I can't text while I drive, but this is ok? (PICTURE)


1.I don’t know what the hell those things are (they covered the majority of the front windshield as well).  I do know that a powder of some sort, and/or  feathers, spewed out from them as the car recklessly sped down the Bishop Ford Expressway. So while I’m no detective, I feel it’s safe to assume we’re  dealing with either pillows, cocaine, or chickens…or dare I say all three.

2. A cop saw this car go by and did nothing.

3.  The passenger in my car took this picture…not me, so no I wasn’t being unsafe, and therefore this post is devoid of any irony or hypocrisy.

4. Number 3 was a lie…there was no passenger, I took the picture. Sorry.


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  • What has this other driver got to do with you breaking the law and endangering the lives of others by texting whilst driving? If you wish to do so, just go ahead and do it. This lunatic is neither encouraging you nor dissuading you.

  • In reply to stig:

    Sorry stig. Point well taken. I am curious however how one accidentally types "whilst" instead of "while". I could see "whilr" or "whilt"...but "whilst"?

    I'm impressed.

  • I guess some people take these posts pretty seriously. Fuckin relax.

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