Michael Jordan/Walter Payton Highlight Video

Michael Jordan/Walter Payton Highlight Video
With the Bulls down 3-1, the Sox offense continuing to be bipolar, and Republicans just 
rehashing reality ignoring talking points, I find myself short on motivation to write anything of substance. So-speaking of rehashing, here is a Michael Jordan/Walter Payton Highlight Video I made 4 years ago. 
Be Good Friends,
P.S. Ed Schultz was spot on…although if I were a “slut”, I’d be insulted by the comparison to Laura Ingraham  


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  • Benny the Bull is on the Grill. DAAAAAAAAA HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to threalReginald:

    IDK what that means. I will say congratulations however on the series victory,(you did play a role I suppose). You never did quite get my point/perspective, but what is one to expect when they argue with a person who leaves a comment such as the one being replied to, and who moreover claims sole ownership to the name Reginald. Good luck in the Finals. I don't mean that.

  • In reply to threalReginald:

    You know, i told myself i wouldnt come on here and post anything if the heat lost but oh well...

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