"Hope and Change" coming to the North Side

"Hope and Change" coming to the North Side

Hope and Change is on its way to the North Side.

Theo Epstein, the Boston raised prodigy turned legendary two time Red Sox World Series Champion engineer, has reportedly signed a 5 year $20 Million deal to join the Cubs.

For a team and organization that is seen as the go to metaphor for logic defying ineptitude, this is nothing short of a game-changing cop.

Sure Epstein has had unlimited finances to work with, and furthermore, despite such a luxury, failed to produce a playoff team the past two seasons.

But perception in this case is reality. Epstein exudes vision and hope, he instills the antidote of optimism in a blood stream which has been poisoned by disappointment for decades.

But best of all, he understands what is at stake, not so much for the Cubs per se, but for himself. Be the man who brought both the Red Sox and Cubs that elusive World Series title? Legend, Hall of Famer…A God…none of those titles do justice to what he would become.

All that said, I’d advise my friends who bleed blue, to abstain from unreasonable expectations; to yet again employ patience, to recognize that the means to such a coveted end, may not come in an expedited fashion.

Wait…I feel like I’ve said all this before.

Hope…Change…unreasonable expectations…patience.

Eh, I’m sure I’ll figure it out later.

But anyway, be excited Cubs Fans-Theo is coming to Wrigley.

But just remember, as a smart man once said “You can’t change the world in a day, but you can at least try to get the smell of stupid out of the furniture”.

Be Good Friends,


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