know we're only in the Middle East with boots on the ground due to him right? Due to a war that was off the books and bankrupted the country." Since you brought up Bush, I note Obama's response has been to spend even more.

    "Now lets see what Obama's spending did.. stabilized the economy" You really think the economy is stable now?

    "bailed out the crooks who caused the housing bubble (investment banks)" So you're saying that's a good thing? BTW, those loans were made in compliance with government regulations established during Clinton's presidency.

    "In the area of the budget, you know its been submitted every year and the GOP stop it dead in its tracks right?" How did the GOP do that when the Democrats had a filibuster-proof majority in 2008 and 2009?

    "Your statements clearly show a complete lack of understanding not only of our current political climate but reasoning skills as well." Riiiiiiiight.

  • In reply to Nate Whilk:

    Nate, you forgot to mention that the 2012 budget proposal that Obama did submit to congress was defeated by the senate in a 97-0 vote.

  • koolking83, you make a very good case, and I couldn't agree with you more. Racism is the prism through which many on the Right see our president.

    As far as GWB, he was one of the worst chief executives we've ever had. Hiis legacy has been a millstone around Mr. Obama's neck.

  • You have here little but innuendo and that which you've read into each situation as "racism." I mean "a finger wag" is now "racism"?? Seriously? I think the real problem is race pimps like you with your intense desire to continue stirring the pot to keep racism alive so Democrats have a wedge issue to keep African Americans from even considering straying from the party!

    The FACT is if you have to stoop to finding "code words" and subtleties as "racism" you've not found racism. The fact is, people that hate do so outright. They don't hide behind sly language and code words. That is why it is called hate. It burns brightly.

    The things people hate are not hidden under a bushel. So, if you have to work so hard to read into things, then it is YOUR pathology in evidence, here, not everyone else's.

    In the end, you have failed to prove your case.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    I'm sorry Publius. Are you seriously saying that a Republican congressman calling the president a "tar baby" or a picture that shows him in a family of monkeys is NOT racism? Really? I understand your reflexive reaction to charges of racism. I understand that not everyone who is against this president is against him because he's a racist. But to pretend that racism doesn't exist, and isn't directed at this president, is equal to burying your head in the sand.

    Your claim that people who hate are unable to hide it is equally laughable. Code words and "dog whistle" statements aren't just a made up thing. It's a legitimate way for politicians and other people to allude to racial issues without actually saying them. It gives them a plausible way to deny that what they said was racist while getting their point across to their intended audience. Most (not all) conservatives are smart enough to know that they shouldn't go around talking about "lazy black people", but they'll have no problem making remarks about people who are on "welfare", and how they use that money on drugs and Cadillacs.

    If you cannot accept this premise (and if you still doubt that racism exists, go read a Yahoo message board about the president occasionally) and have an intelligent discussion about it without getting angry, why should anyone listen to a word you have to say?

  • In reply to niuhuskie1:


  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Wow WTH..I'm surprised this post got you so riled up. Ok no I'm not.

    "The things people hate are not hidden under a bushel"

    This comment brings to mind a line from The Shawshank Redemption-by ironically one of your favorite actors/people (I'm sure) Tim Robbins:

    "How can you be so obtuse? it deliberate?"

    Really? All hate is conspicuously displayed? Overtly manifested in our our laws? Really? We don't attempt to conceal our prejudices? No?

    The problem-IMO-with your ideology, is that it is invariably black and white in nature, you fail to see nuance, unless of course it benefits your positions. To you racism is's segregation--it's the N's hoses or lashes...

    I love how you-as a White Male-, can sit back and have the audacity to dismiss the so "code words" and "subtleties" of racism.

    And for the record-I'm quite confident in the ability of AA's to discern which Party better promotes their interests...better facilitates their "pursuit of happiness" .
    The fact that AA's vote largely Democrat, is not reflective of a misguided or outdated belief in baseless "wedge issues" as you put it, but rather a collective understanding of the conflicting interests of their race-and of the Republican Party.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    "The problem-IMO-with your ideology, is that it is invariably black and white in nature, you fail to see nuance, unless of course it benefits your positions. To you racism is's segregation--it's the N's hoses or lashes..."

    The problem with your thought is that the "nuance" always benefits your positions. BTW, as Howard Dean said, "It's a battle between good and evil. And we're [the Democrats] the good." Such nuance.

    'I love how you-as a White Male-, can sit back and have the audacity to dismiss the so "code words" and "subtleties" of racism.'

    I love how you as a liberal can sit back and smugly accuse people on the basis of "code words" and "subtleties". You can't find anything concrete to point to, so you just MAKE THINGS UP. This is desperation, grasping at straws. Keep on crying wolf and you'll just make your accusations weaker and weaker.

