Back Off Korver Bulls Fans

Kyle Korver has been the focus of much ire amongst Bulls fans after the Miami series. Radio personalities such as Dan Mcneil are calling him a choke artist and so on. Korver went from shooting a solid 41% from the 3-point line in the regular season to shooting an awful 42% from the 3-point line in the playoffs. Did you catch that? He shot better in the playoffs. The fact is that Korver is a streaky shooter. The Bulls as well as their fans that actually watch basketball before the playoffs knew this when he was signed in the off season. Korver came up huge for the team at times during the regular season as well as in the Indiana series. I don’t claim to be as basketball smart as Tom Thibodeau or to have played the game professionally like Lebron’s new best friend Scottie Pippen, but I do know that Kyle Korver should be brought back by the Bulls next year in the same role that he played this year. While Korver could be called a defensive liability, he is the best 3-point threat the Bulls have and he works incredibly hard without the ball to find open shots. This is something that is a team weakness as we all saw in the Miami series. Not to mention that Korver is an outstanding figure around the community and an asset in the locker room. No Bull had a great series against Miami save Luol Deng so back off Kyle Korver until next season Bulls fans.

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