It's too bad Rick Perry's mom didn't have an abortion

It's too bad Rick Perry's mom didn't have an abortion

Former racist rock owner, current Republican presidential candidate, and the forever intellectually inept Rick Perry, has completed a “Transformation” with regards to his position on abortion, and now opposes the procedure even in the case of rape, incest or when the woman’s life would be at risk.

In response, I’d just like to say :

It’s too bad Rick Perry wasn’t aborted.

Had that happened, maybe mentally retarded people wouldn’t be able to be executed in Texas.

Maybe in the past nine years, 234 people wouldn’t have been executed in Texas.

Maybe Cameron Todd Willingham would still be alive.

Maybe fewer children in Texas would be going to sleep hungry.

Maybe fewer Texans would be living with the continual anxiety, the acute unease, that being uninsured brings.

Maybe the official position of Texas regarding climate change wouldn’t be “Pray for Rain”.

One thing is for sure, if Rick Perry was never born, our national dialogue regarding abortion would have one less ignorant, extreme fundamentalist voice, incoherently spewing their “enlightened beliefs” which are rooted in sanctimonious, religious fanaticism. (or maybe just opportunism)

To be clear-

Much the way I would never want to live in a Country where Rick “I‘m Pro-Life until you‘re born..then you‘re on your own until I kill you” Perry was President, I would also never want to pray to, or worship, or enjoy “eternal salvation” with,  a God who “mandates” that a woman who is raped and impregnated by her father, is “morally and contractually obligated” to give birth to that baby. (we have an unwritten contract with God right?)

Of course, Rick Perry’s mother didn’t have an abortion, making for an unmistakable “oops” moment in the history of our Country ; one which caused an immeasurable setback not only for the English language, but for “life” as we know it…

Unless of course you’re a fetus which is the product of heinous and depraved circumstance-

If you’re a fan of that type of “Pro-Life”, and of the type of man, and type of God which endorses it…then please, rejoice at the existence of Rick Perry.

If not, especially if you’re a Texan, be it a child or a woman, or someone who has been or could be wrongly accused of murder, if you’re uninsured and sick, if you want a life of happiness, opportunity, education, equality…

Simply if you are truly “Pro Life”…

Well then you’d probably be better off if Rick Perry was never born.

Be Good Friends,

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