  • By the way, is the word "dribble" in your blog title supposed to be ironic? Just wondering. Could you explain it for me because I am confused by the title.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    It's a bit of self-deprecation, you should try it from time to time, humility is an endearing trait ya know.

  • I'm afraid you're wrong. The President represents
    a racist's greatest fear. An articulate, educated intelligent half-black man. Every picture they see of him with his white mother and white grandparents, sends them into inarticulate rage.
    Hence the Birther foolishness, anything to deny reality. Horrors of horrors, a black man in the White House. Many simply can't deal with that fact.

  • In reply to grrizd63:

    ."...a black man in the White House..." Black no problem, Socialist... well no there's a problem, which is I suspect a bigger group of people take issue with.

  • In reply to strange1:

    i laugh when i see labels like "socialist" used by people who obviously don't understand what they're talking about. what part of the expectation that individuals and corporations should pay their equal, if not fair share of the tax burden is socialism? are government programs that benefit coroporations and the 1% of the wealthiest individuals the only ones that aren't socialist? help me on this one...

  • Wow! this has got to be the most reverse racism website I have ever seen.

  • In reply to DavidJohnson:

    That was actually the original tagline for the blog "The most reverse racist blog you'll ever see". It didn't test well.

  • In reply to koolking83:


  • The way you have defined it, pretty much any opposition to our current President has some nefarious cause.

    How does one object to the policies of the current President without violating some code of harmony demanded by his supporters?


  • publiusforum said 46 minutes ago
    You have here little but innuendo and that which you've read into each situation as "racism." I mean "a finger wag" is now "racism"??

    I'm sorry Publius. Are you seriously saying that a Republican congressman calling the president a "tar baby" or a picture that shows him in a family of monkeys is NOT racism?

    Koolking83, I took the liberty of posting Publis and your remarks together. perhaps you can take a moment and show me here in Publis's comment the remark regarding Tarbaby is? As for me I don't see it.
    I do concur that a finger wag does in no manner rise to a call for racism, lest my own mother be charged. As for some of the other examples I can post pics of "W" depicted as a Monkey, Hitler etc, etc. Which then begs the questions were those racially motivated?

  • Ok, there's racism in the US a given. That has nothing to do with why all the fire against Obama. He is either an idiot or a terrorist period. The US economy has never been so dire. We have double figure unemployment, the largest debt in history, bail outs of banks that caused most of the problems in the first place, not signing the pipeline deal because "I didn't have time to adequately review it" is absurd. It has been in the works for 3+ years. All in all, I would say that he is probably one if not the worst president this country has ever had to endure. It doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks or says or what evidence is presented when someone who has made up their minds that the problem is racism. It's an absurd argument and holds very little water and has nothing to due to his failure ( or maybe his accomplishments ) if you think he is out to destroy this country as I do. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a racist, that's why I say these things. As I said, one can never win or sway anyone that has your beliefs.

  • Your point on racism is on,sort of. That is to say ever kind of hate will ever go away? Take of the rose colored glasses, can we say that ? I read back in the 90tys, about 20% of people are hard core left and right.It's th 60% in the middle that are the swing voters. That can be applied to just about everything.I am one of those tea partiers. Not a rock thrower,not a name caller just a feed up tax payer. The president pulled an amazing victory you've got to give him that but he also promised to make things better,I'm a little lost on that one.Most people take offense with the constant racial thing as just that ,thin skinned,not black skinned. Give manstreet a break for once,we want success from the white house we would be crazy not to reguardless of color.But diagreeing with one policies doesn't make me a racist. Just because I disagree with my wife does that make me a sexist?Failure is colorblind.What purpose does it serve me to keep any person of color down,we need all the help we can get. Thanks for the venue to speak.

  • In reply to waterbill:

    My friend-thank you for reading and for your fair, insightful, level-headed comment. I guess all I can ask in response is this-what is considered success? What-under the most ideal of scenarios, would have been considered-in your opinion, a success? Have your taxes gone up under this President? Has the economy gotten worse under this President? Has our Country become less safe? I'm not suggesting, nor was I, (and I think I explicitly stated this) that disagreement, or disappointment equates to racism. I do however think that for many people , his race exacerbates their feelings of discontent, it blinds them to his accomplishments, to reality.

  • fb_avatar

    To say the least, since the president's election, there has been a 52% increase in extremist hate group recruitment. To even refer to President Obama without using his office title is being overlooked. Calling him Barry or Hussein is disrespectful to our country and has been a common discourtesy.

