The White Sox are the Weakest Kid on the Block

The 2011 White Sox went “All In” pre-flop, and lets just put it this way-post flop, their hand isn’t looking too good.

We all know what Adam Dunn isn’t doing-hitting,  or if you’re one of those people who prefers positive language,  what he is doing-striking out, at a historic rate in fact. As it stands, Adam is on pace for  around 209 strikeouts this season, which by my math, equates to around $57,000 per strikeout.

We all know Alex Rios has an On Base Percentage which mirrors that of a gawky 13 year old acne ridden Little Leaguer, who gets base hits as often as he makes girls smile. (For the record-that was me)

We all know : Another Jake Peavy Injury (-1000) Jake Peavy 10 Game Winner (+900).

The fact is however, none of the aforementioned deficiencies fully encapsulates the White Sox first half woes as much as the following stat:


That’s the White Sox record this season against their Central Division counterparts, which by the way is good enough for a statistical tie with the Royals for worst in the division. Oh, and the Sox have lost three of five to the Royals this season.

Further food for emesis? The Sox are 1-7 against the Twins this season, and, dating back to last season,  have lost 28 of the last 35 nauseating meetings between the two “rivals”.

Speaking of last season, this inexplicable interdivision  ineptitude is certainly nothing new. The 2010 White Sox finished 32-40 against the Central (56-34 against everyone else), finishing second in the Division, 6 games back of the Twins.

The Twins 2010 Record against the Central?


You can’t be the toughest kid in the neighborhood if you can’t even walk down your own block.

The Sox, with their big talk and big contracts, keep getting “beat up” by the little guys on the block-including the division leading Tigers, who have won 5 of 6 meetings between the teams this season.

So, have Kenny and the Sox gone “all in” with rags?

We’ll see, after all, we’ve only seen the flop.

But remember, sometimes rags beat the “bigger” hand-just ask the Sox.

Be Good Friends,


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