Tag: Gratitude

That's what was missing last time

It’s tough to battle all the insecurities that came from relationships past when you’re trying to work through a long distance present to get to a happily ever after future. Being a plane ride away from each other is the toughest. And sometimes it’s just too tough. Something is over that I didn’t want to... Read more »

15 years later, I miss you just as much

It’s been 15 years since you both left me. Sometimes the sadness of it all is enough to break me. I’ve spent more than one night crying myself to sleep because you guys aren’t here. I think of the things you’ve missed, the moments you haven’t gotten to see and it physically hurts me. But... Read more »

And It All Really Sucks

I’m going to be very honest, because that’s what we do here. I’m so unhappy at my job. Every morning I wake up knowing how grateful I should be. Knowing that I’m luckier than many because I have a roof over my head and clothes on my back and a car that I can drive... Read more »

Unbroken, But Not Whole

Last night, as I drove home from CrossFit (get used to hearing that), I had a moment. Not a bad moment. Not a homesick moment. Possibly an endorphin filled moment. I was driving down a dark back road, listening to Miranda Lambert with the windows down, and all I could think was, “my heart is... Read more »

Shake It Off: Goodbye 30, Hello 31!

I didn’t want to turn 30 last year. I didn’t have a particular reason, I just didn’t want to be “old.” And now here I sit, a little over 24 hours away from 31. 31 has always terrified me. I’ve never, ever, ever wanted to be 31. To be honest, sometimes I thought I wouldn’t... Read more »