  • In reply to Sid Sykes:

    Yes, racist, like to use the term "Barry" to replace the N-word. Did you know there are 139 words for the N-word. Sadly I have a database to track them all. Some I had to look up, never heard of them, but clearly some households have been using them for centuries to folks in the know. Food for thought.

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    In reply to ajwmedia:

    Like I hate Mondays.

  • In reply to Sid Sykes:

    What is your source for the hate group figure?

    "To even refer to President Obama without using his office title is being overlooked. Calling him Barry or Hussein is disrespectful to our country and has been a common discourtesy."

    Sorry, the left called Bush "Bush", "Shrub", "Bushitler", and many other things. The precedent has been set. Too bad.

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    In reply to Nate Whilk:

    @Nate. Exactly! Calling President Bush by those names were also disrespectful to the office and our nation. Either way it's still not good.

  • Of course racism exists--on both sides of the aisle, but any time someone acts in a boorish or disrespectful way toward the POTUS does not make that person a racist, overt or otherwise. How many Democrats and liberals, including Obama as senator criticized Bush in not-so-nice terms. Our president went so far as to call Bush unpatriotic because of the huge national dept. How ironic now. There are philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans. Throwing down the race card because you don't like criticism of any kind, for a man you adore (which is fine) is doing us harm and painting those you disagree with a broad brush.

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    In reply to sreggie:

    @SReggie. Those who disagree within reason are legitimate. But we all know when someone is walking the fine line. I don't agree with everything the president states but I respect his opinion. I also served under and respected President Bush but I was also upset when that butt hole threw a shoe at him. I won't except that from a person from another country and I definitely wouldn't accept that from another US citizen. But this President is blatantly getting disrespected. Read above for examples.

  • Well as a person who has been looking into race all last year, (yes I have data to back it up) It doesn't matter how dark Obama skin is to a racist, they would hate him if it' was the just the one drop rule. I will say they hate Michelle Obama even more though, because she's darker, some have stated. I have been thinking about when to share this data, but mmm perhaps Black History Month is a good time to give a little behind the the curtain.

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    As a military member, I'm appalled at the discredit our President has endured. Yes he deserves his criticism but name one president who doesnt? What this president has done is, served with decency and brought back respect and admiration to a country that was losing global control and vision. Our government is controlled by 3 entities. And there is an issue caused by government it's usually caused by one of those entities not taking care of their responsibilities. So if you want to blame someone, look at your representative. The president is not the king. He cannot destroy this country by himself. If he attempted to, he would have been impeached already.

  • In reply to Sid Sykes:

    +1 Outstanding comment Sid, and thank you for your service to our Country.

  • In reply to Sid Sykes:

    "What this president has done is, served with decency and brought back respect and admiration to a country that was losing global control and vision."

    WHOSE respect and admiration? Iran's?

    "He cannot destroy this country by himself. If he attempted to, he would have been impeached already."

    True, he hasn't committed "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors (Constitution, Article II, Section 4). But you don't have to do those to destroy the country, just wreck the economy by even higher deficits, stifle business with more regulations, cause the price of energy to skyrocket, spend billions of dollars on "green" energy companies that eventually failed, etc.

  • In reply to Sid Sykes:

    Hopefully you were equally appalled at many in the media (alleged professionals) who regularly referred to George W. Bush as a dumb Texan. The personal attacks on him were much greater. Professional attacks are expected on all. But the vitreol pointed at Bush was far greater than what has been directed at Obama. Politics or race seems to have fogged many people's vision of that.

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    In reply to ABIGSOXFAN:

    I was. BTW, I'm a huge Sox fan too.

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    All I can contribute is stop Whining! President Obama is in the big leagues. He can dish it out but can't take like Rahm, Daley, and the rest of the Democratic bullies. BHO, will go down in history as the worst president we have ever had and it is not because of the color of his skin. He is a do-nothing politician and always has been. His record of community organizing is overblown, he was a scholar at Harvard, he was a law professor at U of C. His public and private record is smoke and mirrors and he as used his Black half to take advantage of White guilt. If you thought racism was over Nov 8, 2008, how naive could you be, well obviously naive enough to believe the BHO rap! HA HA HA How do you like the hope and change, "I am still in love with you..." is all he has offered Black Americans.

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    In reply to Charles Butler:

    Come on Charles. The worst? Far from it. He will go down as one of the greatest after this 2nd term. Do you really want Romney as the President? The rich may run this country but it's the middle class that drives it.

