GOP Debate Crowd keeps it classy on MLK Day, and by classy I mean predictably hateful

Yesterday, in yet another in a long line of debates in which the non-participatory President emerged the clear victor, it was equally clear who, or what was the ‘biggest loser’: the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.

On the day in which the values espoused by King-love, compassion, peace, tolerance, should be uniformly echoed and aspired to, the rambunctious South Carolina  Debate audience served as a sad but important reminder regarding the “Dream”of Martin Luther King Jr.:

It is far from a reality.

Regrettably, this is the reality:

On Martin Luther King Day, in the year 2012, a crowd full of Republicans in South Carolina :

  • Cheered U.S. soldiers urinating on Afghan corpses
  • Cheered ‘Historian’ Gingrich’s lesson on Andrew Jackson’s undiscriminating approach towards our ‘enemies’-  “He killed them”
  • Booed Ron Paul for suggesting we practice the “Golden Rule” with respect to our foreign policy.
  • Cheered Rick Perry suggesting America “go to zero on foreign aid”.
  • Booed moderator Juan Williams for implying that questioning the work ethic of Black Americans was not only insensitive, but in fact insulting to all Americans. The question however was seemingly irrelevant, sadly it was the phrase “Black Americans” which appeared to reflexively ‘inspire’ the audience’s visceral response.
  • Booed simply the mention of Mexico, not illegal immigration, not the drug war on the border…just the Country of Mexico. (When Mitt Romney was asked about his Mexican Born Father).
  • Cheered Newt Gingrich’s racially tinged assertion that President Obama is “the food stamp President”.
  • Were consistently indifferent to any momentary lapses of judgment by the candidates -and by that I mean moments of overt compassion (e.g. Santorum regarding felons having a right to vote “This is Martin Luther King Day and it’s a huge thing in the African American community — this targets African Americans to let them have their voting rights back when they complete their sentences”)

While the ‘Dream’, and the ideals on which it was predicated live on,  its opponents remain resolute, fueled by baseless, antiquated beliefs,  misguided fear, and irrational and poverty producing hate.

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King Jr day, such fear, such hate, such  poverty of the mind and of the heart, was not only on display, but was celebrated.

At a Republican Presidential Debate in the Year 2012

I’ll close with this:

“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.” –Strength to Love- Martin Luther King Jr

Be Good Friends,


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