The War on Planned Parenthood: Legislation in Lieu of Stones and Veils

The War on Planned Parenthood: Legislation in Lieu of Stones and Veils

It’s not two self-absorbed reality TV stars awkwardly eating Pizza in the Big Apple.

Its not scandalous, or full of shock value like a tweet of a penis.

It’s a story about insidious effects, about damages which are not as painfully tangible or emotionally jarring as a destroyed home-one of thousands that extreme weather has left in ruins.

No, this is about Planned Parenthood.

We don’t stone our women for adultery, we don’t force women to conceal their faces or bodies -and moreover suppress their individuality, by wearing a veil or burqa. No in the West we have things right…right?

Well, on the right-Not quite.

Currently Republicans across the Country are waging a war on Planned Parenthood, the leading sexual and reproductive health care provider in the Country-OR as the right would call it, the baby killing factory.

See, Republicans like Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels would have you believe Planned Parenthood is where a drug using illegal immigrant terrorist sympathizing left wing atheist would go to have an abortion- and moreover, that YOUR tax money is paying for it. Remember-according to Senator Kyl of Arizona, this is 90% of what PP does- of course that’s in a world where we are to presume statements given on the Senate Floor are not to be taken as fact.

Here are some facts:

It is illegal for a single penny of Medicaid to go towards abortion services. In other words-there is no federal funding for abortion to cut.

Abortions actually make up for less than 3 percent of what PP does.

Well what is the other 97% of what PP does? Excellent question-Planned Parenthood provides screening for breast, cervical and testicular cancers as well as screening for and treatment of STD’s. They provide prenatal tests and care, they provide birth control, menopause treatments, and offer counseling and sex education.

Who do these services go to? -Approximately 5 million women (and men) benefit from such care every year. Many of these people fall in the oft forgotten, never coveted, low income powerless, voiceless, minority class. (Glenn Beck called them “Hookers”)

Add whichever undesirable adjective you wish-these are the women the GOP are targeting.

And why? Because this is a social wedge issue. Because it galvanizes a sanctimonious base. Because the poor, inner-city female vote isn’t one the GOP is concerned with.

Governor Mitch Daniels recently signed off on defunding Planned Parenthood in Indiana. If someone’s sister misses a mammogram-so be it. If a mother doesn’t get her menopause treatment-so be it. If your teenage daughter-who may be sexually active, or is simply curious, is unable to get valuable sex education and/or protection-let the consequences be what they may.

Cancer, avoidable unwanted pregnancies-let the women deal with it. Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, friends … the women of our modern and enlightened Country-let them deal with it.

At least they don’t have to cover their faces right?

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