Well, at least the Cubs will always have June 13-17

Well, at least the Cubs will always have June 13-17
The Good Ol' Days-where shirts appeared to help BARISP

Remember when a cotton t-shirt which read “F*ck the Goat” had turned the Cubs season around?

It was supposed to be a unifying piece of apparel, like a NASCAR cut off sleeve shirt in Southern Indiana.

It was supposed to galvanize a team of listless and seemingly unmotivated millionaires.

And…for a bit-it seemed to inexpicably work.

Cubs players unveiled the shirt on June 13th, and to the delight of blue bleeding eternal optimists, subsequently took 3 of 4 from the 1st place Brewers, followed by a series opening victory against the Yankees in front of 42,000 plus at an electric Wrigley Field (Doug Davis got the win btw).

So on June 17th, the Cubs were 29-40 overall, and 4-1 since the debut of the magical shirt made for around $1.38 (That’s 1/90,614,006 of the Cubs Payroll btw).

Since then, the Cubbies have gone 9-18, making them 38-58 overall, which is good-or bad enough, for the 2nd worst record in all of baseball.

For the record, as you probably know, the Houston Astros own the league’s worst record at 31-64. The Cubs have played the role of unlovable loser in 4 of 6 contests against the Astros this season-including an embarassing three game sweep at Wrigley at the end of May. (Albeit pre Goat Shirt )

Speaking of three wins in a row, 96 games into the season, the Cubs are still chasing this seemingly elusive achievement. Unfortunately, this doesn’t figure to change in the coming days, given that the MLB best 59-35 Phillies are in town.

So I guess what it boils down to is this-

Granted, the Cubs have the second worst record in baseball (and the third highest ticket prices).

Granted, their second worst in the Majors -98 run differential means they’re not just losing, but losing badly.

Granted, noone wants their overpaid and over-the-hill players.

Granted, fans appear to have “had enough”. (7,000 plus no shows yesterday)

But But..

They are 5-3 in extra inning games.


They’ll always have the magical, shirt inspired run of June 13-17.

Be Good Friends,



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  • Surprisingly a 98 run differential for a team that is 38-58 actually isn't that bad, they aren't getting blown out or blowing teams out that often. Their Win Pythagorean says that they should actually be better than a 20 loss team. Don't let that statement misconstrue you, they are all kinds of bad. Bad bad bad bad bad. It doesn't have much of a chance for the future either.

    I need basketball/football to come back quickly, if it doesn't i'll begin physically hurting myself.

  • Good point I was gonna say that about the win pathorgrean thing.
    Does anyone think we will see any big changes with the cubs? Surely Quade is not the only one to blame for the cubs being awful, but Hendry continues to get nothing but support and positive endorsements from Ricketts.
    What about Ozzie? Obviously things are always shaky between him and kenny and then theres the rumors..... so if things go south fast on the south side could Ozzie be the one to take the fall? As many problems that Ozzie causes, he cant be blamed for his big money hitters not hitting.

  • In reply to TonyGray:

    W/respect to the Sox-while the Kenny Ozzie shit gets old-and can serve as an unnecessary distraction-it doesn't cause Alex Rios or Adam Dunn to hit like they're blindfolded (and have been spun around for 30 seconds).

    As for the Cubs-while Quade is no situational guru, this isn't his team-he didn't construct it; he also isn't responsible for the plethora of injuries the team has sustained. Regardless, he does need to go-Mike Quade is a nice guy with a nice story-but the Cubs need better than that.

    Hendry has to go-and I think despite what they publicly say, the Ricketts realize that. (They can't just throw him under the bus midseason-they are the ones who decided to keep him in the first place).

    Amanda Hammersteind

  • In reply to koolking83:

    I agree on all 3 and it doesn't make any sense for Quade but it's true....

    Nobody in their right mind would possibly make a contract worse than soriano's, but Kenny Williams took his best shot with the Alex rios signing.... Nobody can do it worse than hendry though

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