Are we still talking about this Walter Payton thing?


People are still up in arms over Jeff Pearlman’s  biography of the apparently off limits Walter Payton!?

I wrote, almost begrudgingly,  about this maddening topic last week.My main point? Just as there is no Santa Claus, there is no Saint Payton.

It appears many have found it difficult to accept this fact, and channeling the wide eyed naivete of childhood, have chastised Pearlman for raining on their parade of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.

“This book says mean things about Walter!”

Grow up.

“Let Walter Rest in Peace!”

What does this even mean? If there’s a God, he’s doing just fine, if there’s not a God, he’s none the wiser.

“Pearlman is capitalizing off of Walter Payton!”

Newsflash-this is what people  like Pearlman (authors) do for a living. They write books, such as biographies, (which by definition should encompass all aspects of one’s life, good bad and ugly) and then get paid for doing so. The value of such books? Information! Insight! Perspective!

“I for one won’t buy this book!”

Good, don’t.

Maybe a book like this would better suit your delicate sensibilities:

Dragon's Alphabet Soup: Learn ABCs with Eric the Dragon (A Children's Picture Book)

Be Good Friends,



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