Gays are Human Beings, not taxes, their rights should not be up for debate

The size and scope of Government

The role of the United States in the world

Supply side economics vs. Keynesian economics


These are historically, presently, and forever to be, some of the legitimate sources of contention in our Country, the matters which warrant the attention they receive, which inherently insist on dominating our political discourse.

Issues like these do not lend themselves to easy answers, to irrefutable points which prove one side “right” and the other “wrong”, no- when these issues are debated, reasonable people tend to make concessions, to understand and appreciate “the other side”.

To be clear, those issues are worthy of debate.

Homosexuality is NOT one of those issues.

In fact, the issue of Gay Rights does not inherently warrant the rank of “issue”, the issue-the “problem” is man-made.

This “problem” however  does lend itself to an easy answer, to a clear  inarguable right, and an even clearer indefensible wrong.

Simply, homosexuals in the United States and in the World,  should not have their fundamental rights infringed upon, nor have their individual and collective pursuit of happiness hindered because of their sexuality.

They should be allowed to be themselves

To love and be loved

To Marry.

To restrict their ability to do any of the above, to discriminate against Gays based solely on their sexuality, is not to do wrong as a consequence of what is right being hard to see, but rather to actively choose hate over acceptance, bigotry over tolerance.

And understand, bigotry perpetrated under the guise of faith is no less wrong, but rather more shamelessly egregious; it is nothing more than irrational hate masquerading as a rational love in God, small-mindedness disguising itself as enlightenment.

This is no different than the ‘issue’ of Equality for African-Americans, or for Women. For centuries, (and in many ways to this day) both fell victim to unjust laws, to discriminatory practices, to societal ‘norms’-including the collective acceptance of the idea that when it came to  Equal Rights, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ were two sides of the same debate worthy coin.

Well, that wasn’t true at any point then, and it isn’t now.

When faced with those opposed to such equal rights for Gays, conciliatory statements such as “I can understand that” need not be employed in the interest of civility, to do so is to dignify or legitimize a position which is worthy of neither, it is to narrow the distance between what is right and wrong, when in fact the distance could not be greater.

And yes, that applies to President Obama and his evolving position regarding Gay Marriage.

However I do understand that in many ways, the march for Civil Rights mirrors that of a Football Team marching down the field on offense.

You need a plan..

You need a quarterback who sees the whole field

Who understands the defense he’s up against

And then you chip away.

The President has in many ways helped our Country chip away, has helped the Gay Community and the idea of Social Justice get down the field.

Now it’s time to punch the ball in…

No matter what the always aggressive defense does.

Be Good Friends,



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  • Gay rights and African-American rights are similar but not the same.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Thanks for reading and for your comment Evan. Look-I read your piece, and while I understand that there are external differences between the two, I reject the notion that an internal.. fundamental difference exists.Gay Rights are, like AA Rights, an issue which falls under the broader umbrella of Civil Rights, of Basic Human Rights...of Social Justice. AA's don't choose their skin color-just as Gays IMO do not choose their sexuality. The choice regarding race/sexulaity is in how treat others who are different.

    "We must recognize the full human equality of all our people-before God, before the law, and in the councils of government. We must do this, not because it is economically advantageous-although it is; not because the laws of God and man command it-although they do command it; not because people in other lands wish it so. We must do it for the single and fundamental reason that it is the right thing to do. " RFK

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    mr moore, especially because i'm african-american, i don't believe in picking and choosing who gets rights and who doesn't. sure, "we" had the hardest road to hoe, if you'll excuse my unintended pun, but that doesn't mean that we or anybody else gets to be the gatekeeper to the human rights party. in fact, we should be at the door calling for everybody to join us in breaking down barriers that people have created to limit freedom to others that they would surely never allow to be limited for themselves.

  • How about take it a step further and question marriage in general. Marriage is an institution founded in both religion and government. Neither of which impress me as a means of continuing this tradition. I don't necessarily have a problem with marriage but is just a made up idea that we have been socialized to believe is necessary. Marriage doesn't actually prove a love for another person. I think that is clear with the divorce rate in this country. Actions prove love. To me marriage is nothing but a insurance policy that barely covers liability. It serves as status in society and just fulfills the need to be married. Not be loved. We program our children to think that marriage is something that should always happen. What kind of a savage doesn't get married?

    *This mantra is particularly present in women.*

    I do agree that regardless whether you are gay, straight, bi, or whatever you classify yourself by... you should be able to get married. I just contest that we should start questioning why it is we even get married in the first place.

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