Kindergartener brings crack pipe, meth for show-and-tell

Remember that time way back in Kindergarten when you excitedly brought in your Mike Tomczak autograph for show-and-tell?

And then some snotty know-it-all kid had to rain on your parade by saying:

“Why is it on a Cubs Hat? He plays for the Bears!”

Of course you didn’t know it was because your Dad inexplicably wore a Cubs hat to the Bears game-and erroneously thought “oh this will do for the autograph”. All you knew was that your show-and-tell day, and maybe even your life, was ruined.

Well my forever emotionally scarred friend, you are not alone.

It seems that a determined to “wow” kindergartner in Sweet Springs, Missouri thought to himself-“Oh this pipe thingy and bags of stuff that mommy likes will make for a great show-and-tell!”

Predictably the overly strict school personnel at “Sweet Springs Elementary” disagreed, and the little guy never got to show, let alone discuss, the crack pipe and/or bags of crystal meth-(which were worth nearly $4000).

You can read more about this uplifting story here.


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  • Please tell me the Mike Tomczak story is a real one...oh pretty please tell me it's real.

  • lol - last blog i read tonight ....

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