Hey Scottie-Did Michael Ever Play Like This?


Hey Scottie-Just wondering how many times in the NBA Finals Michael had a game like this?


Eight points in 45 remarkably unproductive minutes. The King had zero points in the 4th quarter-missing the lone shot he took.During the past three games of the series, James has scored four points on 1-for-7 shooting in the fourth quarter.

By the way-the lowest amount of points MJ ever scored in an NBA Finals game? 22. James has 25 in the past two games combined.

I think given the opportunity, a 48 year old MJ could score 8 points in an NBA Finals Game-and he certainly wouldn’t go scoreless in the 4th quarter. 

Stats don’t tell the whole story. In the biggest games of his career, instead of channeling Michael Jordan-or Magic Johnson if you wish, he has channeled….LeBron James from the 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals,  Game 5 to be exact. You know, the passive, aloof LeBron-the one that couldn’t be compared to LiL Bow Wow in Like Mike, let alone Mike himself.  

Simply, in a way Michael never did, LeBron has a tendency to shrink when the stakes are at their highest. Against the Bulls, did he help the Heat overcome a 12 point deficit with 3 minutes left? Yes, but what did he have to lose? At that point the pressure was off-and LeBron played accordingly. Pressure and performance-for LeBron, a negative correlation exists.

He used to be Batman, now on the biggest stage of them all, he’s struggling to even play Robin. Maybe Scottie should give him some advice on playing the role.  

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  • LeBron is weak with the force.

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