  • I know that things are not better than 4 years ago. When do we as a society start to hold one responsible for ones self. To blindly follow one party or one race is not a very wise thing to do. I can see and understand his following in the black community but he had many others vote for him so do not paint all with a broad brush. What makes this country great is we see our short coming and we address them too. We don't always move forward as fast as people want but we do move forward. Look at this forum here,we can agree to disagree. Remember this though,these politicians are not your friends. They are supposse to represent us. All they do is say what we like to here and then spend the rest of their lives working to stay in office. I'm one of the lucky ones I have a job and a home paid in full. I truly feel for those looking to move up in life.If you want a hand out keep those in office who are now in office. If you want a hand up that takes more effort.

  • Sorry, but what a bunch of left wing mainstream media garbage. Are you saying that becuase he is black all criticism of him must be racist? I am not part of the birther movement, but are you saying that even if there are legitimate concerns about where he was born and he refused to release his birth certificate for months that any questioning of that is based on racism? Are you saying that just because he made statements which some believed were lies and said so they were based on racism? Are you saying that just because a governor had a heated argument with the man and pointed her finger at him it was based on racism? Are you saying that any criticism (legitimate or not) of him cannot be made otherwise it is racist? Here is a man who came from the cesspool of politics known as Chicago who dishes out incredibly vile comments about others including the totally inappropriate calling out of the Supreme Court at the state of the union address and because he is black nobody is allowed to throw any criticism his way without being called a racist? Yeah, whenever things are going bad, when the economy sucks, when the promise of maintaining unemployment below 8% with the passing of his stimulus bill totally fails, when his approval ratings tank, just go ahead and throw out the race card. This guy has been given so much latitude and support of the left wing mainstream media as to be laughable. But yes, all these attacks on his horrible presidency to date are based on race.

  • It's undeniable that racism exists in America. Some whites despise blacks. Some blacks despise whites. And on and on . . . .

    However, repeatedly, those who disagree with the President have been characterized as "racists," a handy (and generally baseless) attempt to play the race card and stifle dissent. Disagree with his health care plans? "You're a racist." Think he's off base in his plans to change the tax system? "You're a racist." Critical of his failures in Iraq or Afghanistan? "You're a racist."

    It's tiresome and ultimately it undermines the man more than it helps him. It's time for his racist defenders to realize that their efforts ultimately hurt the President and the cause for racial equality and understanding.

  • In reply to MisterMike:

    Mike, you're full of crap. People call out the racist stuff when they see it. You choose to feel like you're being persecuted all the time, but truly, it's only the racist stuff that's being called out (tar baby, monkey pictures, african witch doctors, etc.). Do you just feel guilty or what? Why are you so defensive? If you want to criticize the guy based on his policies, go for it. But don't try to defend the conservative movement as completely racist free because it makes you look like a fool, and really, who cares what a fool has to say?

  • koolking83- Publius Forum is the same guy who told me I shouldn't celebrate Kwanzaa because of the founder's background so I said you can say the same about the constitution . He didn't respond back that. And on twitter he proclaimed that Christmas was invented by "Millions" of people.

  • A general reply here guys. First off, I genuinely and humbly appreciate you all reading-and moreover commenting on this obviously debate worthy topic. Let me just again repeat-I am NOT suggesting all-or even most of the criticisms of the President are racially motivated.

    That said, I do feel as though that in many instances-and in an unprecedented fashion, this President has been disrespected, that the respect his office generally warrants has been disregarded, that the thematic pitch of the Right Wing has been that the POTUS is a foreigner... in EVERY WAY...and that "WE...WE..need to get our Country back"

    I also feel that much of the dissenting commentary on this post is predicated on the idea of the Country being "worse off" now than it was when Obama took office. If this were true of course-it would make the incessant and deafening criticism of the President more appropriate.

    Only it isn't true; and no impartial measuring stick, or functioning microscope will prove it to be true. Generalities, and hyperbole, and anecdotes don't equate to facts. Don't tell me about taxes-yours are lower, don't tell me about regulations-there's less of them, don't tell me about terrorism-you're safer....and of course the elephant in the room-the Economy-IT'S BETTER.

    And lastly, let's not redefine the word "legitimate". No it is not legitimate to question the birth place of a man who was clearly... unarguably, born in the United States. No it is not legitimate to question whether the POTUS is hellbent on "destroying the Country". No it is not legitimate to simply make shit ignore subscribe to revisionist history.

  • In reply to koolking83:


  • Why are black people so sensitive and emotional about politics? What don't black people find offensive? Hes a democrat, he will be treated this way by republicans. When or if a republican gets in office they will be treated just as bad by the democrats. Screaming racism is just a way to get people to shut up from voicing their concerns. This is the U.S and not North Korea we are allowed to question, disagree, and ridicule our leaders(although not in their face )all we want.

