F**k Donald Trump

F**k Donald Trump
I’ve had it. Donald Trump-the narcissistic, forever self promoting, Back to the Future caricature providing , uber blowhard, has served as travel agent/transportation/tour guide on the beyond maddening journey of my sensibilities to their limits. This is going to be short and to the point. Donald Trump, you are despicable. I am a Democrat-in fact I’m a liberal, but regardless of my  political allegiances, I know this: I am proud to be an American during a time in which an African American can become President of the United States. I am proud to be an American during a time when a boy who once said “My father looked like no one around me”, can grow up to become  MY President.  
I’m not African American, nor do I have the audacity to claim the necessary, and race/experience contingent wherewithal to speak for their people; but I would feel safe in proclaiming the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama as a smidgen of compensation, a pepper of pride in a history of unwarranted pain and humiliation for their people. And how do some of the “land of the free, home of the brave, hard work equals success Americans” respond to this all American story? “He wasn’t born here” “He didn’t even deserve to go to Harvard”, aka  “He’s Black”. Donald Trump panders to these thinly veiled racists. Donald Trump strives to galvanize the  most embarrassing, most deplorable strand of our collective DNA. I despise Donald Trump…and every one like him.
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