Derrick Rose vs LeBron James: A Quick Comparison

Derrick Rose vs LeBron James: A Quick Comparison
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  • In all seriousness, Rose probably has a step or two on James and an uncanny ability to finish. James is big, strong, and quick too. He has also always made defense a priority has taken that concept to Miami. He has about as good of a skill set of any player you can ask for. What might just separate the two, and be an x-factor (term that is way overused) in the comparison is rose's killer instinct and will to win. Rose has done more with less, but it's been the times that he has failed that he's worried about. He's still learning to harness that killer instinct and when to take over and when to get teammates involved. Someone told me you should always end it with a quote. He says someone else has already said it best. So if you can't top it, steal from them and go out strong. "I don't call them killers. I call them motherfuckers. And Derrick Rose is the baddest motherfucker I know." - Brian Scalabrine

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    Great points which were perfectly put Ton... and love the reference to American History X. Sunday can't get here soon enough. I wish we were getting Cheese Sticks from Connies at the Union.

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    The thing is-we know Rose will "get his"....Miami doesn't have anyone to Guard him-if LBJ wants to take that on fine. This series-and I'm not saying anything you don't know-will come down to what Boozer, Deng, and our bench does. We need to take advantage of our depth, and exploit their lack thereof.

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    Great post, but I dont agree with your above comment. They are gonna throw the kitchen sink at Derrick. Chalmers isnt a bad defender, you will see Wade and LeBron on the youngest MVP as well. With that said, by Game 3 we will be seeing alot of triple teams

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    Thanks Greg. I guess I should of said they can't defend him 1 on 1-which isn't really an insight or revelation. But when they throw the kitchen sink at Derrick, guys will have to step up. Game 1/2 against the Hawks Boozer will not work. 4qt "absent" Deng/Korver will not work. Derrick will still get around 25 and whatever-it's gonna be those assists, when and where they come, that'll be the difference.

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