    Its amazing how the people who are doing the worst under this president are the most supportive. This shows the lack of objectivity and critical thinking skills among people.

  • Koolking? More like kool-aid. The disgust you see, and nearly all of the things you cite, have nothing to do with race, and everything to do with policy and performance.

    Wag a finger racist? Good god, Obama wags his finger at me every time he opens his mouth! Is he racist against whites?

    Whining about the way Michelle is treated? Tell her to get her nose out of my business. Laura Bush didn't walk around telling people what to read, where does Michelle get the right to tell me what to eat?

    And Obama gets no credit?!? I will give him lots of it. 15 trillion dollars of it. 9% unemployment of it. Two dead border agents of it.

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, kool-aid, but its all about poor policy, poor performance, and poor leadership. That's the facts.

  • In reply to DaveGlo:

    Ugh. Yes're right, President Obama is responsible for the 15 trillion dollars of debt (Obama policies have added around 1 trillion to the debt .) And yes Obama policies are unilaterally responsible for the official 9.0% unemployment rate ...which is in fact officially 8.5%.

    Speaking of Presidents 'getting credit' for American deaths-just curious-where do you come down on the nearly 5k Americans killed fighting a war in Iraq (which was started under false pretenses by W?)

    And sorry that Michelle, the tyrannical First Lady, has audaciously attempted to keep kids from enjoying the life-long benefits of diabetes.

    Thanks for setting me straight.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Well, you said one thing correct: I'm right. Your link above, though is as misleading as anything else you've posted. Try this one, instead:

    And your "official" unemployment rate conveniently neglects all those who have given up looking for work. I guess they don't count? Not according to Obama's Labor Dept., anyway. But why quibble, 8.5% it is! How's that stack up to Bush's average of 5%?

    The families of border agents killed by "Fast and Furious" guns you conveniently blow off won't appreciate your flippance. But since you brought up the military, why don't you also cite the 1000+ soldiers Obama has killed in Afghanistan? How's that Peace Prize working out? Has he bombed any more Libyans lately?

    Lastly, regarding Michelle's advocacy: If she wants to champion a cause, great! But it would be a little less hypocritical if she actually bothered to live the frugal life she promotes.

    By the way, never let a policy discussion get in the way of a good racist argument, eh? Of course, I don't expect the echo chamber you've built here to pick up on these subtleties. You just keep marching along.

  • In reply to DaveGlo:

    Every First Lady is expected to have an agenda during her stay in the White House; think of it as sort of a Miss America slate. Remember Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No?" Or how about Hillary Clinton's "It Takes a Village." Both dealt with how Americans should keep their children away from drugs or how a neighborhood is responsible for raising children to be good citizens. Laura Bush's was childhood literacy. Michelle Obama has taken up the mantle of good nutrition and the reduction of obesity in children. Face it, most public schools have cut recess from their curricula and just about every household has a Nintendo. The result is lazy, flabby kids who are experiencing very ADULT health problems: Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and sleep apnea. She's not concerned what you put in your pie-hole, but if you have fat kids, that's another issue. In some states, it's a form of child abuse and people are getting their kids taken away from them if they're too fat.

    Another thing. Portraying Mrs. Obama as some 1960s Black radical with a huge afro and a uzzi IS racist and disrespectful--(thanks a lot, "New Yorker!") And Jan Brewer sticking her bony finger in the President's face IS disrespectful of him AND the office. She didn't just "forget her place," she saw herself as superior to him otherwise she wouldn't have taken such a threatening posture. She acted like some cranky bitch telling a kid to get off her lawn. She's lucky she didn't get tackled by the secret service. She later said SHE "felt threatened." Hah!! And two dead AZ border guards are nothing compared to the 4,000+ soldiers that died because of Bush & Cheney's fake wars.

  • In reply to sperlaine:

    +1 Well said-thank you.

  • Wow.

    And I thought my post ruffled some feathers. Nice work KoolKing! Unfortunately, people who must be offensive in defending their own viewpoint often suffer from a mild case of douchebaggery.

    Perhaps you should write a blog about Jersey Shore and stay in your place??

  • fb_avatar

    All republicans are not racist, however most racists are republicans.

  • In reply to Michael Petersen:

    Sorry, one of the most practicing racists is the Rev. Jesse Jackson and a few others who seek to "turn a molehill into a mountain" when it comes to racism. When they can't find it, they create it. Of course, after all, isn't that Jesse's job??? I only believe in one race, the human race. WHenever I fill out something that requires "ethnic" origin I check other and put "human". The only value of one's skin to is for identification. Other than that race should have no place in our society.

