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New Year, Old Memories

Sometimes you hear words you wish you could unhear. You ask someone a question, praying for an answer you know you won’t get. And then, as soon as you get the answer you weren’t hoping for…your mind fills. Every memory. Each moment. The good. The awful. The hope. The mistakes. Every awkward encounter since. How... Read more »

Unbroken, But Not Whole

Last night, as I drove home from CrossFit (get used to hearing that), I had a moment. Not a bad moment. Not a homesick moment. Possibly an endorphin filled moment. I was driving down a dark back road, listening to Miranda Lambert with the windows down, and all I could think was, “my heart is... Read more »

Heartbroken and Whole

Maybe it’s the plethora of friends getting married last year/this year. Maybe it’s because I’m reading “Wild” (because god forbid I see a movie without reading the book first). Maybe it’s because I opened my phone on my break today and realized…”Holy shit. There isn’t anyone I was hoping to have a text from.” Regardless... Read more »