Let the "Monta Ellis to The Bulls" Rumors Commence

Let the "Monta Ellis to The Bulls" Rumors Commence

NBA speculation may be pointless at this point, with less than 30 days until the NBA collective bargaining agreement us up, however it will not stop NBA rumor season from commencing…

Jerry West joined the Golden State Warriors Executive Board last week, and speculation has grown that the Warriors will look to trade Monta Ellis or Stephen Curry and begin to build a team around one of the two young talented guards.  Monta Ellis is emerging as the most likely player to be traded.

Regarding trade partners for Monta Ellis, Tim Kawakami at the San Jose Mercury News states:

After checking with a few NBA sources, two teams kept coming up —
both with the combination of potential interest and the right roster
pieces to intrigue West and the Warriors.

They were:

Chicago, which might have been a big-time perimeter scorer away from
pushing Miami to the brink in the Eastern Conference finals. Would the
Bulls think about Luol Deng for Ellis? Could the Warriors sweeten that

Kawakami also cites a recent quote from Jerry West:

“Monta Ellis, a fierce competitor. He competes his fanny off every
night. Love to watch him play. But to me, size helps. Size helps.”

Monta Ellis is a very good scorer who can create his own shot both on and off the ball; Both needs which were put in the spotlight in 4th quarters of the Eastern Conference Finals.  Ellis does have several deficiencies, most notably he is an undersized 2-guard who can’t defend.  Ellis also shoots, a lot.  We already have a guard who puts up a lot of shots.

Ellis put up 20.1 FGA, connecting on 9.1 field goals per game in the 2010-2011 season which puts him at a 45.1 FG%.  Rose connected on 8.8 field goals in 19.7 attempts for a 44.5%.  Both players shot remarkably similar last season and have similar styles.  Ellis and Rose both excel with the ball in their hands, which may become problematic to the offense. 

Ellis is a nice player, but can’t defend well enough to play SG.  During the Ben Gordon years, my argument against BG was that he was never good enough on the offensive end to make up for how bad he was on the defensive end.  Ellis is more explosive than Gordon, and much more talented, however he is also an undersized guard who doesn’t defend his position well enough.  

The Bulls are a desirable destination for potential trade targets because of their relatively young talent and contracts.  Depending on the new collective bargaining agreement, the Bulls should have the opportunity to improve their roster but it is my hope that it does not include acquiring Monta Ellis unless it can be done without losing Luol Deng.




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  • Like you said, we cannot lose deng for Monta. He is too similar to Derrick and Deng is too valuable. Maybe a package of Taj and Asik will entertain it, doubtful though...you never know.

  • somebody has to score on a bad team... just saying....

  • Monta Ellis makes 11 mil/year and is locked up through 2013/2014, so his contract isn't too bad.

    I just don't want anything to do with him - I'd rather have OJ Mayo, depending on the asking price. Ellis can score, but all of his energy is exerted on O - on defense he is literally like an express way to the basket.

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