  • I can appreciate your desire to stir the race pot. It may very well be a deciding factor in the next election. I guess it just depends on how much that message gets out and if it ultimately increases voter turnout.

    I'll be that last one to defend GWB, and as a conservative, I am dismayed at the options before us in the 2012 election. I'm not sure it matters who the next president is, I don't think any of them will stop the incessant spending and take the measures necessary to return our great nation to the prosperity we all expect.

    Anyway, back to GWB...would you consider the "redneck" comments made about him to be racist? I recall they were plentiful. Also, what about those who referred to Bill Clinton as, "Hill-Billy"? Was that racist? I think most of these comments are just comedic "jabs" at the leader of a democratic society in which free speach is a funamental right.

    I will give Obama credit for succeeding in some areas of foreign policy (Bin Laden, for example), as that was anticipated to be his weakness. However, he campaigned on "change", and I assumed that he meant change for the better. He said that if he couldn't do it in four years, he didn't deserve four more. I'm not any better off than I was four years ago. Most people I know are not either. That is not "Change I Can Believe In." It doesn't make me, or those that I know who feel the same way, "racist."

    Undoubtedly, there are racists out there, no one would ever dispute that. However, I contend that the "majority" of conservatives just want to see more fiscal responsibility in our government and less intrusion into our personal lives. The government does not need to save us from ourselves.

  • In reply to Robbie D:

    unfortunately, race isn't a pot, a card, or a game. it is the 800 pound gorilla in the country that we all deal with differently. for black folks and most minorities, it's the silent e: it's there effecting things but not necessarily in an overt way that can be seen without scrutiny. for white folks, who generally live oblivious to race because they don't have to deal with it on a day to day basis, it's an uncomfortable subject that people should stop bringing up because it's a thing of the past.

    the most unfortunate argument is that of "reverse-racism". it would take than is allowed in this space to diagram what this country has done to minorities, things that we can't as a nation make go away because we say it happened so many years ago. and unfortunately this isn't some sort of conspiracy theory x-file, nor is it relegated to skinheads or klanspeople, documented history gives the eyewitness accounts of how our government has actively worked to keep minorities as an underclass in america. we're debating same-sex marriage when a justice of the peace refused to perform an interracial marriage in 2009. does the average white person know what red-lining is? these are real and tangible things that we can point to; and because it's expensive when you get caught, most folks are smart enough to keep their racism behind closed doors. but don't think for a moment that it has relocated to the fringes of society. you've heard those jokes, you've seen something in an email, you may have been part of a conversation. we all have. i guarantee that the minority involved wasn't "just having fun".

    there's a movie, "Watermelon Man", about a white man who wakes up to find himself suddenly black. even though it's 40 years old, i see quite a few things that haven't changed.

  • i love reading some of the opinions like i see here because they truly make me laugh. having lived in chicago most of my life i consider politics the fourth major league sport and follow it, and it's box scores, just as closely. unfortunately, quite a few of these views and opinions, much like the tea partiers', seems to have been formed without any knowledge of presidential actions between 2001 and 2009, so let me bring you up to speed.

    let's talk about the long leash and so-called was "The Decider" who allowed stateside surveillance of american citizens to reach levels unprecedented even in comparison to the height of the cold war. email, phone and other electronic communications were being monitored and recorded without obtaining prior permission (permission which was normally granted anyway, but W decided he didn't need any stinking permission). during this same period, he started two wars and was in the process of starting a third with his self-declared "axis of evil", but ran out of time.

    during W's two terms the national debt grew by over $4 trillion (with a Tea), the largest increase under any president in history. where was the tea party then?

    speaking of lack of scrutiny (and selective memory), i'm sure you remember haliburton bidding for the deals to fight the oil fires in iraq. oh wait, this time your memory serves you correct, you don't remember it because there was no bid; haliburton was awarded a no-bid contract. nice retirement plan for mr. obama's cousin. (although they were fired in 2006 after auditors uncovered $1 billion in "questionable" costs)

    so now let's spend a little time talking about the iraq war and the much-scrutinized Weapons of Mass Destruction (did you hear the thunder in the background?). turns out we were scrutinizing everywhere but where osama bin laden really was.

    do we even want to bring up katrina? or the financial crisis that "The Decider" scrutinized from the front row?

