A to Z Challenge: O is for Occupation, or Why Don't I Know What I Want To Do When I Grow Up?

Does anyone else feel like they still have no idea what they want to do with their life? Does anyone else think about what kind of work they REALLY want to do?  Does anyone else want to quit their full-time job and go back to school—at 52? Does anyone else feel like a failure because... Read more »

A to Z Challenge: N is for “Not My President” and Why I Changed My Mind About This Phrase

The minute Trump was elected, #notmypresident went viral.  Rally crowds chanted the phrase, articles were shared with the hashtag, and I cringed. Not because I support Trump—far from it.  I despise his policies and what I know of him personally and professionally.  More on that later. No, I was troubled by the underlying idea that... Read more »

A to Z Challenge: M is for Menopause (or Perimenopause, to be exact)

This is my M-word because this feels like the most pressing right now.  I cannot escape the craziness that is menopause, or perimenopause, to be exact. Menopause is actually “defined as occurring 12 months after your last menstrual period and marks the end of menstrual cycles.” Perimenopause is all the fun stuff that leads up... Read more »

A to Z Challenge: L is for Limited (not the store)

Limited has a few definitions, but the two I was thinking of when I started this post were: (1) restricted in size, amount, or extent, and (2) (of a person) not great in ability or talents. This word came to me this morning as I was driving to work.  I get to work an hour... Read more »

A to Z Challenge: K is for Kickin' It

I had lots of ideas for my “K” blog: Kindness, Key, Kaleidoscope, Killing, Kafka, and Kindred, to name a few. But I like to let the word “pick me,” even though I brainstorm words to get the juices flowing. Kickin’ it just came to me in the kitchen while I was feeling kooky.  See what... Read more »

J is for Just for Today

I write about this concept a lot because I need to be reminded EVERY DAY that this day is all I have to worry about and focus on.  The problem is that I am often pulled off course by the jibber-jabber of my mind. While I was thinking about this blog, I happened to look... Read more »

A to Z Challenge: I is for Imposter

Do you ever feel like a fraud?  Are you sure that people are going to “find you out” any second now?  Do you think to yourself, “If they only knew….” If so, you suffer from Imposter Syndrome. I know what you’re thinking:  “This cannot be a thing.”  Ah, but it is.  And many people, including celebrities... Read more »

A to Z Challenge: H is for Humility

Today I asked for suggestions on Facebook for this blog’s subject. I got so many great ideas: Hip-Hop, Heaven, Home, Hope, Help, and Hippos. I could have written about all of them! OK, I would have had to do a lot of research about hippos and hip-hop. One word was repeated numerous times: humility. I decided... Read more »

A to Z Challenge: G is for Grace

Today I was just not feeling it. And I didn’t want to write this blog. I woke up late and right away my brain was in a tizzy. I worked to turn it around while I got ready, but then there was no iced coffee at my Starbucks! My barista made me a lovely Iced... Read more »

A to Z Challenge: F is for Fiction

I just finished a great book, Big Little Lies, which was funny and thought-provoking. And as is often the case, terrific books make me reminisce about the other books that I’ve loved and that have impacted me. There are many, but today I’m going to write about five….no, ten….no, twenty. Just kidding. I’m going to... Read more »