A Note to Scottie Pippen

Come on Scottie.
We know timing was never your thing.
In 1990, against the hated Pistons in the deciding 7th game of the Eastern Conference Finals, you sat….migraine right?
With 1.8 seconds remaining in Game 3 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Semifinals, your team, our team,  was all knotted at 102 with the New York Knicks. Michael Jordan was in Birmingham, this was your team, your time. You sat. 
As Bulls fans, we  had reached the pinnacle of NBA fandom before, six times to be exact, and we all  pined for a seventh taste of the pride and ecstasy that you, with help from a guy named Michael Jordan, gratuitously and unforgettably supplied. 
We could taste it.
And then it was gone.
And before the body was cold, before the tears were wiped away, you threw salt in a fresh wound, and-as so seldom was the case throughout the 90’s, made the story about you.
I don’t criticize the basis of your argument. 
LeBron James is more talented than Michael Jordan ever was. 
He’s taller, he’ stronger, he’s a better passer…he’s friends with Drake.
That said, he’s not Michael Jordan-not even close, and you more than most, should be privy to six reasons (among many) why. 
But that’s not the point.
Your timing for an impulsive, and needlessly provocative comment was, like your self-benchings, remarkably unfortunate. But wait, after time to reflect and…think….you recanted or at least clarified your comments…right?
A bit childish and embarrassingly defensive Scottie. 
In case you forgot-fans, like you, are entitled to their opinions. Let us put this in a way that  your self-proclaimed best player of all time would understand: We’ve Witnessed…we’ve witnessed Michael, we’ve witnessed LeBron, and we’ve witnessed you. We know who the greatest is, and moreover,  we know why you said what you said. 
We of course are those who continue to “watch and cheer”,  as we did Michael Jordan in 1990 and Toni Kukoc in 1994….as you just watched.
Be Good Friends,


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  • I'm glad somebody brought his follow-up tweet. It's almost as baffling as the original LeBron comment.

    While the LeBron comment showed his opinion of a single basketball player, his follow-up tweet showed his opinion of an entire fan-base who happen to disagree with him. Reeks of disdain and scornful snobbery.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I'm glad that you commented my friend-I feel like it validates the post in some way. Scornful snobbery is a perfect way to put it btw.

    Speaking of your rhetorical abilities-when are you getting your own blog/joining someones? If your comments are any indication, your blog would make for some good reading.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Thanks for kind words. Aiming for when Chicagonow changes over to the new format later this summer...

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