    funny thing is, i don't take offense to much that is said about obama because so much of it is rooted in half-truths and lies...the birther movement, for example. then there is the obvious and not-so-obvious racism on which i don't bother to waste energy. we live in a racist world and some white folks are living their worst nightmare - not just a black president, but a black president who's momma is white (and from kansas, no less). i expected the monkey cartoons and the lack of respect from his colleagues, i'm sure it's no worse than many sitting minority politicians experience on a day to day basis so oh well. if you don't like his policies, contest them, argue against them, but he's an un-american socialist out to destroy the country? hell, as much as i disliked "The Decider", i just figured he wanted to get saddam back for his old man and wanted to get him and his buddies paid. nothing un-american about being a crook.

    and as far as ridicule goes, "The Decider", on the other hand, was, and continues to be a goofball, demonstrating his finely tuned oratorial skills on a regular basis...not. chicago's former mayor is very much like him: can hack a sentence into pieces with as little effort as he can cut a political deal. nobody said u have to sound intelligent to be "The Decider".

  • In reply to misterchi:

    This was so much better than my post..or anything I've written on this matter. +1 Well said-thank you.

  • What about criticizing Obama simply because he is a LIAR who lies, obfuscates, exaggerates, embellishes, misremembers, misreads his teleprompter but never admits to his daily lies, of which he has many. His color has nothing to do with his lack of experience and his narcissistic being. He has been campaign instead of government since labor day. Gas prices up 85% while he gives Brazil $2,000,000,000 to "help them drill so America can become Brazil best customer-what a fraud.

  • In reply to FloridaJim:

    jim...i'm not calling you a liar, just simply mis-informed.

  • Well said Floridajim. This administration disregards the Constitution. In fact conspires to undermine it ( Fast and Furious ). Tries to sell class warfare and spends money that doesn't exist. Yet cries foul whenever someone tells the truth about them. One Obama re-election official even wrote an op-ed about how they weren't interested in the votes of WHITE working people. Sounds racist to me. I've seen more hate mongering from Obama supporters than I ever have from conservatives. Obama lies and the mindless Gimmiecrats vote as they are told.

  • fb_avatar

    Like the left never criticized George W. Bush? Or questioned his legitimacy as President? And the economy's much worse now. This article is just "playing the race card". People GET to criticize the President, and some will always be crude about it, just like they ALWAYS have.

  • In reply to L Donovan Heinz:

    I hate to harp on this-but it's not ok to just make blatantly inaccurate statements. Under what objective analysis the current economy "much worse"? I'll wait..

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Since the economic downturn, all groups have lost money, but blacks and hispanics have lost the most, resulting in the widest gap in 20 years. The jobs the middle class were depending on are gone, and won't be back in those numbers any time soon, if at all. You know when times are good, you have jobs that provide some help, but the business can survive without them. Those are the "support" jobs that are gone. Along with call centers, etc., that have been offshored. In all, the net worth of everyone has dropped, but it's worse for the lower income families, that's one way the economy is much worse.

  • I firmly believe this is an untrue observation. It's one you'd like to believe, but it's just not true. There will be some racism, on ALL sides for years to come, but it is far less than when I was a child. And if you dig deep, you know the biggest problem we have is the financial divide, however, it does hit African Americans and Hispanics in larger percentages. It takes generations, (with an "s") for families to "move up". So your theory about darker skin is just not true. If you want to make a change, a real change, start talking to the PARENTS and their children about the values of education, saving money, and looking further ahead than tomorrow. That's the biggest problem, the impoverished youth of today are not taught to value the right things. They see someone with something they want, and their first thought is to take it, rather than work for it. You know, Bill Cosby and Herman Cain, most recently, have tried to get to the truth, but they have been shut down because the truth hurts sometimes. There's no doubt about it, "W" did us no favors, but Clinton, Carter and the others kicked the can down the road, too. The time to "correct" some of these social issues was when times were good, jobs were plentiful, and we had ample money. Now it will be nothing but a fight because resources are dwindling. So please, don't take the "cheap" route and use the racism card, we all know it exists, but it's not what is making Obama unpopular. At the end of the day, you can't deny it, the very people he set out to help, he has ultimately hurt the most. If he is not re-elected it will not be because of the pigment of his skin, it will be because his policies and theories did not work for the majority of the voters.

  • In reply to Jennifer:

    Let me first say thank you for reading-and moreover for your thought provoking comment. Your passion for, and grasp of many of the serious issues facing our Country-and more specifically-minority communities, is unmistakable. Many of your points are well taken; a level of unwarranted entitlement and materialistic indulgence exists-primarily amongst our youth, which is undoubtedly unhealthy and damaging to our societal well-being. However my purpose was not to conduct a thorough analysis of all that plagues our economy, or our minority communities-nor was I offering a unilateral explanation for why many people are upset with this President. My intent was to simply point out instances of unprecedented disrespect/racism towards this President. I explicitly stated I didn't feel all-or even most of the criticisms were rooted in racism. I must say btw that I disagree with the notion that his reelection ultimately hinges on "his policies and theories" working for the majority of voters. Did W's policies and theories work for the majority of voters? Moreover, has Obama really been able to enact legislation which is wholly reflective of his policies and theories? Like with regards to taxes? Again, thank you much for your comment.

