The Advertising Campaign for Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch

Michael Leppert recently blogged at Contrariana about the advertising campaign for Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch.  According to Leppert, whose blog is seen at several Indiana-based publications, the Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) is paying in some states for ads that call on the public to pressure their Senators to support the confirmation of the president’s nominee. ... Read more »

Hate Facebook These Days? Consider these options.

It’s become a cliche to say that our nation is deeply divided.  Facebook is one place among many where this division is thoroughly reflected, and it’s led to more and more people saying they hate Facebook. What they hate, of course, is the divisive, shrill, and frequently nasty rhetoric that has ended friendships and heightened... Read more »

PrEP for Gay and Bi Men -- Can you depend on it?

The Las Memorias AIDS Wall in Los Angeles memorializes those lost to the disease. December 1 is World AIDS day, and I am sad. Two men that I loved most in my adult life, next only to my husband and partner of 27+ years, were lost to AIDS.  Thinking of them now, 30 years or... Read more »

Donald Trump has been elected President - what now for the rest of us?

Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States and will take office in just over 60 days.  What now?   Many are fearful, and some fears are reasonable based on words that came from the candidate’s mouth: a threat to end the benefits of the DREAM program, sending people back to a country... Read more »

Gays for Trump -- WTF?

Somehow up until now, I have been sheltered from the amazing reality that there are Gays for Trump.  Yes there was the out libertarian venture capitalist and Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, who won a standing ovation when he spoke to the Republican National Convention.  But the German-American entrepreneur is far from your run-of-the-mill gay guy... Read more »

The Chicago Tribune Endorsed Gary Johnson for President -- So What?

This week the Chicago Tribune endorsed Gary Johnson for President of the United States.  What, if anything, does it mean that the editorial board suggested its readers vote for someone who will not be elected?  Here’s an opinionated look at the guts of this appalling endorsement. On one hand, the Tribune continues its wholehearted rejection... Read more »

Politicians - Vote for 'em for "fuck 'em"?

A George Carlin video is making the rounds on Facebook.  It’s worth watching because it’s funny in Carlin’s outrageously cynical way. It’s also disturbing.  Carlin turns on its head the old saying that “If you don’t vote you can’t complain,” arguing instead that if you vote you can’t complain because you’re responsible for putting the... Read more »

Rep. Sandack Resigned Because of Extortion for Cybersex -- Did he really need to?

Now it can be told!  Published reports say that former Rep. Ron Sandack resigned his position last July because he was tricked into an erotic online conversation on Facebook by a woman who then successfully extorted money from him. Sandack is a Republican former member of the Illinois House of Representatives, not an “ex-congressman,” as... Read more »

Black Lives Matter, the Police and Me

Here’s the thing:  I am absolutely convinced that Black Lives Matter and that saying so doesn’t mean or imply that nobody else’s life matters.  I can’t understand why so many fail to get, or choose to disregard, the history of this country and particularly the horrific experiences Black people (not just African-Americans) have had with... Read more »

Hillary Clinton and her e-mails: Can We Talk About the Facts?

No matter what the content of FBI director James Comey’s report on Hillary Clinton and her e-mails, there was bound to be a lot of hullabaloo and muchisimos accusations flung by those on both sides of the political aisle. But wouldn’t it be worthwhile, just for a moment, to talk about the facts?  Granted “facts”... Read more »