You Don't Think I Have Depression.

  I have functional depression. Like so many traits and descriptions of mental health disorders, the description of this one is often about how it looks to others, not how it affects the individual suffering from the depression. Let me explain. My depression manifests in the following ways: Getting up after one snooze of my alarm to... Read more »

SHOCKER: Even Strong, Sassy, and Smart Women Have Been Sexually Assaulted

  I was 5 years old the day I learned my body was not my own. As I sat on the shoulders of a man whom my parents trusted, my brother loved, and I thought was hilarious and fun, I already knew this man had authority over me and if he decided to touch my... Read more »

We Need to Talk About The Good Doctor and Autism

I am obsessed with medical shows. I love them. I STUDY them. My artistic joy would be to play a doctor on an ensemble-based TV show about the medical field. OH. And to be super-ultra clear? Not just any doctor. I want to play a SURGEON. So it stands to reason that a new TV... Read more »

To The Woman In The Deli Who Told Me To Leave My Autistic Kid At Home

I’m no longer embarrassed by my kid. I admit, there was a time, not too long ago, where I was embarrassed. Woefully. Painfully embarrassed. I think it stemmed from not understanding his behaviors and thinking that others would judge me as a mom when he was acting out. And then there’s the stimming. Per Wikipedia... Read more »

How I Handled Life After My Son’s Autism Diagnosis. (Spoiler Alert: Not Great)

Those first few months after Jackson’s autism diagnosis were a whirlwind. Some days I wandered through the day a little foggy, yet, unwilling to tone down the hyper vigilance. Other days, I would cry after hearing a story about someone’s pet passing away or a frustrating event with someone’s family. Most days I just pretended... Read more »

Teaching Our Autistic 4 Year Old How To Fight Nazis

Art credit: Jon Wolter The events in Charlottesville have me digging deep right now. I’m looking for the love and the balance and the way to share my true self with the world, yet, not share fear with my 4 year old son. Because I don’t know how to explain it all to him, yet. When... Read more »

I’m Ashamed To Admit I Still Use Ableist Language And It’s Time To Cut It Out.

Ableism defines people by their disabilities through language which characterizes them as less than those who are non-disabled.    As a mom with a kid on the Autism spectrum you’d think I would have stopped this kind of language a long time ago. But, while I don’t ever use the “R” word, there are plenty of other... Read more »

Other People’s Kids are Spoiled, Disrespectful, and Rude. Or Are They?

Something has been bothering me, lately. I see a rush of support for people waving a blue-colored ribbon or sporting a blue puzzle piece, or posting with the hashtag – LightItUpForAutism. I love that the word is out about this. I love that people want to help – though clicking a thumbs up button on... Read more »

How Early Intervention Helped and Hindered Our Son

We first started Early Intervention when Jackson was 2 years old. I called when he was 17 months but getting an appointment and an assessment isn’t that easy. It’s a series of events that then lead up to starting services if the child is eligible. Here’s how our experience went down: I noticed Jackson wasn’t... Read more »