  • good points jennifer, although i think he had his tongue planted firmly in cheek about obama's skin color.

    at the end of the day, however, i just wish people would truly inform themselves as to what is really going on in this country rather than letting pundits and spin doctors feed them what they want them to know. jim and holly are two examples of people repeating "facts" that just aren't true. here we sit on the internet, with access to more information than ever before available and we still allow ourselves to be duped. everyone is entitled to their opinion, i choose to have an opinion that i form on my own, not one that is dictated to me by a political party or the news media.

    unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if we've learned the lessons that history has tried to teach us about how dangerous it is to blindly follow ideologues and to give power to those who would stir up fear and divide.

  • Not in recent memory has a member of our government shouted out during a presidential speech with a direct insult to the President. Well, that is exactly what happened when South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (R) yelled out "You lie!" It didn’t matter if the President were purple or whatever color. It was a sign of disrespect for a man that was elected by the people. As to this insult being racially motivated, I don’t frankly care. It was a show of contempt, and audacity. I didn’t like President Bush but I would have been outraged if a Democratic representative of my state had the effrontery to shout liar during one of his speeches. There are just some things that Americans should not do.
    Apparently we have less class than the Iraqis who quickly wrestled a journalist to the ground for throwing a shoe at President Bush. Shoe throwing is a sign of disrespect in the Arab world. I distinctly remember from my childhood that calling someone a liar well…thems’ fightin’ words. Kudos to our President for keeping his cool in the face of ignorance.

  • There's a lot of stuff going back and forth here, but it's really very simple -- the "birther" movement is the only example you need.

    No other president has been so irrelevantly taken to task on this issue and at least two others presided over the age of the internet where any document can supposedly be faked.

    The birther movement IS JUST racism.

  • i think that the gorilla when you shave off their head what color are they it's not black

  • Sadly, contrary to your notion, November 4, 2008 was one of the most racial moments in our nation's history. Millions of people voted on the color of the skin of the candidate on both sides of the aisle. To vote for a person based primarily or solely on the shade of his skin tone is the epitome of racism. I must vehemently disagree with you about your notion. Obama won the white house because of the color of his skin. No clear minded seriously thinking person would vote for his continue to spend, socialist/fabian/ economic policies. Furthermore, did you say the same thing about Bush when Democrats said some of the most racist things about him??? YOU seem to think that ANY and ALL criticism of this president is just because of his race. Never mind that he has quadrupled our debt. Never mind that he after saying it will be the most open doored administration has covered up his past as best he can and done things in office in the middle of the night (healthcare). Never mind that he has often sided with the terrorists and has not with Israel. Never mind that he has left us with no hope and little pocket change. No, I must be wrong in all of this because according to you, I'm a racist just because I disagree with the policies of someone who has a darker hue than I do. WAKE UP!!!!! You are the REAL racist. People who cry racism the loudest are the ones who practice it the most!!!

  • From Wikipedia: The Tar-Baby is a doll made of tar and turpentine used to entrap Br'er Rabbit in the second of the Uncle Remus stories. The more that Br'er Rabbit fights the Tar-Baby, the more entangled he becomes. In modern usage according to Random House, "tar baby" refers to any "sticky situation" that is only aggravated by additional contact.

    So calling someone a tar baby has more than one meaning and you focused on the word as a racial slur rather than it's original meaning, which doesn't surprise me based on your post.

    Naturally if you are racially sensitive you are going to always look for racism in any situation it's clearly relative! The same as a conservative Christian person will be offended by swearing, pornography or science!

    As far as the picture of Obama as a monkey...well...didn't we all come from monkeys, not just black people?! I would think that the monkey picture would also offend conservative Christian people as well, seeming they don't believe in evolution?!

    Alas I am only speculating and really have no concrete proof of the motive of the tar baby comments and the monkey picture! They are most likely being racist but so what?! You can take it as racism which keeps racism alive or you can just take it as a joke and laugh it off! Douchebags will be douchebags!

    The real problem in America is you have a president that the majority voted for yet aren't willing to support when he is working his ass off trying to fix America's crumbling economy that was left by Bush!

    Stand by your president America...after all you voted for him!

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