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In real life

In real life I’m purposeful. In real life I think. Constantly. I’m in my head every second of the day. And more often than not I’m told that’s a negative thing. But I’ve come to disagree. For me, it’s a positive, because being in my head keeps me in real life. The biggest thing I’ve... Read more »

Miles Of Meltdowns: What Missing The Chicago Marathon Taught Me

This time tomorrow I should be a finisher of the Chicago Marathon. But I won’t be. Here was my dream scenario: I would train diligently and happily. Months of hard work. I spend today at the expo. Picking up my packet, chatting excitedly with the other women running for GOTR Chicago, buying new gear. I... Read more »

Alone On The Side Of The Road

My blonde hair was in a high ponytail, wisps falling from the lake breeze. My blue eyes hid my feelings behind cheap sunglasses. The water was calm, my toes dipped in off the edge of the dock. I had a cold beer next to me and a pup gazing sleepily at me with his head... Read more »

Summertime, Sobriety, Sincerity, and a Couple Side Notes, Too

It’s July 2nd. Already. I don’t know where summer has gone, but it’s gone fast. Summer used to be my favorite time of the year. I still love it for all it stands for, but weather wise? I’m more of an early fall girl. My hair was not cut out for humidity. This week I’ve... Read more »

26.2 and a SoleMate Too

Anyone who read my last post knows running is my best friend, but running is also my worst enemy. Running is when I’m forced to face all my demons. Every bad choice I’ve made comes back to haunt me, every regret I’ve ever had shows up to say hello, ¬†and every bad memory finds a... Read more »