None or less processed foods challenge

Do you find yourself in the middle aisles in the grocery store most of the visit?  Are you spending much of that time trying to decipher food labels?  Are most of the foods you are eating in a box, bag, or plastic wrapping?

If this sounds like you, you are eating too many processed foods!  We have become a society that depends on pre-made drinks, packaged snacks and bars, and frozen meals.  And many of us are eating these foods because it says the calorie amount on them.  Just because something has 100 calories doesn’t mean it’s good for you.  We need to be eating fresh foods, foods without a nutrition label because it doesn’t come in a package.  Many of these packaged foods are made with ingredients we’ve never even heard of.

I challenge you to eat none or at least less processed food.  Hang out in the produce section of the grocery store and get your meat and fish from the butcher.  If you are going to get packaged foods, read the ingredient label; try for 5 ingredients or less.  And make sure you know what the ingredients are.  Many foods have strange chemicals in them to make them last longer; if a food can sit on your shelf for more than a couple of months, maybe you don’t want to buy it.  Yes, fresh foods mean more work but think about how much healthier you will be in the long-run.  Do you really want to survive on Lean Cuisines for the rest of your life?!

Sound overwhelming?  Start with one less processed food a week.  If you are always stocking up on frozen meals, try just buying 1 or 2 for the end of the week and set a goal to cook your dinner for the other days of the week.  Try cooking meals on Sunday for the week; you can always freeze some portions.  If you are worried about knowing the calories of what you eat, you can look up foods online or log your food intake.  Here are some websites I use:


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