Region Rats. That’s what they call us. We dwell in the infamous purgatory wedged between the sparkling lights of Chicago and wide open cornfields of Indiana.

Orphaned from our home state, “Da Region”, as the natives call it, is that upper left section of the Hoosier state known as Northwest Indiana. To you, it might just be that obscure, little region Tom Skilling is forced to mention during his forecast, but to us, it is our own miniature Chicago!

Often overshadowed by our big brother The Windy City, I felt it necessary to give “Da Region” it’s own respective voice and unique identity as an adopted Chicagoan state and off-the-map tourist destination. It’s an area that offers greasy gyro meat piled on top of hot pita bread, a cold beer in front of a fortress of flat screens, and the one thing the city of Chicago doesn’t have, parking spots!

Diving head first into the community, I am dedicated to traveling through “Da Region”, in search of these humble and delightfully gritty gems, experiencing the businesses, the bars, the events and the personalities that make Northwest Indiana, Southeast Chicago!