Jay Cutler is Havin' Himself a Season

Jay Cutler is Havin' Himself a Season

Regardless of what the pundits may tell you, or what the booya’s in Bristol say, Jay Cutler is having himself quite the season so far.  His numbers may not be spectacular like Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, but Jay Cutler is putting his team in a position to win every time he steps on the field.  Don’t misconstrue my words, I am not calling Cutler a Kyle Orton-esque ‘game manager’.   Not at all.  Cutler has been putting his team in a position to win, with only Matt Forte and a bunch of moving parts around him.  Is there a Quarterback in the league who has as little offensive talent around him as Jay Cutler does?

The quick answer to that question is probably no.  Last night versus the Philadelphia Eagles, the Bears offensive line provided good protection, however they have been a cause of many of the problems in Cutler’s 3 years here in Chicago.  Last night, the Bears didn’t allow a sack for the first time in 29 games.   The receiving core has been sub-par at best as well.  Going into last night’s game, the Bears were 3rd in the league in dropped passes with 17.   Thankfully, Cutler got a healthy #80 Earl Bennett back in the lineup last night, as the two have an obvious connection out on the football field.

Cutler’s completion percentage may be in the bottom half of the league, and one of the reason’s he falls into the middle of the pack in terms of ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating.  However, that simply doesn’t tell the whole story.  With a poor receiving core and offensive line, Jay Cutler has managed to continue to complete 58.7% of his passes while dodging would be defenders, all while his receivers have dropped would be completions.  ESPN’s QBR statistic is overused, and flawed.  Currently, Jay Cutler ranks 16th in the league with such phenomenal talents as Jason Campbell (13th), Ryan Fitzpatrick (11th), Tony Romo (5th), and Matt freaking Hasselback (4th) ranked ahead of him.  I don’t know about you, but I’d take Jay Cutler over all of them in a heartbeat.  I think most other talent evaluators would as well, just don’t ask Trent Dilfer.

In 8 games this season, Jay Cutler has been as solid of a quarterback as a franchise devoid of quarterbacking could ask for.   Next week, the Detroit Lions come calling – let’s hope the Bears have the same Cutler we have seen this season.  Just make sure you keep Mike Martz on his short leash, please.

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