People-Please Keep Your Disgusting Feet Inside the Car....Thanks

To those with functioning eyes and ears, or one or the other for that matter, the signs and symptoms of social deterioration are encountered on a daily, and often hourly basis. Do we need 14 reality/contest shows about dancing and/or singing? Did we need one “Big Momma’s House” movie, let alone three? The Jersey Shore….the Jersey Shore.

Oh and there’s this girl’s comment on Facebook (compliments College Humor)

Then there are those who in total defiance of all decency- stick their disgusting feet out the car window. The owners of these generally unkempt feet, tend to be car passengers, but occasionally, and inexplicably, it is the person behind the wheel spitting in the face of civility, not to mention safety.

The weather should not be all that prevents one from engaging in this revolting act. The Dan Ryan Expressway is not the beach, nor is my line of vision a footstool. The civilized public should never have to unwillingly bear witness to the holes in your socks, and moreover the machete-esque toe nails the holes expose (True story -Happened last week).

If I see a vehicle which has a driver that looks like anyone from the Jersey Shore, and a passenger that resembles that Facebook girl, and she is somehow dancing while sticking her feet out the window……and they’re watching Big Momma’s House on their car’s TV…..

Suicide Mission

Be Good Friends,


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