Decoding the Rhetoric- What the Right is Really Saying

Decoding the Rhetoric- What the Right is Really Saying
For around two and half years now, we’ve witnessed the far right wing make a rather ineffective, or perhaps better but, half-hearted attempt at encrypting their general message. They’ve felt comfortable saying things like “The President isn’t one of us”, or “The President has a different world view from you” -you know, the loaded statements with racial undertones. 
It makes you wonder though-what if their proclivity for watered down race baiting  “graduated” to  unadulterated honesty, void of euphemism or restraint? What would they really like to say to their target audience? Well, it probably would look something like this:
What would they like to say?
Dear White Middle Class Voter, (Primarily Males)
Um…excuse my lack of tact here, but do you understand that the President of the United States of America, is currently a Black man? Let me put it this way-the highest office in the land, which was once held by THE Ronald Reagan, is currently occupied by a BLACK MAN. I still don’t think you get this….you must not. Ok, in 2008 it may of seemed like a novel idea, but we’re not gonna let this happen again are we?
Do you want some haughty Black man , who by the way, got into Harvard simply because of the color of his skin, to run OUR Country? His middle name is Hussein in case you didn’t know.
Look what has happened in only two years. Have you noticed all the emboldened blacks? How about all these new rights the Gays have been getting? And look at all the Mexicans! They’re everywhere. Vote for Barack HUSSEIN Obama in 2012, and don’t blame me when your son turns gay and Santa Clause shows up in a low rider. 
This quintessential Chicago politician (that’s a big elitist City in case you didn’t know…AKA NOT REAL AMERICA), wants to take your money, and give it to all sorts of people you shouldn’t care about,  poor people, the elderly (except those elderly people you do care about, such as your Grandma- the “President” wants them to fall victim to his Death Panels), heck probably even terrorists. That doesn’t sound like a Christian to me.
And how about this Socialist Health Care crap? Hypothetical here-should you be paying for the Health Care of a gay terrorist Muslim who hates Jesus and ran over your dog? I didn’t think so.
It was bad enough when we had to deal with a President who enjoyed recreational intercourse-you know the kind that isn’t intended to reproduce. Then eight years later, when we thought that the election of his wife was worst case scenario,  along comes Barack Hussein Obama… from Kenya. 
I know you may have some questions for my party. Why should the wealthiest of Americans be getting further tax cuts which they don’t need….especially when the money doesn’t “trickle” down? Why should the private sector control Medicare? Why should oil companies that are currently enjoying record profits, continue to receive multibillion dollar subsidies? Why didn’t we say anything about fiscal responsibility from 2001 to 2008? I suppose those are all good questions, but I think you’re ignoring a more pressing concern: The President of the United States is fucking Black!
And please, don’t get me started on Michelle.
For the record, the aforementioned is a reflection of my opinions only- and not necessarily any other writer on this blog.  
Be Good Friends, 


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  • A noble attempt, but these guys are beyond satire, and beyond shame.

  • In reply to Celt:

    I hear ya man-although the sad thing is, there's not much difference between what I said, and what they (the far right) think. Thin line between satire and reality.

  • In reply to Celt:

    There shame makes it good for President Obama's Gain!!!! With the deliverance of the death of Usama Bin Laden their satire and folly will have to genuflect to the president's patriotic commander-iin-chief leadership.

  • In reply to Tyrone:

    Yes sir-thanks for checking out the article and for your feedback. Much appreciated.

  • In reply to Celt:

    Interesting that we're 18 months before the next presidential election, and there's not one GOP candidate declares (other than hobbyists we've never heard of). Just goes to show that the Republicans are stuck in the past like pigs in their own turds.

  • In reply to MySportsComplex:

    Spot on man. Thanks for checking out the article-and for your humurous and moreover accurate metaphor !

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