Republican Candidates Discuss NBA Lockout at Debate

Michele Bachmann

“I don’t know much about basketball, except that I remember Marcus being upset when they changed the uniforms in the early 90’s…something about shorts. That said, I don’t think the Federal Government , and the taxpayers, should be paying for a Meditator to help with this situation.”

Herman Cain

“9 Teams, 9 Games, 9 Minutes a Game. I DON’T CARE if that doesn’t make any sense….no don’t twist my words, I DIDN’T SAY I DIDN’T CARE…now I don’t care if that doesn’t make sense; it doesn’t matter if I got the idea from a Small Fry 6-12 Years Of Age Basketball League, this is a bold idea; and let me add this…the lockout is not the fault of the owners, or the players for that matter. If the fans want a basketball league, let them make one, this is their fault.”

Rick Santorum

“Clearly this is yet another example of the breakdown of the ‘American family’ and I just….what? No, yes of course I’m supposed to be here… I am running for President….Rick…Rick Santorum is my name.”

Mitt Romney

“Look, I think it’s clear the NBA needs a President with business experience such as myself. That said, I do side with the owners on this one, but can understand the player’s grievances. The NBA however could probably use a little advice from a President who knows how businesses work. But I’ll just say again, I do side with players on this one, but can understand the owner’s grievances.”

Newt Gingrich

“Yep, I’m still here”.

Ron Paul

“I just don’t see why…why we need this National…National League of Basketball. Let the states handle such so called leagues”.

Rick Perry

“Well….that’s a great question, see….the NBA, well..Basketball Sports…just sports….are an important part of our Country’s….um fabric…and, well when, for ten years as…..Governor of Texas, I had…..Spurs….well the Mavericks won and ..well, executions”


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