Michelle Obama forgot First Ladies aren't supposed to have opinions...or be Black

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Michelle Obama just can’t seem to “stay in her place”.

Apparently the First Lady of the United States feels it’s her right to have an opinion on matters, particularly ones related to her husband, and for some reason, her Country.

According to New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor’s new book “The Obamas,” Michelle-who attended Princeton University and Harvard Law by the way, has spent her time in the White House rejecting the norms and traditions established by her predecessors, most notably, by having an opinion while having black skin.

Kantor makes a number of startling allegations in her book, including that the First Lady–and former vice president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals–had the audacity to be outspoken in her support for Health Care Reform.

And we thought Michelle’s tyrannical campaign to curb childhood obesity and promote healthy eating was bad!

Kantor also claims that during the always amiable Rahm Emmanuel’s time as Chief of Staff, he and Michelle often butted heads, which isn’t terribly surprising given that  complicated issues lend themselves  to dissent amongst strong-minded individuals, but I suppose that logical explanation is neither here nor there.

Now I know what you’re thinking-”We never heard of such grandiose…’uppity’  behavior when Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush was First Lady “

Megyn Kelly from Fox News was thinking the same thing by the way!.

Despite what prominent historians like Rush Limbaugh or Megyn Kelly might tell you, other First Ladies have in fact mustered up the courage to have an opinion, to use the inherent resources of their position to fight for causes they believe in.

Eleanor Roosevelt tirelessly worked on behalf of Civil Rights.

Betty Ford was an outspoken advocate of women’s rights.

Rosalynn Carter not only routinely sat in on cabinet meetings, but regularly represented her husband in meetings with domestic and foreign leaders.

And Nancy Regan successfully advocated for ….the dismissal of her Husband’s second Chief of Staff-Donald Regan. (she also spearheaded the “Just Say No” to drugs campaign, but considering you’ve done drugs at some point since the mid 80‘s-yes you random reader, I consider the campaign a failure).

Here’s the larger point:

Before Michelle Obama, everything every First Lady has ever done, good, bad and in-between, was done with White Skin.

There is of course a gender, and patriarchal component here-this is still a Country and society ruled by men; but make no mistake, if being born a female put Michelle in box, being black should have nailed it shut.

Just watch a few hours of TV, be it the news or sitcoms-Black Women aren’t supposed to be our role models, the teachers, the doctors, the lawyers, they aren’t supposed to be the sources of inspiration , the voices and figures playing prominent roles in addressing the most pressing issues of our day.

They most certainly aren’t supposed to be in the White House.

But Michelle, like her Husband, never accepted what society said she was ‘supposed’ to be, or what society said she couldn’t be, neither succeeded by putting their head down and staying quiet, or by taking the road of conformity; it is that unyielding will and determination, that inspirational and historically unprecedented defiance, which not only led them to each other, but ultimately to a place where many people feel they simply don’t belong:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Be Good Friends,



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  • It's funny how society works. ha ha I'm not sure where that stereotype came from but it when people like the first lady get blamed for something that she has yet to succumb to.

  • Spot on!

    Michelle's critics are the same people that believe the place for a politician's wife is standing stoically behind him - when he's on the podium apologizing for an extramarital affair...

  • In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    I was on an elevator -with about 4 strangers-when I read your comment (on my phone ) and reflexively said "Yep" outloud and chuckled. Love it. Thanks for reading my friend.

  • koolking83: "They most certainly aren’t supposed to be in the White House."

    Huh? I thought President Obama was elected to the Office, so it is not the majority of the US population that is saying this.

    All public figures must be prepared to take the slings and arrows.

    If you can actually watch a few hours of sit-coms or talking head news you must really have a strong constitution. All people are dumbed down on sit-coms...even the audience. That's why there's a laugh track. We the audience are too stupid to know when to laugh. Duh.

    So somebody writes a book? Books come and books go. Most of them aren't read, either.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Rich-I'll get back to you soon my friend, at work and don't wanna rush my response.

    Don't say "Duh"

  • Let's face it, a lot of the criticism being leveled at her husband is thinly disguised racism. Every time he takes a day off we read about how much vacation time he's had, and yet he is nowhere near the number of days per year Dubbya took off. John McCain wasn't born in the US, although he was born on a US military base. Most Americans would not have been able to quote the citizenship laws relating to being born abroad, but I don't recall too many people even asking the questions never mind demanding to see paperwork.
    There is definitely a double standard with Michele too. Let's not forget that Nancy Reagan was supposed to have consulted with her astrologer and advised Ronnie accordingly.

  • In reply to Expat in Chicago:

    +1...outstanding spot on commentary regarding this incessant racially tinged nonsense. The vacation stuff really drives me crazy....BTW I thought about mentioning Nancy's predilection for astrology, but I didn't wanna pile on. Thanks for reading and for your comment friend.

  • Someday Americans will look back at Michelle Obama and realize that she was one of the very best First Ladies.

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