Coming Soon: The Future 1st Round Draft Pick from the Charlotte Bobcats

Coming Soon: The Future 1st Round Draft Pick from the Charlotte Bobcats

The Chicago Bulls traded Tyrus Thomas to the Charlotte Bobcats for Flip Murray, Acie Law and a protected, future first-round draft choice.

We all remember the trade deadline of 2010, which saw the Chicago Bulls dump salaries in preparation for the free agency blitz that would occur the following summer. In addition to shedding salary, the Bulls also acquired a future first round draft pick from the Charlotte Bobcats. NBA draft picks are exchanged often under the current CBA, simply because they hold no monetary value in determining if a trade can work. Depending on the new CBA, draft picks in future years may take on even more significance to a franchise (especially if a hard cap is implemented).

In trading future 1st round draft picks, teams often will “protect” them depending upon where they end up in the Draft Lottery. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Clippers, who traded Baron Davis (with his hefty weight/contract) and their 2011 1st round pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Mo Williams. The Clippers regretfully did not protect this draft pick. The Cleveland Cavaliers will pick #1 overall, albeit in a weak draft class, using the Los Angeles Clippers unprotected draft pick.

That leads me back to the discussion of the Charlotte Bobcats future 1st round pick. This pick, which can be traded, has a value which will increase every year the Bull do not use it. It may also become even more useful to the Bulls, or the team the Bulls trade the pick to, depending upon the circumstances that surround the new collective bargaining agreement in the NBA.

The Bobcats 1st round pick will first be able to be used in the 2012 draft, and will lose protection each year afterwards.

Details below:

  • 2012 lottery-protected
  • 2013 top-12 protected
  • 2014 top-10 protected
  • 2015 top-8 protected
  • 2016 pick is unprotected
  • Via Hoopsworld

According to an amazingly detailed NBA Salary Cap FAQ website, the first year in which the Bulls can take the draft pick, they must.

If the team owns one of the protected picks in 2008, 2009 or 2010, then they keep it; otherwise it is conveyed to the other team.

The best case scenario for the Chicago Bulls would be either for the Charlotte Bobcats to be the 15th pick in an extremely talented 2012 NBA draft class, or for the Bulls to find a way to use this pick in a trade for a known commodity. If the Bulls are unable to use/trade the pick in 2012, the pick will only continue to increase in value each season.


 If you were looking for this answer, you are welcome. However, do not thank me, thank Oprah for moving Game 1 and essentially Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, because otherwise I would be intoxicated and yelling at a television instead of researching an incredibly mundane topic such as this.

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