Treating Donald Trump like a person who matters should disqualify one from consideration for President

Treating Donald Trump like a person who matters should disqualify one from consideration for President

If there is one thing that the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary has taught us, it is that there is little one can do to disqualify themselves from consideration, save for being somewhat informed/reality based (see Jon Huntsman).

You can have absolutely no idea about absolutely anything… (e.g. Foreign Policy Matters….or how to form a sentence) you can have a racist rock, you can dress like Michael Jackson, you can be a pandering coward who sits silent as a Gay Serviceman is booed, you can sexually harass women…hell you can even be Newt Gingrich-nothing, and I mean nothing short of behaving in a reasonable/respectable fashion, is a death sentence in this primary.

In other words, if your friends have ever told you “Hey you nonsensical a**hole, for someone who doesn’t know anything, you sure talk a lot of sh*t”..well, then you should be running for the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination.

Anyway, here’s my point, while I find the GOP’s quite liberal qualification requirements and lenient behavioral policies, to be as disturbing as they are comical, there is one facet…or face, of their nomination process which I find particularly egregious:

Donald Trump.

Somehow, someway, the man who provided the inspiration for the  uber-rich, uber-evil Biff Tannen, in Back to the Future 2’s crazy, alternate version of 1985, has become the GOP’s new Ronald Reagan, in a equally crazy, yet terrifyingly real version of 2011.

While candidates are unable to receive the God like endorsement of Mr. Reagan, (being that he currently lives in the same place as “actual God”) they have decided that the blessing of Mr. Trump, a man who has an entire section on his Wikipedia page entitled “Involvement with World Wrestling Entertainment”, would be the next best thing.

For months now, GOP candidates who want to be the symbolic leader of the free world, have been requesting-and if they’re lucky enough, have been granted, permission to meet and suck up to a reality TV star.

And speaking of The Apprentice, how ironic is it that while the central focus of our national political dialogue is- jobs jobs jobs, these candidates are seeking the approval of a man whose claim to resurgent fame, is the catchphrase- “You’re Fired”.

Now comes the news which has all normal people alternating between head scratching and vomiting (very hard to do both at once): “The Donald”-a man who was recently “Roasted” by Snoop Dogg and “The Situation”, will be moderating an upcoming GOP debate (I guess the Snoop thing proves he really does have “a good relationship with the blacks”).

This invariably self-interested, endlessly self-promoting, egotistical blowhard, will be hosting a debate which is inherently designed to help choose the next President of the United States.

In the words of Dean Pritchard in Old School-Please take a moment to allow this information to sink in.


Look, if you want to be a serious candidate for President, it’s one thing to be devoid of the unwritten yet necessary qualifications-such as knowing things, but participating in a debate hosted by the world’s most preeminent Birther? Insecurely treating Trump as though his opinion, his approval, is of paramount importance to you and your campaign? should finally serve as reason enough for voters to say:

“You’re Fired” from consideration.

Be Good Friends,



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  • Love it!

    So true. I have nothing to add but my admiration!

  • In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    Thanks Brent! Much appreciated my friend. Donald just makes it too easy....

  • On the one hand, it doesn't surprise me since he managed to start up the birther thing all over again in a staggering PR exercise. That alone makes him a saint to the Tea Partyers. However, given that it is now absolutely obvious that his consideration of "jumping in" was never, ever serious, I am baffled a to why he is still in their good books. I mean he made them look ridiculous, which is hard, and doesn't go down well in the Tea Party.

  • In reply to Expat in Chicago:

    +1 Well put my friend....

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