Week 3 Recap

Week 3 Recap

What have we, the Bears fans learned from this week’s defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers? We learned that in order to be a rival you have to play competitively against a team. We learned that Chris Williams cannot block. We learned that the Bears receivers cannot catch or run correct routes. We learned that Craig Steltz can’t cover a tight end. We learned that you cannot win a game while calling only 9 running plays. Finally, we learned that the Bears are a mediocre team. The problem is that the Bears coaching staff and front office have not learned any of these things.

Ultimately, the blame falls squarely on Jerry Angelo’s shoulders. He has proved that he can’t assemble a competitive team or coaching staff in a division that requires both. A week after saying the Bears couldn’t win without running the ball successfully, Lovie Smith allowed Mike Martz to abandon the running game again. What was the end result? The Bears lost. You can’t pass 85% of the time with wide receivers who can’t get open quickly, and a line that can’t block. It is a recipe for a seriously injured quarterback. The few times the receivers did get open, they dropped the ball because they were scared of being hit. The Bears spent another offseason without addressing the receiver position effectively and they will pay dearly. It doesn’t start at the receiver position however. They have five guys playing out of position on the O-line. Chris Spencer, the only one who did his job effectively last week will be benched this week. Finally, the only effective weapon Mike Martz has is Matt Forte. Use him you pompous, stubborn jackass.

On defense the Bears played their typical patient cover 2 scheme. The result was that Aaron Rodgers patiently put up 27 points on them by exploiting a backup safety, something the Bears failed to do with Nick Collins out. The middle of the field was open all day. Yet, Lovie Smith refused to blitz. Finally, once right tackle Bryan Bulaga goes down with an injury, why the hell did the Bears not put Julius Peppers over his replacement? Instead Lovie put in Nick Reed, some skinny scrub who got overpowered every play. The team needs to get their affairs in order. It starts with firing your inept general manager, as well as your stubborn offensive coordinator.

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